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Problem with SD card
Just downloaded the software then tried to grab the data from the sd card. Got an "error during download" message.

Previous to this, I had to pull out the sd card from the S9 for it to work. Called my equipment provider and was told that it was not important and to keep the sd card off.

Will a reformat of the sd card clear up the problem? If so, is there any special reformatting tool I should use or will a simple os reformat work? I am running on XP but can access Win7 and Win8 if needed.

Or should I get a new sd card?

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(08-20-2013, 07:00 AM)vvitug Wrote: Called my equipment provider and was told that it was not important and to keep the sd card off.

It's not important to them (all they care about is your compliance data which is stored on the machine) but it's very valuable to you, obviously.

Sounds like the card is corrupted. I haven't tried this personally, so there's my disclaimer:

You should be able to reformat the card using your computer. Since the data is lost anyway, there's no harm in trying. Just right-click on it (in Windows) and click "format." Use the default settings. Then unplug the S9, put the card in, and plug it back in. If it still can't recognize the card, then there's probably something wrong with the card.


Some more info. My own SD card (the one that shipped from ResMed) is formatted as FAT32, so that's the officially supported filesystem type to use. The device name is "RESMED" in caps. Its size is 2Gb (unformatted). This card has been in use for two months now.

[Image: S9_SD_card.png]
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Probably a corrupted or bad card. Format it on any computer - it doesn't really matter how it is formatted because the S9 will just have to format it again - then put the card back into your S9. The S9 screen should either tell you it formatting or ask if you want it to (I forget which). Choose "yes" if given that option. Then you should be good to go. If this doesn't work, then you either have a bad card or there is something wrong with the card reader/writer in the S9 unit.

Just to be sure, you don't have the lock tab set on the card do you? Check to make sure the little white slider tab is set to the unlocked position. Also, are you sure you have the right card? It must be a plain old SD card - if it is a ResMed brand SD, then you can be pretty sure you got the right one. If it isn't ResMed, then you have to make sure you don't have a new fangled High Capacity card - some don't work.

If DME said it's not important - that's kind of like a car salesman selling you a car with no turn signals or headlights saying they aren't important.

Make them straighten it out - either a new card if that's the problem or new machine if that is. ResMed has a 2 year warranty.
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The reformat worked. The SD card is a 1GB from ResMed. Followed the suggestion of FAT32 and labeled it RESMED although it appeared to be initially FAT with no label.

The S9 did not reformat the SD. It simply created a DATALOG directory and dumped tgt, crc, etc files onto the SD card root.

Thanks for everybody's help. I suppose I am getting too cautious in my old age. Normally, I would have simply reformatted the SD and then fix whatever happens if things go south. This time, I thought it might be more prudent to ask first, before shooting.

Interestingly, though. I posted a similar query on the ResMed support site the same time I posted on this forum and I am still waiting a reply from them.

Again, thanks a lot.
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Glad it's working!
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SD card failed after two days. Was unable to reformat again using Windows XP. Called provided and asked for a new SD card which they sent after a little hemming and hawing.

New SD card has been working fine for several days now.
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After a reformat, how do you get the data from the S9 copied to the SD?
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(03-07-2015, 08:23 AM)elmerjay Wrote: After a reformat, how do you get the data from the S9 copied to the SD?

Hi Elmerjay, welcome to the forum.

When you insert the card in the S9 it will automatically write the data back to the card - you don't need to do anything else.
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My SD card crapped completely. Computer will not even read it. Have another card that I put in the S9 Elite, but it looks like I have lost a weeks worth of data. Does anybody know how else to get that data out of the machine. I have the attachment on the machine that sends the data to the provider of the machine using the cell phone network. Does anybody know if there is any way that you can read what is sent over the cell network.
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The machine rewrites the "compliance" data, i.e. on/off times, back to the card. Some or all of the other data will not be restored.
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