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[Pressure] New AirSense 10 Auto User-Need Help w/initial Pressure Min/Max Settings
(03-17-2017, 05:06 PM)Orionsnet Wrote: Interesting. I figured I'd have a fair chance at success with the one I ordered since it had so many favored reviews.
Since it cost me 40 bucks, I'll at least give it a shot before ordering a Respironics Deluxe chinstrap. I'll post back with my experience. Hopefully, it doesn't bother me, but looks like you've been there and done that so I won't keep my hopes up.

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry, just to clarify.  It's the Respironics Premium Chinstrap that I was referring to.  Not the Respironics Deluxe Chinstrap (the super wide white one.)  Not sure if I am allowed links, but here is the link to see the Premium version:  [direct link to commercial DME Supplier #1 removed]  and here is the Deluxe version:[direct link to commercial DME Supplier #1 removed] 

Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by posting the links.  I just wanted to be able to explain exactly which type I meant since the names are so familiar!  Of course being in Canada I have no affiliation with that US website!  Smile

Moderator Action: Link Removed
To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.
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(03-16-2017, 07:09 PM)Orionsnet Wrote: What Ive already learned from my post and others on this site would of cost me over $1k in Dr visits...

Thanks for the heads up on the P10, Bonjour. I will def give it a shot 1st!
You give too much credit to drs. My sleep dr already has ~$3k out of my insurance, and he hasn't taught me a darn thing besides the fact that the sleep apnea dental appliances cause tmj and alignment problems. (And he of course didn't even tell me that until after he'd offered me one, because he thought I was too mild with OSA to warrant a CPAP.)

(03-16-2017, 09:17 PM)Orionsnet Wrote: It is definitely a different type of breathing than I'm used to and tough to keep my mouth closed as I am a mouth breather.
I'm pretty sure I'll end up waking up tonight at some point due to opening my mouth to gasp as I always do.
It is interesting so far though. I haven't felt my left lung inflate that much since I can ever remember, pretty cool. 
This thing is like your lung's auto pilot!

For me, it's like it's my throat's babysitter to remind it to stay open!  

But yeah, definitely good lung and chest exercising!

BTW I had the same improvement in symptoms as you. It was immediate and has continued (2 months).  No placebo!

I think you picked great masks. Maybe a bigger pillow size might help for the leaking?

I like the Amara View, but it leaks a bit on me. I like that even though I *can* breathe through both my nose & mouth, if that's giving me a dry mouth I can still use it while just breathing through my nose.

Anyways, you'll experiment and see.

P.S. The Amara View will likely demand higher pressures than the pillow, since it's a bigger volume to pump air to (or whatever the reason is - i'm still learning). So if you think you're getting pressures narrowed down, switching masks can kinda throw that off. So I just note in sleepyhead notes which mask i qas using that night.

Good for you on taking charge of your health! You rock!!
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Thanks for the links, Marillion! I only saw the deluxe one on amazon which is where i usually buy everything. I'll make sure to get the Premium if my strap doesn't work out!

Hydra, good for you as well. I took a 2 hour nap with the Amara tonight and it did idle higher in the 11 range vs 10 range w/P10. It felt really comfy an no leaking that I can tell or my sleep report saw. I will try the medium pillow next time on the P10 instead of the small and see if that helps with the leaking.
The wierd thing tonight though was my feet and hands felt tingly kije they were asleep using the Amara. I felt that a little in my feet with the P10 last night, but not nearly as much. Not sure if it is too little or too much oxygen, but it was weird. Have you ever had tingling (asleep pins and needles) feelings while using these machines? Wondering if I should be concerned or not.

Happy St Patty's day!
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I have only been on CPAP for 2 months, but no I've not had the tingling.

Granted I have gotten tingling all my life, due to various sleeping positions cutting off circulation to various body parts.
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Well I used Amara again last night and no tingling that I recall so maybe it was a 1 time thing. Also got a 95/100 on myAir score. I did have 7.4 events per hour though, is that low? I assume we are supposed to be adjusting our setting to get as close 0 per hour as we can. I may raise my min pressure to 10 since every report has it in the 10's or 11's.

Regardless, last night was day 2 and today I've felt like a million damn bucks since the moment I woke up.
This is really dicriculous. I can see why Dr's are banking so much of treating this. Thank God I did it myself with the help and advice of all the cool peeps on this forum!
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Orionsnet, it would help if you could post a typical chart. The links in my signature describe what we want to see: Events, Flow, Pressure, snores, flow limits and summary data on the left. 7.4 events/hour leave a lot of room for improvement and it is not considered adequately treated, however you are only on day-2 of treatment, so it may be premature to recommend changes. Increasing pressure is not always the answer. It's impossible to make a suggestion based on the information in your post.
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Congrats on feeling so good!!!! That's awesome!!!! In light of such a good feeling today, I'd not change anything for the next few nights.

But definitely get Sleepyhead and share your screenshot(s) here so others can help you fine-tune.

Under 5 is considered "treated". So yeah, a bit more tweaking will probably be even more helpful for you.
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Here's my latest screen shots of data from last night and my settings. EPR changed from 3 to 2, Air Temp 86 degrees, Humidy highest setting (I think 9). I also added some peppermint oil into my Humidifier water which definitely seemed to help keep my nose less stuffy and smelled good.

I've been sticking with the Amara Full Face lately because I don't get as many mask leak issues and it covers my mouth. I have also been using the chin strap My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap Supporter Marillion was concerned may bother me, but I like it so far. The nostril inserts I quit using because they irritate the inside of my nose. Although, they did help keep the nostrils open.

Any feedback is appreciated. Hopefully, these are good results. I'm feeling less tired than before the machine everyday Smile
[Image: fLLX9lKl.jpg]
[Image: 5iNxZBnl.jpg]
[Image: TgGKsCTl.jpg]
[Image: 83J7NQ2l.jpg]
[Image: relnZNOl.jpg]
[Image: ndAu8JTl.jpg]
[Image: yR5f9XWl.jpg]
[Image: v2x0fpZl.jpg]
[Image: sHfenBnl.jpg]
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I think the screen shots in the prior post were zoomed in at some point in the sleep timeline. Here is screen shots from the little over 6 hours I slept last night.

[Image: YmLhjvMl.jpg]
[Image: is4SiKkl.jpg]
[Image: HOHt60ql.jpg]
[Image: PUrw32dl.jpg]
[Image: I4gl95cl.jpg]
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Mostly CA events going back quite a way. I think the following settings may help:
minimum 9.0
maximum 14.0
EPR full time at 1.0

Are you using an inline antibacterial filter after the humidifier? If not, change setting to NO
Change patient access to YES
If Essentials is ON change to PLUS

On your flow rate line and mask pressure I am seeing a lot of breathing variation, and it might be interesting to see what is going on in a close up. It appears that you have many shallow breaths with large volume breaths interspersed. The settings above are based on the fact you have much more central apena, and as a result we want to reduce EPAP pressure and limit EPR. You don't need the max pressure of 20, although it doesn't hurt anything, it appears that long-term a maximum of 14 or 15 is more than enough to limit obstructive events, especially with the reduction of EPR. Glad to hear you are feeling more comfortable and rested.
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