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[Pressure] how to exceed max ai of 19
RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
If you want, I can give you some effective settings for your ASVauto. If you know what the minimum pressure you need to prevent obstructive apnea, that should be your EPAP minimum pressure. Until we know more, here are some settings:

Mode: ASV auto
Min EPAP: 6.0
max EPAP 10.0
PS min 2.0
PS max 15.0

These settings are designed to prevent obstructive apnea with EPAP (exhale pressure), and to provide minimal pressure support when you spontaneously breath. When you fail to take a spontaneous breath, you will receive increased inhale pressure (IPAP) up to 15 cm higher than your current IPAP presure. Therefore, this may have pressure ranging from 8.0/6.0 to start, to as high as 25.0/10.0 if the EPAP moves to maximum and the machine requires the full pressure support to initiate a breath. These are good universal pressures, and we can fine-tune them once we see some data.

If you have questions about these settings or how to make them in your machine, please ask.
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Since my device doesn't permit me to sleep with it, I don't have recent data.

I've attached three Sleepy Head outputs which date back to 2014 - 2016.  I hope that they'll be usable.

And I hope all three are attached.  I couldn't find feedback on how many files were attached

Attached Files
.pdf   150825 to 160430.pdf (Size: 86.37 KB / Downloads: 58)
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Thanks very much.

BTW,  my apnea is central.

When I used your parameters, the inhaling pressure was too low.  I was on the verge of suffocating.

My French device doesn't show a parameter named PS

Since the only other parameter available when programming ASV Auto is AI, I set it to the settings you recommended for PS.  

I had two ways of determining if the inhalation pressure was satisfactory (before suffocating).

One was the technique of letting my lips loosely open and then having the inhalation pressure make my cheeks balloon.  The other was to hold my breath for 30 seconds and to observe the force with which the device augmented the inhalation pressure.  Same verification with the ballooning cheeks.

I loved my earlier devices.  It was such a pleasure to use them.  I don't understand why the AVS devices haven't provided the pressure I need.
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Your profile shows a Phillips Respironics System one Series 60 BiPAP AutoSV Min EPAP 8, Max IPAP 22, PS 0-10 and not the ResMed Aircurve mentioned in your profile.

Can you load charts from your current machine, even though you are not sleeping with it.

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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Thanks. I'll try to do it, but I don't know how to open the files withe the following extensions:
- edf
- crc

in the DATALOG
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Lung size doesn't mean much in this case. You are going to breathe in what your lungs need because you do so during the day. The machine doesn't inflate the lungs. It can't. That is the difference between a sleep apnea device and a ventilator. Feelings of suffocation can come from the exhale as much as it does the exhale.

There are two pressures: inhale and exhale. Inside those two pressures are others. That's what the EPAP, PS min, PS max, and others letters mean. It seems the same thing is listed with different alphabet soup for you in French. Proof of this is you say "AI" for something yet it means something totally different for us.

So in order to ensure everyone is talking the same soup, how about we try to use the full words and not the letters.

Also, go here and read up on what the letters mean to us and perhaps you will be able to properly translate them for yourself.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
You need to open those with SleepyHead, not with any other program. Point SleepyHead at the card itself, not the files, and it will read them.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
Hi again Lisaby. Your machine should have a menu setting to change the language to English / Français / Español / Português. This is in the configuration menu. It might be useful if you set the machine language to English, then we will all be speaking a common language and it will help avoid confusion. (It seems your English is much better than our French! Smile )

In addition, you can get a copy of the setup manual (if you don't already have it) at this address: http://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pr...tup-manual Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and give the exact machine make and model.
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19

BTW, I tried unsuccessfully to change the "Language" setting of my device.  It's stuck at French.

What I did was to compare the screen of my French ResMed Air Curve 10 ASV Auto with that shown in the Clinical Guide that I downloaded from your site.  I give the sequence of the parameter names first in English, then in French, including the range of French values in parentheses.  I hope this this is an adequate reply to your request.

Settings no. 1 = Réglages

Home = Accuueil

Therapy = Traitement

Mode = ASVAuto (CPAP, ASV, ASVAuto)

(The order of the two following parameters are reversed in French and English)

Max Pressure = EPAP Maximum (4 - 15)

Min Pressure = EPAP Minimum  (4 - 15)

French : AI Min (0 - 6)

French: AI Max (10 - 20)

Mask = Masque

Comfort = Confort

French: Ramp Duration (Off)

French: Accessories

French: Circuit (Slim Line, Standard, 3 m)

French: AB Filter (No)

French: Exterior humidification (No)

French: Options

French: Limited access (Maximum)

French: Leakage alarm (Off)

French: SmartStart (Off)

French: Reminders (Mask = Off; Reservoir = Off; Circuit = Off; Filter = Off;

Settings no. 2

French: Configuration

Language: French

Date = Date

Time = Heure

Pressure Units = Unités de Pression (cm H2O)

Temperature Units = Unités de Température (C°)

Restore Defaults = Réglages défaut

French: About

French: Erase data

About = A propos
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RE: how to exceed max ai of 19
I explain below that I'm stuck in French

The descriptive information shown on the device is:


Air Curve 10

CS Pacewave

On the label under the device:

Air 10


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