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[Pressure] Living in China with Obstructive Apnea
I am a newbie on this forum, searching for help.

My problem is following, I am living in China for a long time already.
I know I have OSA. It is difficult to get help overhere and sleeping studio's I believe they never heard of.
Finally, I found a hospital wo could help me. The had a apnealink kit at that hospital. For one night at that hospital I was hooked up to that and I got some results of that.
AHI: 116 /RI: 118 /ODI: 96/ (UAI) 99/ (OAI) 7 /(CAI + MAI) 0
I think I should be happy I am still alive. It became clear to me I need a Cpap. I am trying to buy a PR System one Model 60 APAP and import it.
The help I can get from hospital is limited. Most Important is I have to rely om myself. Can somebody advises me what to do and how to proceed?[/size]
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Welcome Gerard to ApnearBoard..
Knowing that you have a sleeping difficulity and agressively pursuing it is very commendable. I'm happy that you found a medical place that can help you. You will live a longer and more enjoyable life after you start your CPAP therapy You have made a good choice in your machine selection. It should serve you well. .

There are many long time and experienced CPAP users on this forum and all of them will gladly offer their help. Remember that not all recommendations will fit your situation. I would encourage you to read every available piece of information relating to CPAPs or APAPs, sleep apnea and its therapy. You can never have enough info. You must be your own self directed health advocate so learn all you can so that you can make informed decisions. Go very slowly and patiently at first. This CPAP thing is new to you and is going to feel very strange to you at first. It does work and work well for those who are complaint.

Keep us posted as to how you are progressing and post often if you have questions. That is the intent of this forum.. To help others.
Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift; Thats why its called "The Present".
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First check if you can import CPAP into China and about taxes if applicable.
Get your prescription translated into English on the original document.
Check with the Supplier what machines can be shipped outside US.
Fax the prescription to the supplier.
It,s important to get data capable APAP.
(ResMed S9 AutoSet or Phillips Respironics System One Auto)
Order extra supplies (humidifier tank, hoses, filters, masks and spare cushions).
Once you place the order ask here for the manual for the machine.
Initially you can set the APAP minimum pressure 5/6 and maximum pressure 20 and as you gather the data from the machine over a week or two you can adjust the range.
Mask is going to be the main issue, There are several types to choose from different manufactures.
ResMed and other manufactures have good info on their site about their products including masks, fitting instructions and sizing template as suppliers do as well.
Good luck on your CPAP journey, Be patient it might take some time adjusting but it,s worth it.


cpap library have good videos info about different types of masks, CPAP, etc..
[edit by Admin: this site is now a DME - (go to Supplier #25 in the Supplier List)]

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Zonk and Judgemetal,

Thanks for your information and support. Hope you guys can guide me through.
First of all I am studying all the information I can get. Al information is coming from the internet and I am amazed how much is there. The community most be rather big. I did not expected that.

I am trying to import a machine. I have contacted suppliers in the USA and it is possible to export a machine to China. They accept a international sleepstudy. However I have to translate the prescription.
The equipment can than only be shipped to outside USA, which offcourse suits me well.
My choise is limited. The brandname is less important. I need a machine where I can breath with, that is my first priority
I can't choose Resmed. They have a policy that won't allow export out of USA. However Pr system one Apap is possible. I hope I can get it imported.

My next step will be if the machine is there. It is than all about settings.
Zonk thanks for your suggestions. I needed that. I hope you guys can guide me through because medical support is limited overhere.
I have to weigh the risk of not having a treatment or the risk of having complications if I do something wrong. According to the report, my OSA is severe so I take my chances.
I will log all data and I will use software to asses my sleeping behavior on a daily basis.

I will keep you updated

Another thing is to get it imported.
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Hi Gerard! Welcome
I am happy for you that you can import a cpap machine to China. Using the cpap machine will keep you healthier and hopefully give you a long life. Having the right mask for your face and sleeping habits is very important. Since you won't be able to try a mask on before you order it, I would recommend you read about the sizing guide for whatever mask you are considering. Supplier #1 on our list above has a cpap mask sizing guide. I haven't used it but it looks pretty thorough. The measurements are in in inches and not in centimeters.

