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[Pressure] Help
I have used CPAP machine Resmed with old provider and well that machine no longer works so now i have a new provider and was given dreamstaion .But have issues as far not sleeping or feeling well my brain just doesn't feel right.Had the same issues with the Resmed machine when started the pressure was at ten but I keep going back to old provider and I knew something wasn't right finally figured that the pressure was high . The new provider after test told me that my pressure is at 10 and explain that in the past that's what I was told and it was wrong . The right pressure on Resmed was 8.6 but I noticed the the dreamstaion is different I don't even want to use my machine I'm tierd of waking up all messed up well my head....
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I'm not seeing a question. I know if you're not feeling well, it can be difficult to express ones self.

I would urge you not to give up; but to work the problem. First step, find out what the Dreamstation is set to.
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Dreamstaion is set 10 pressure flex is set to 1 question isi know that the Resmed machine is more aggressive when it comes to pressure and i read that the dreamstaion is less aggressive so my question is could that be why my head feels fuzzy or like I'm get to much pressure or not enough pressure...
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You have an auto machine. It can be set to straight CPAP mode or Auto mode. If it's in auto mode, then two pressures would be set: a max and a min.
Question: What mode is it in? The Dream station is less aggressive at raising pressure; but only in the auto mode.

You can get into the clinician's menu following these instruction: http://www.apneaboard.com/dreamstation-c...structions
[Image: dreamstation-setup.jpg]

I'd request the manual by following the instructions on this page:

Then download sleepyhead and find out you events, leak, pressure, flow...

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Yes on auto the pressure start from 10 to 13 but I was feel real bad that I went back to regular CPAP which was set at 10.Remeber before the dreamstaion I used a Resmed s9 which was a standard not auto and it was at 8.6 but it broke actually the machine was not pushing the pressure it was supposed to it broke.
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Hi Counting sheep,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you good luck as you continue your CPAP therapy and getting it adjusted to meet your needs, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Sounds Like you may want to lower the min. pressure setting and turn on the auto setting. Maybe 8-13 pressure, get Sleepyhead setup and look at a week or two of data. Post the charts and some folks will offer insights to help. Sleep-well

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This is a problem with an easy answer. You need to start using software to see why this problem exists. SleepyHead is a free, easy to use software that can provide you with all the details of your Dreamstation Auto's efficacy. Pressure changes without knowing what the problem is, is kind of a dead end. Another approach would be to change your machine to Auto mode, and set a minimum pressure of 9.0 and maximum pressure of 20. The machine will only go as high as necessary, but this is the quick way to titrate a new pressure.
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I would like to install sleepyhead but can I install it to my Android phone ? I only saw like three options to install it I didn't see Android app .And if anybody can walk me through it I would be greatly appreciated
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I will agree that raising the max to 20 is a better idea. The machine will only go up to what you need then come back down when the event is gone. That is the way I have mine set. As for Sleepyhead on your phone I do not think will work.

Change you settings and your machine will start gathering information right away. You can put it in Sleepyhead later.

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