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Pressure keeps going up but higher AHI?!
I go though cpap Victoria as well. 
They pretty much forced me into buying a machine when I hadn't even received any good results with it yet. 

Does anyone here have any idea from my recent results and changing it over to auto as sleeprider suggested. 

Sleeprider: I have forgotten to mention that yes my specialist did say it could be complex apnea, but booked me in for another sleep study with my machine so he can tell from those results.
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Hi again SG84. I'm afraid I have to conclude at this point there is a complex apnea issue here. Your needs are going to best be addressed by one of the following machines:
Resmed S9 VPAP Adapt
Resmed Aircurve 10 ASV

The sleep test will probably use polysomnography to determine if the residual events are actually obstructive or central. Many times, central events can be recorded as obstructive by the machine as it is just not that accurate in determining event type. You are currently using auto CPAP mode with a range of 10-15 pressure. There is considerable flow limitation and some snores showing up in the data which suggests the obstructive component may be real. Your original sleep study found all events to be obstructive When you started this thread, your pressure was higher, and your event rate was about 40% higher as well. So we know that reducing pressure from a maximum of 18 to 15 helped, but not enough.

I'm going to suggest something a bit radical and counter-intuitive to you, and I'd like you to trial it for one night and let us know what happens. I think you know how to get into the therapy settings (control knob + ramp button). I'd like you to set the minimum pressure to 10 and the maximum pressure to 11.0. If this goes the right direction, we may try lower pressures, but I'm trying not to let too much OA back in. Look at your most recent charts, and you will see the logic behind this request.
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Thanks Sleeprider.

I Will adjust the settings tonight and see how I go then upload the results.

Is complex apnea where the brain forgets to breath and send the signals to do so?

Have you seen results similar to anyone else on this forum?

I have already purchased my dreamstation machine as mentioned above they wanted me to buy one so I hope they can swap over to a different machine.

Thank you
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At this point I'm just interested in seeing if there is a response one way or the other. Your results have some similarities to others that I have worked with on the forum, but I just have never seen what happens to you if we prevent higher pressure levels from occurring. Worst case, it greatly increases obstructive apnea; however, it might also greatly reduce events. There is only one way to find out.
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Great! I see the logic behind it and its worth a try.

Will try and upload my results in the morning however I am going away for a few days.

If the obstructive are bad as a result from lowering it, what would you suggest I go back to until I can see my doctor?
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Sorry to hear that, they wont be pressure selling me anything. I think the answer is knowledge. When you are first diagnosed you dont know much about you conition or what  your options are. I am one week into their $99 30 day trial but I am not sure that i will buy from them now i have done some research.
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Hi Everyone,

So my 2nd sleep test hasn't happened yet as they messed up my appointment so now I am waiting to hear back from them.

In the mean time I did changed the settings to what you suggested Sleeprider.

I have actually had a few nights where my AHI has dropped below 6 down to even 4! (see attached)

How ever I am still feeling so very tired and sleeping 9 hours a night I feel I could sleep for another 9.

Any thoughts on the attached nights.
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I think the results are encouraging in that the pressure does not elevate to anywhere near the maximum, and OA the primary event. I would take the minimum pressure up by 1-cm to 11.0 and see if that helps a bit. Everything else the same. Let's face it, in the older charts your CAI was much higher, and your maximum pressure peaked out with AHIs approaching 20. This is a bunch better. Hope you get the rest and comfort you deserve.
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Yes much better and great to hear from you again. Sleeprider is the expert and I agree with his fine tuning your pressure to get even better numbers.

For me, once my numbers got better and still not getting restful sleep, there was much tweaking of the comfort settings. Some of the settings were just irritating enough to keep me from getting good sleep. I was also feeling congested and tried many products before I got that under control.

Getting the numbers is the first step, the 2nd is to get comfortable with the CPAP settings. You are making progress, keep going and don't give up, you can get there.
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