Have you checked if cpap machines are available for import into China from other Asian countries? Getting a machine from the USA should work with Chinese electrical current but you will need an adaptor to make the US plug fit into your wall socket. If you can find a machine from a different country that has the same electrical current and plug that China uses, you won't need an adaptor.

Keep us posted on your cpap journey. We all wish you luck in getting your machine and mask quickly and that your cpap therapy will keep you healthy.

P.S. My brother is named Gerard. I don't see that name often.
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Hi Snooze,

Thanks for Info. The choice of the mask will be most difficult, because I can't try them.
I decided for a PR system one Model 60 A-flex Apap. Model 60 is new on the market. It comes with a humidifier with heated hose.
I have decided to buy the following masks
a full face mask: PR ComfortGel Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
a Nasal mask: Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear.
Anybody some comments regarding the mask and recommendations regarding Headgear.

I will use the masks from PR, because PR system one has a Resistance control feature. The masks have a resistance control identification. The Apap can identify the mask used and alter the settings according to the mask. I don't know how it works but I guess, depending on the type of mask, the Apap adjust its timing.

My preference is to use the nasal mask. I have read that research was done and that the use of a nasal mask improves the night and daytime blood pressure. Unfortunately I did not save that link. Can anybody confirm this.

However I don't know I can use a nasal mask. I am afraid that I am a mouth breather. If I inhale and exhale through my nose, I have the feeling I have hardly enough air and I am starting to use my mouth.

Regarding power supply: Almost all Cpaps have a auto voltage range between 100 = 240 Volt. I don't need to worry about that. In can use this machine in China and in USA as well. The power plug is a minor issue. The powerboard in China swallows many types of power plugs.

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(03-03-2012, 10:14 PM)Gerard Wrote: I can't choose Resmed. They have a policy that won't allow export out of USA.

I am biased, but I think that the ResMed S9 AutoSet IS the best machine available.

Do you know someone in the USA who can acquire it for you & then they can ship it to you?

Using the ResMed Mirage SoftGel Nasal Mask with a chinstrap

I do not use either the Ramp nor the EPR Comfort features

Have been on CPAP since December 1998

This is my 3rd machine

I use the ResMed ResScan Software (Version 3.16)
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(03-04-2012, 10:56 AM)Steven Wrote:
(03-03-2012, 10:14 PM)Gerard Wrote: I can't choose Resmed. They have a policy that won't allow export out of USA.

I am biased, but I think that the ResMed S9 AutoSet IS the best machine available.

Do you know someone in the USA who can acquire it for you & then they can ship it to you?
Some members bought S9 AutoSet from Supplier #2 and shipped outside US.

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(03-04-2012, 10:49 AM)Gerard Wrote: However I don't know I can use a nasal mask. I am afraid that I am a mouth breather. If I inhale and exhale through my nose, I have the feeling I have hardly enough air and I am starting to use my mouth.

If you are a mouth breather and want to use the nasal mask, then buy a chin strap when you buy your machine. It goes on or under your chin and wraps around the top of your head making it hard for you to drop your chin and open your mouth when you sleep.

I have a PR Comfort Gel Full Face Mask. I like it but full face masks leak more than the nasal masks. Mine leaked a lot but not bad enough to cause issues with my machine. I replaced the gel insert and the "flap" and since then I have had hardly any leaks.
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The problem is following.

To obtain a APAP I need a prescription, which I have.
This prescription is made in China and translated, which will be acceptable to buy a Apap in USA. Hower, It is not allowed to ship the Apap within the Unites States. It has to be shipped directly overseas. I can understand that and that is what I want.

Resmed sales policy does not allow for Sales outside USA.
So for me it is not possible to Export a Resmed S9 out of USA.

It is a pitty for that, because it limits my choices.

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