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Problem with Autosense 10 central apnea detection
I would not make too much of one night of results. Now that you can sleep, give it a little while for your body to get used to it. At least a week. Then see what is going on.
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Hey guys can you explain something to me, when you look at 06:00:25, I get an OA for about 20 secs. A that time I am only at a pressure of 8 out of a maximum of 12 but even though I am far from my maximum pressure, the machine has no reaction whatsoever, stays at 8 and does not raise its pressure. Is this normal? What good would it do for me to raise the max and try to clear the OAs if the machine doesn't get to the max?

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That's an isolated OA that occurs with no detectable associated flow limitation or snoring. The machine is programed to only increase the pressure if two or more events occur within a minute or two of each other OR if the event is also associated with flow limitations or snoring.
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Hi Johnthesleeper
I just got the resmed airsense 10 autoset as well, I was custom to using an older CPAP that did not have all the new features and my pressure setting was raised to 14 recently as well which is high
I was using the mirage fx nasal Mask as well and did get some of the same affects you are experiencing. After talking to the Resp Therapist she suggested to move from a nasal Mask and go to a full mask that covered the nose and mouth to help with that issue. Hope this helps. I will be using the full mask tonight. .....Good sleeping
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Oh I thought flow limitation was represented by a flat flow rate? What technically does flow limitation mean then?

Ressler: I also have a mirage fx and a quattro. Come to think of it, the enhanced FOT arousals also only happened on the mirage fx; when I use the quattro, I do not feel the FOT even without a ramp. So I think richc was right and there must be some sort of breathing reaction that only occurs with the nasal mask and that amplifies the FOT...
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(05-18-2016, 07:02 AM)johnthesleeper Wrote: Oh I thought flow limitation was represented by a flat flow rate? What technically does flow limitation mean then?
A flat line on the flow rate graph that lasts for 10 seconds or more is an apnea. If it's shorter than 10 seconds, it represents a short pause in breathing.

A flow limitation is a change in the shape of the inhalation parts of the flow rate graph that are indicative of increasing respiratory effort due to subtle changes in the airway. They are thought to be indications that the airway is at higher risk of collapsing or partially collapsing and hence APAPs are programmed to increase the pressure when flow limitations are detected.

Sometimes it's easy to spot the flow limited inhalations---they're flatter on top or they have a distinct "chair shape" that is different from the usual round inhalation shape. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that it's hard to see why the breaths are earmarked as "flow limited".
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(05-18-2016, 07:02 AM)johnthesleeper Wrote: Oh I thought flow limitation was represented by a flat flow rate? What technically does flow limitation mean then?

flow limitation is explained, along with other aspects of SDB, in this video:

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Thanks, palerider, for that link. I learned a a little more about SDB.
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I find I'm having a similar problem with my Airsense 10, but perhaps I'm just too new to understand what's what.
History: Got a new CPAP in September and used it with a Nose Mask for 2 months. Due to problems in my nasal airways, I had many problems with the mask although the snoring was greatly alleviated.

At the end of November, I returned both the new machine and the mask, and got a USED machine (financial problems dictated this) as well as the Nasal Pillows. The nasal pillows seemed to have alleviated any problems my nasal airways had, but now I'm having more problems with increased snoring.

The Cpap was originally set at 9-15, and then with the nasal pillows he put it at 12 (no range.) The 12 pressure is great - I can feel it literally opening my nasal passages in my nostrils BUT now I have more issues with the snoring getting bad again. I suggested and the Dr agreed to put the range back, this time at 12-15, yet the snoring continues.

The feeling is great, I can breathe well, but now I'm concerned about pressure. In the middle of the night I will wake up and feel the air, but I don't' feel that "blowing up" of my nasal passages like I did when I first turned it on. Additionally, last night I stopped breathing through my nose for a bit to sort of 'test' the machine (I have no idea what it's supposed to do, so I was curious) Nothing happened. When I started breathing normally again, the air started again, too, but still not that hard 'blowing' a I have in the beginning.

They said that the unit I got (the used one) had less than 200 hours on it. (My guess is about 1-2 months.) Is it possible it is in need of repair? Have I possibly set something wrong? I look forward to your feedback.
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Hi Marvinator,
First, order the clinicians manual for your cpap. This will explain how to change your pressures.

Not sure if your machine is working properly or not. Did you get a warranty with it?

Snoring may indiciate your pressure range is not set optimal to prevent your airway from collapsing.

I suggest you download SleepyHead software and start downloading data from the SD card.
Then someone here can take a look and see whats going on with you. You will need at least 4 posts to upload us a screenshot.

Do you know your AHI reading and breakdown, hypopneas, obstructives, clear airways? This info makes a diffence on what pressure your apap should be set to.

Also, a couple links to help once you have downloaded your data to SleepyHead and how to organize your graphs and upload here.

I know Im throwing alot at you, but the bottom line is you will have to be your own advocate for your heath, especially when it comes to Sleep Apnea. Most doctors and DME's are not that helpful.

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