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[Pressure] New AirSense 10 Auto User-Need Help w/initial Pressure Min/Max Settings
Your machine has EPR which allow for exhale relief pressure. Feel free to use it. The settings are 1-3 and that corresponds to a pressure reduction of 1 to 3 cm. So exhale pressure at EPR 2 is 6 cm, or t EPR 3 you get 8/5. should feel good.
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Thanks for the heads up!
I did have it already set at EPR 3. I think I am just always used to exhaling through my mouth which is the main problem Sad
It will be a getting used to, but I think my body will catch on.
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Give it time.  Soon it will be second nature!
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Hey All,

Last night went better than expected. I slept for 6 and a half hours. I did wake up 3 times. The 2nd time, I upped the min pressure to 9. The 3rd I turned off Auto Climate Tube Control and bumped Humidity up from 4 to 8 because my mouth/throat was dry. I had no problems falling right back to sleep each time, but definitely looking forward to sleeping without waking up at all. The machine did have a sad face for mask fit which seems odd to me because I did the mask fir test before going to sleep and positioned it until the test passed. It didn't feel like it was coming off either. Not sure how I could make it fit any better without shoving the pillows up my nostrils.

I ordered these 2 things to help with keeping my mouth shut and nose open. I bet my parents wish they would of thought of that when I was a kid Smile I think it will help because of my deviated septum. The strap doesn't look uncomfortable and both products have great reviews. They arrive in 2 days so I will follow up on how I like them in case anyone else wants to give them a shot.
Chin Strap: [commercial link removed - instead, search Amazon for "My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap Supporter"]

Anti Snoring Nostril Openers:  [commercial link removed - instead, search Amazon for "Gideon Anti-Snoring Nose Vents"]

I also ordered these anti bacterial filters: [commercial link removed - instead, search Amazon for "AirLife Disposable Bacteria Filter BAX001851"]

Has anyone used these? Do they help? How often do you switch them out?

I definitely feel better today than usual. I could tell that immediately after my alarm went off because I was actually thinking about what I was doing instead of being in zombie auto pilot mode of my routine getting ready for work. It is also noon now and usually I would have yawned a million times and be ready to haul ass home and take a nap for my lunch break. Instead, haven't yawned once and didn't need to drink any coffee. Hopefully, its not just a placebo effect.

Without further ado, here's some links to my data from my 1st night.
Please let me know what anyone thinks because I don't know enough about the software and data it is showing to make any changes to therapy or tell whether it worked well or not. Thanks!

Here's a .zip file that contains my data in case anyone wants to extract it and load it into Sleepy Head to take a closer look than what you can see in the images:

Here's a link to the album of 3 Sleepy Head images containing all of the graphs: http://orionsnet.imgur.com
Links to each individual image:
[Image: z9VTLEel.jpg]
[Image: ejcpctil.jpg]
[Image: LBRTFeul.jpg]

On the Resmed myAir Website, here are my results:
myAir Score: 80 out of 100
Usage Hours (I assume this includes the hour and a half nap I took prior to the 6 hours of sleep): 7 hours 32 minutes (70/70 score)
Adjust mask seal: (4/20 score)
Events Per Hour: 3.5 (5/5 score)
Mask on/off: 4 (1/5 score) Likely a few of these times was when I turned up to min pressure to 9 and humidity to 8.
Total myAir Score: 80

Looking forward to hearing any and all comments/feedback.

Thanks again everyone!

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To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.
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Looks ok. Reduce EPR from 3 to 2 and work on the mask seal.
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Thanks, will do! 

I may try the Amara View Full Face until my chin strap comes in because the seal problem I think is because my mouth keeps opening because its hard to inhale through my nose due to deviated septum. I can usually only inhale clearly from one side of nose or the other at a time. Usually my left side is always mostly blocked Sad
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I did a lot of reading about that Strap when I first started my journey of finding a solution to my snoring. I never did try that chin strap (which is designed to stop snoring) but I did try a few mouthpieces with varying success. None that cured my snoring which is why I ended up getting a sleep test...

Personally, I'm not certain that sort of strap is the best for CPAP usage. With the angle of the way it is pulling your jaw forwards, I'm not certain you'll like the feeling of having the alignment of your teeth changed in the morning, which inevitably happens when your jaw is pulled forward. Your teeth don't meet where they are supposed to when you bite down.

It really, really bugged me when the various mouthpieces I tried did that and if this is moving your jaw forward then very likely you would experience that also. I use a chin strap with my CPAP as well (I have a couple actually) and they are more designed to hold your jaw closed in a neutral position, not pulling it forward at all but more straight up. I would instead recommend one of those to you. Like the Respironics Deluxe chinstrap or something like that. You can search for reviews on it and others.

I don't think you need the anti bacterial filters and as far as the nasal stints go...they have been rumored to help those with deviated septums but can cause more problems in and of themselves. Worth a try though I guess. Just make sure they don't break off inside of your nose! Some people have had to have the ends fished out by doctors.
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Interesting. I figured I'd have a fair chance at success with the one I ordered since it had so many favored reviews.
Since it cost me 40 bucks, I'll at least give it a shot before ordering a Respironics Deluxe chinstrap. I'll post back with my experience. Hopefully, it doesn't bother me, but looks like you've been there and done that so I won't keep my hopes up.

Thanks for the feedback!
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(03-17-2017, 05:06 PM)Orionsnet Wrote: Interesting. I figured I'd have a fair chance at success with the one I ordered since it had so many favored reviews.
Since it cost me 40 bucks, I'll at least give it a shot before ordering a Respironics Deluxe chinstrap. I'll post back with my experience. Hopefully, it doesn't bother me, but looks like you've been there and done that so I won't keep my hopes up.

Thanks for the feedback!
Like I mentioned, I never did try that particular chinstrap so it may yet work out for you!  Fingers crossed.
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(03-16-2017, 11:27 AM)Orionsnet Wrote: Thanks for the advice. My coworker also said he turned Ramp off on his like Bonjour recommended. I set it last night to 5-15, but will change to 8-20 when I get home. I was just worried it may wake me up feeling like a hurricane was blowing through my nose if it autos up to 20.

It's probably less likely to go up to 20 if you start at 8 cm.  And there won't be any hurricane even at 20, which is about 2% of normal ambient sea level pressure.  Your airway is closed at the far end and for example if you wrap your lips around a tube closed at the far end and blow as hard as you can the air will hardly move.  You own lungs and diaphragm can blow out much harder than any CPAP machine unless your airway is seriously impaired.  If you can blow up a party balloon you can out blow any CPAP machine at least for a few seconds.
Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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