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Prescription needed for masks?
Hi folks.

I havent been here for several weeks as I have been having a hard time with the mask I have been using and getting a bit frustrated. That said, I won't give up but it takes time to get it right and i am not there yet.

So I read in another thread tonight, mention of this mask, Resmed Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask

Oh, there, it was herbm I see.

Quote:If you like you nasal pillow mask, then DO consider trying a Resmed Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask -- there's one more caveat for THIS mask:

The headgear must be a good fit for you since it is only minimally adjustable -- BUT it is the lightest and quietest mask with the best exhaust (almost unnoticeable) IF you can use it.

Almost every who tries it (and CAN use it) says it's the best they have tried.

If you aren't one of the lucky ones with a head that fits the headgear on the Airfit P10, then consider trying the F & P Pilairo Q. (there is an older version but it doesn't have a 'Q').

Anyhow, my question.......do we need to get prescriptions for masks as well from our sleep doctors, if our health plan covers the cost of them?
If so, bearing in mind I am in Canada so it might be a bit different for the Americans, but how often do they usually recommend a change?

I am finding that no matter how long i try that as comfortable as my mask is for a FF mask, I just can't seem to get past a 3-4 hour period without waking up with cotton mouth.
Because i a half asleep, I end up taking the mask off, reaching over and turning off the machine for the night and going back to sleep right away which is not the answer but what i keep doing.
If I wake up long enough to get up, rinse my mouth out, restart the whole machine again, it might not let me get back to sleep for an hour or so which might be what i have to do but I am hoping i can get a nasal pillow mask with a chin strap and try that way first and hope it is the answer.

I will NOT go back to that horrid doctor I had and have already cancelled the first appointment I am to have with him after using the machine. I figure he can't tell me anything but just be his typical arrogant self since he refused to give me the auto-set he can't tell me anything the card itself can't tell me, right? So i see no point in both subjecting myself to him nor, do i FEEL like contributing to his fiscal health. :grin:

I am in the process of putting feelers out here in Toronto, looking for another sleep study place willing to pick me up at this point even thought they can't send me for any sleep studies until next time, as i went a year ago for the first one, nor will be able to make $$$ from prescribing a machine as I have that already too. SO I am hoping there is a doctor here that will pick us up as patients this far into it. This is why i am hoping one doesn't actually need a prescription for a mask but i have a horrible feeling you are going to tell me that i do, right?

Thank in advance.........

Edit: Weird thing I have noticed. As long as I sleep with the mask on, I DO at some point open my mouth while sleeping, hence, dry cotton wool mouth. But when I sleep without a mask, naturally, more often than not, I wake up with a closed mouth. So if it is closed when I wake up, I assume it is likely closed all night, although i am not positive of that.
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I think it depends on the province. They were discussing it in another thread somewhere. But if you have the prescription for the first one, it should transfer to the next one, shouldn't it? It's the same as for when you need a refill on a medication. Yes, it is a different mask but it still a mask.

If you go with the nasal pillow, you'll need a chin strap. But you know that, of course. Have you tried one?

And, herb will hate me for this, but if you are going to try a nasal pillow for the first time, I do not recommend the Airfit. The headgear is completely unadjustable except for stretching it. The mask's hose has no swivel which, for me, dislodged it far too often. My opinion is to try several others on first. You may not like the feel of something stuck up your nose. The Nuance has nothing up the nose but it is kinda weird to get used to.
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From posts I've read, it does seem to vary by province in Canada.
If I understand the US correctly, a mask without the headgear is non-Rx.
A headgear is non-Rx.
But, bundled together, they become an Rx item. Yes, it's verrückt

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks Paula. I will take that into consideration, your points on that particular mask as often its different for men and women due to the shapes of our faces.

This means that I do need to find another place, a place I can go to where they have several different masks I can try on for a fit.
I don't think something in my nose will bother me, but then, you only know once u try....and yes I do understand I will need a chin strap.

/sighs, if only it had just been right the first time.........i will keep going but I can see how an ill fitting mask would stop a lot of people from moving forward......

As for the prescription, not sure if the drug analogy was a good one....LOL...a different drug WOULD require a different prescription and of course another doctors visit ;-)
But i got what you were trying to say.
Either way, guess I will have to find a new place after all.

What are the called?
What do I look for?
The place I need to find that will carry all different types of mask so I can try them on and if necessary, purchase from t here with them accessing my health plan?

If you are right justMongo and together it makes it an Rx item, then it sounds like a loophole just to ensure they can gauge the health plan yet again ;-)

I will have to find a place here, a new place and find this all out then.

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ShelaghDB: We call suppliers, "DMEs" It stands for Durable Medical Equipment (Supplier.)
I believe the term evolved out of the insurance definition for such medical supplies.

From what I can glean from other Canadians on the forum, they care called the same in Canada.

Here, the doctors and DMEs must be separate entities as it is a conflict of interest for the physician to sell medical equipment.
I find it not uncommon for a DME to be located in the same medical plaza as a group of sleep physicians.

Masks are indeed very personal items; what works for one person often does not work for another.

I think user space45 is in Canada, he might know more than I do.

As for Rxs, my written script says, "mask of choice."

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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