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Problem adapting to ResMed Airmini
Problem adapting to ResMed Airmini
Good morning everyone. First time I'm posting and I would like to know if anybody could help me with a problem I'm having after buying a Resmed AirMini. I am having a lot of problems adapting to the new equipment even though the settings are the same as my previous one (Resmed S9 Autoset).

I have been using the Resmed S9 for 6 years on autoset mode, pressure 6-10, no ramp and APE at 3 (pressure reduction on exhale). I use a nasal mask (Respironics Wisp). Everything perfect, I love it. Then last week I bought an AirMini with the Resmed N20 nasal mask and got it set up with the same settings. When I tried to use it for the first night, I could not fall asleep for 2h (normally it does not take me 10 minutes) and had to go back to the S9 to be able to sleep. I would feel the air flow too strong, specially by the end of my exhale (as if I could not get all the air out of my chest before it started blowing strongly again) or when I was about to fall asleep (I would suddenly wake up with the machine making those strong periodic gulfs of air). Inhale was also uncomfortable, I felt like there was too much air coming in and had some headache.

I tried to make changes on most of the settings to check if it would improve, but none of them made the Airmini to feel nearly as comfortable as the S9. The difference was brutal (not the speak about the noise, which I'm disregarding for now). Things I tried:

- Reduce minimum pressure to 4: it helped but still not close to the comfort of the S9.
- Increase minimum pressure to 7: I read some threads where people mentioned that a too low of a minimum pressure might not be enough to get all the CO2 out. Even though my problem seems to be different, I tried this with no success (actually got more uncomfortable).
- Turning of the pressure reduction on exhale: other threads mention that having this active might make you inhale more than exhale. Again, not sure it would help my case (since I have been using this feature with the S9), but I tried and it didn't bring significant improvement.
- Changing the treatment at the Airmini from Standard to Soft: very little noticeable change.
- Including a ramp: no help neither; little more comfortable with the low pressures at the start of the ramp but gets worse as it moves to the minimum setpoint.

I found lots of threads about the noise problem of the Airmini but very few on people complaining about adapting to the new equipment (just 2 actually, one with no responses and the other one suggesting to explore turning off the pressure reduction on exhale). Because of that, I am not sure if the equipment I got is defective or if it just manages the airflow in such a different way that is not good for me (in which case I would return the Airmini and replace by the Airsense 10 Autoset probably). The difference is gigantic, I can't even fall asleep with the Airmini and with the S9 I sleep very well (and both on exactly the same settings).

Any help would be appreciated!
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RE: Problem adapting to ResMed Airmini
i have resmed airsense 10 and airmini....love them both  but airmini has a much higher breathing noise.i also have n20 mask .i also had breathing issues .i even had to wear earplugs with airmini.

first....... u can reduce pressure to 4 to 6 ...(dont worry about co2 ..resmed design very good )
second... go into settings and change mode to autoset for her ...much more soft and confortable
thirdly ... must put exhale pr on so reduces when exhale.
next..  i found the humidx was causing me breathe problems so i took out but more noisy ...so i open humidx refill and took out inside ...much better

recently i found a new mask for airsence 10    a resmed n30 mask(not n30i)   which i love love.
but cant be used on airmini...
i bought connector($20) ,removed humidx holder and connected n30  mask to airmini...only tried for 30 min(worried about co2 rebreathe) BUT this configuration was the quietest most confortable machine ever.

i spoken to resmed and others ..no one can tell me why resmed wont let u use other masks,,co2 rebreathe????

hope this helps
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RE: Problem adapting to ResMed Airmini
Welcome to the forum.

Post the nightly charts from your SO so we / you can see the settings. I know you said they are the same, but check this way. I'd say do the same for the air mini but that machine has no way to provide info to OSCAR. I don't recommend the airmini as a primary machine for that reason. The AutoSet is preferred.
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