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[Pressure] New AirSense 10 Auto User-Need Help w/initial Pressure Min/Max Settings

I have trouble with stopping breathing in my sleep and gasping for air. This usually doesn't wake me up, but it bothers the hell out of my girlfriend. She said that's likely why I never feel fully rested unless I sleep 10+ hours.

I work 50+ hours a week and can't get time off for sleep studies/several Dr. visits and I can't afford it either so I bought an AirSense 10 Auto. It arrived today and the 2 masks I bought (Airfit P10 and Amara View Full Face) arrive tomorrow. I'm setting up the AirSense in preperation for my initial 1st night sleeping with it tomorrow. I also got the Climate Line for better air temp/humidity control. 

I've read the User and Clinical Quick Start Guides and watched some Youtube videos on initial setting recommendations. I think I've got the majority of it all figured out with the exception of the Min/Max pressure settings and could use some advice on where to start and what the optimal would be if I were already used to it. Max goes up to 20 so I was going to set it to a lower max pressure until I'm used to the procedure. Besides the pressure settings, my only other concern is that I have a hard time breathing through my nose and am mainly a mouth breather when I'm asleep which is why I bought the 2 different types of masks. Any feedback peiople could give me would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'm just planning to use the mask that feels more comfortable, start with a low min/max spread, check my sleep report and increase pressure spread until I see less sleep apneas in the report. 

I'm excited to have my 1st trial run tomorrow night and potentially wake up feeling good for once.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help you can give me!
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5 low 15 high and get Sleepyhead software

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Thanks, I will go with your recommended min max and lookup Sleepyhead. Any good Android phone or Chromebook apps for it? The Resmed one doesnt seem to work for my Android phone. Any recomendations on the Airfit or Amara View full mask? If they both feel wierd, I'm wondering which to try to get used to 1st. A coworker said likely the Airfit regardless of whether I'm a mouth breather or not.

Thanks for the response!
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Sorry. No phone apps with Rescan, nor Sleepyhead.
That said, SleepyHead can export your data in CSV, and you can upload and use that in spreadsheet apps if you're so inclined.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Welcome to the board.

I HIGHLY recommend SleepyHead software and posting your graphs.  You do have the right idea.  See my signature for how.  Please pay attention to the section on organization, it highlights the important charts.

I would start with an 8 to 20 range,  Many users find the default 4 to not be enough.  Initially want to see what the machine chooses for you so I would expect some quick adjustments to your settings.

On the Ramp, I would turn it off to start with.  You can always turn it back on if needed.

the people here may spot things you would never notice, so start with posting here
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Sounds good. I'll give it a shot!
I suppose I'll have to order a smart card reader now Smile
What's the main benefit of Sleepyhead? Does it track apneas episodes better than what's shown in the sleep report?
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G'day Orionsnet. Welcome to Apnea Board.

SleepyHead will give you details on everything that's happening with your sleep on a breath by breath basis. You'll be amazed.
Apnea Board Moderator


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This is a link SleepyHead

You don't need a smart card reader, the format is SDHC. Any PC and most Macs can run Sleepyhead.

I agree with bonjour above that a likely successful pressure range is 8-20. Very rare for lower pressures to be effective, and that range can work for the most people nearly every time.
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Thanks for the advice. My coworker also said he turned Ramp off on his like Bonjour recommended. I set it last night to 5-15, but will change to 8-20 when I get home. I was just worried it may wake me up feeling like a hurricane was blowing through my nose if it autos up to 20.

I'm also downloading and installing sleepyhead and going to read about it so I can atleast be somewhat familiar with what I'm looking at post initial Sleep report. However, I will certainly post the result here as well.

Anyone have advice on which of those 2 masks I should stick with or try 1st? I bought the Airfit P10 and Amara View Full Face. From what my coworker said he advised the Airfit since it is just a nasal pillow and stated whether I use a nasal or full mask, the air will always be coming in through my nose and I'll be exhaling from my mouth if anything. This is something I will just have to get used to since I'm a mouth breather mainly due to having a deviated septum that causes one side of my nose to always be stuffed up.
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HI - your story is similar to mine, and is also happening as we speak, with the same machine.

I decided on self diagnosing after feeling sluggish, and trying an oximeter over night a couple of nights, and seeing some low blood oxygen levels. Faced with the costs and time of sleep studies, and wading into that river of information and cost, I decided to just buy a machine ($350- Airsense Auto 10) and see the sleepyhead results, see how I feel, and learn more here, and use how I feel as at least a partial guide. I bought a new mask locally (LA) and ordered a heated tube on Amazon.

A few years ago I did a take home oximeter from a GP that showed I was "borderline" sleep apnea. I didn't explore it further at the time, and the doc didn't seem concerned. I am seeing hypoxia with dips into the 80's common. I'll post some data and see how things shape up. I'm also on course to lose 20-30lbs, and I'll see if that helps, and if it does, I'll sell the machine. Last night was first night on the machine, and I was definitely distracted by it, and my sleep suffered more due to that - it wasn't particularly uncomfortable. My AHI was close to 7.
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