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Pressure raises when there is ca events
I have been having problems getting my pressures right.  Yesterday I had 2 episodes when I had ca events and the pressure started raising. Anyone know why? I am not able to take the high pressure and take off my mask when this happens.
I have had similar pressure settings and get very different 95% pressure numbers. Why does this happen? I really need help to get my pressures to the correct range.  Usually I get low AHI but because of high pressures disturbs my sleep.    
Also recently I think due to high pressures I have been suffering from aerophagia. I  use a soft collar.  
Leak rates are under control. 
Thanks for your help. 
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The first chart showed a rise in flow limitation after the CA event. That's what triggered the pressure rising. In that chart any way.
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I do see that,but it raises it so aggressively that it wakes me up and then have to remove my mask .
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Walla is correct, and the chart is an interesting study in flow limitation in a For Her machine. What is your EPR setting? It appears to be set at 2, but the pressure relief gets wiped out when the machine approaches 18 cm. I've never seen this. I'm actually thinking you might benefit from an upper limit on pressure if it contributes to these flow limitations and the apparent discomfort it causes.

[Image: dIC1kgU.png]
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I am using epr of 2, apap mode (not the for her mode) standard not soft response.  
Can you please explain " the pressure relief gets wiped out when the machine approaches 18 cm".  Not sure exactly what that means.Always seem to have problem with flow limitations.  If you look at screenshot from 11/27 with almost the same settings my 95% pressure is much better,and I have no problem with the pressure waking me up from sleep and never had the aerophagia until recently with the high pressures it is reaching.
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In the graph I posted above from 12/5 it appears that the maximum IPAP and EPAP are both 18. That seems unlikely, but your graphs don't seem to include the EPAP pressure line. In any event, your pressure is driven by flow limitation. Maybe you could post the statistics graph so we can see the history of pressure changes and AHI results. Have you ever used EPR at 3, and if so, what happened?
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I never used an epr of 3.  Do you feel it will increase ca or do you feel that would help with flow limitaions.  
I have posted the stats page and the screenshot with epap graph showing.

Really appreciate your help and advice.


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Rather than change EPR right now, I'm going to suggest limiting maximum pressure at 15.0 cm. That matches your best results and I'm just seeing some suggestions that higher pressure is stressful and your breathing becomes limited as you approach 18 cm. Give it some time at EPR 2 and see if it just feels better or more restful. Let's be clear, I'm not concerned that you have record low AHI, but I'd like you to sleep well. You don't have a central problem that I can see, so we can experiment with higher EPR later, but lets just drop the maximum pressure back for now and see how things go.
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Sounds good sleeprider.  
Will go 11/15 epr 2.  
Will let you know how it goes.  
Thanks so much.
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Past 2 days using epr of 2, standard autoset mode, standard pressure response. I  reduced max pressure to 16. Still suffering badly with aerophagia.  Please advise as I want to get over this problem soon.


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