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[Pressure] Pressure Help after Angioplasty
Pressure Help after Angioplasty
Hi Apnea folk

I've recently had an emergency angioplasty which have thrown my ahi numbers off tremendously.  Have been trying to readjust with not much luck to get to to the sub 2 ahi i've been used to for a couple of years on my phillips (foam removed) bipap.

The numbers have been swinging wildly since the day of my surgery, and I would hope someone could help me to bring the numbers down to something more stable. I include my last daily screenshots, plus a summary of changes I've made since the 3rd of Dec. unfortunately my cardiologist is lost on this issue, and my ENT can't be found. So instead of starting from scratch, I hope I can get some help from the experts here.

Many thanks

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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
It may be more helpful if you would post a Screenshot including the left side bar, eliminate the calendar and pie chart.  There is a lot of information there that we look at in correlation with your graphs.  

Post a screenshot of a good day before your surgery and a recent one after surgery.  

I do however notice the "Positional Apnea"  on your event graph.  Look at the "clusters" of Obstructives.  This occurs when you tuck your chin into your chest, effectively cutting off your air.  It also could be that you're using pillows that are too high.  Many folk here solve this issue by using a soft cervical collar to help support the chin tuck issue.

Follow the link in my signature line to help with organizing your chart.  
If you use the F12 key, I believe it will put what we like to see in the correct order.
Apnea Board Administrator

OSCAR Chart Organization
OSCAR - The Guide
Soft Cervical Collar
Optimizing therapy
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty

thanks for the reply. Firstly a hope everyone is having a great Xmas Holiday.

I've tried to resize and reorganize the data as best I can.

Here are some shots of a good day before the operation, and the ahi going haywire after.

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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
You have a definite positional issue to work out. I mean some form of neck alignment or chin tucking. This may or may not be related to the surgery (most likely not related) but it needs to be addressed. Read about the soft cervical collar in my signature.

I would like to see a 10 minute view of your periodic breathing (green bar) on both the 21st and 23rd just to see if it is an area of concern because you just had that angioplasty.
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
I can't help but, having had four stents myself, I struggle to understand how this could affect your apnea. What symptoms preceded your angioplasty? Did you have a heart attack, or just angina?
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
ANY surgery can have a temporary impact on apnea.  Some more than others.  
With the PB I wanted to eliminate the CSR possibility. IMHO no CSR here.
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
I was having angina for about a month mistaking it for heartburn.  Turns out my gastro doc is a better cardiologist than a gastro and he and sent me for a heart scan and discovered I was at 100% blockage for 1 artery.  My cpap troubles began immediately after surgery and has continued for 3 weeks. Hoping some changes to pressure can bring the numbers back low because between the blood thinning meds and low heart rate now... I'd feel a bit safer if it was breathing properly at night.

I've attached, the zoomed in version of the PB events.

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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
Are you taking anything new, other than the blood thinners?

Also, I see that there are some gaps in your data, suggesting that you don't use your machine every night. Is that correct? If so, why?
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
Blood thinners, Cholesterol meds, meds to slow heart rate...

The days that are missing is because i've experimented with different settings for like an hour or two at odd times... which got recorded as 1 night's rest.. and ended up missing for some reason.
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RE: Pressure Help after Angioplasty
The meds to "slow the heart rate" - is that a beta blocker? I have had my beta blocker dose changed over the years and, whenever it was increased, my AHI would rise for a few days. This didn't happen when it was lowered again. FYI, the changes were usually in an effort to reduce severe ectopic beats, which I get from time to time, balanced against the fatigue that beta blockers can cause.
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