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Problem keeping reservoir clean
I only clean my tank once a week by soaking it for about 15 minutes in hot water and a mild dish detergent. I have never had a problem with crud doing it this way. The one time I did have a problem was when I stopped using the humidifier for a couple of weeks without emptying the tank. It was rather gross looking. I use distilled water.
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Another negative to the S8 is that it can not differentiate between OAs and CAs so it treats them all the same and does not adjust to them at over a certain pressure. Not a problem with a fixed pressure machine but a definite drawback in auto mode.

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i have the 450p model.I had same problem as I use tap water and I let the humidifier run dry and it will get that white build up.I use brew rite coffee maker cleaner I just sprinkle the bottom resevor and pour cup hot boiling water and let sit it looks like new when done.
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A number of points.

While you'd rather not have germs in the water tank, it's not a terribly big deal. In theory, the water evaporates from the surface of the water, and should leave germs behind. You're also not taking the water and pouring it into an open wound, you're breathing the water vapor that comes off of the tank. Any germs in the tank came from the breathing air in your room, or from you. It's not like Ebola is going to spontaneously generate in the water tank. Hopefully, you're also not sharing your water tank with someone else, so it's only your germs in it. Reinhaling the germs you just exhaled isn't going to do anything.

The water tank isn't a good place to grow germs, especially if you use distilled water. In order to multiply, germs need food. Distilled water doesn't have available nitrogen to make protein, and there's no energy source to feed on.

Get a second tank, and then you can clean your dirty tank more vigorously without worrying about being without a tank. You can also switch tanks every week or so and let a clean tank sit dry for a while in order to let the germs die. They're only $30-40 online.

I always washed my PRS1 water tanks in the dishwasher with the hardest, hottest, dishwasher cycle I had, and never had problems.

I have also boiled a large pot of water, turned off the heat, and dropped a disassembled PRS1 tank into the water, and left it till it cooled. No problems, but don't do it unless you have a spare tank. You never know when they'll change the manufacturing process.

Don't boil ResMed S9 standard tanks, but the S9 "Dishwashable/cleanable" tanks have survived boiling just fine.

The white mineral scale is pretty much harmless, but it may provide a little better substrate for germs to grow. It's still not a great place for germs to multiply. If it got really thick, it might affect the heat transfer.

One trick people have used is to put rice, sand, or rock salt into the tank with water, and shake vigorously. Rinse vigorously, of course.

One other concern about cleaning is to not damage the gasket that goes between the metal and plastic parts of the tub. It's probably not a problem, but you could have leaks if the gasket goes bad.
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I have had exactly the same problem with my series one humidifier. After 3 or 4 months it needs replacing.
My previous S9 H5i humidifier tank after 2 years I got a new one just because insurance paid for it. I couldn't tell the difference between the old and the new.
That tank is the only thing I really don't like about the series one.
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Are you using bottled distilled water from a sealed jug from the grocery store?
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Many of us who use distilled water top the machine up instead of dumping it, but if you dump the water every morning before refilling, that should help, even with distilled water.
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Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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I top mine off daily and dump it about weekly and let it dry. I rinse it with a little vinegar about monthly, and I never see any residue.
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(01-02-2016, 12:50 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: The S8 systems are old and you cannot view the data from their proprietary card without a special smartcard reader (not the same as an SD card reader).

Is that stuff in the water or on the surface of the water?

Where do you get your distilled water?

Have you tried switching brands of water?

All I was saying was from what I saw of the Resmed S8 it looks like it'd be easier to clean the tank. The Puritan Bennet Goodknight 420G I used for 5 years or so had a similarly exposed tank that was easy to clean. Copy & Paste Puritan Bennet Goodknight 420G into google, and click Images and you'll see what I mean.

As long as my Doc is happy with whatever data he can get from it, i'm ok. I'm not interested in seeing what's on the card.

I don't think that stuff is on the surface. The second of the second set of pics, THAT stuff in IN the water. (btw, I mentioned in a later post, that, "I made a mistake in the 2nd pair of pictures update: I wrote "The top pic was after it dried out, and the bottom one is from the next morning", but it shoulda said that the top pic is before use, filled to the line, and the second one is the next morning").

We get whatever brand of distilled water is available when we go food shopping. Always in one gal plastic bottles. It always looks clear and pristine when I fill the tank. The next morning it doesn't.
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