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Problems with AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows (+ResMed AirSense 10)
I use smart start all the time, but I do use a nasal mask so I'm guessing like others have said with your low pressures it may not respond with the small openings of the pillows. Works great with the nasal mask I've only had It not want to shut off twice, but it's not that hard to push the button off.
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My computer does "smartstart" and "smartstop" too. It works great except for when it doesn't. Like starting up in the middle of the night, or smartstopping and going catatonic. I discovered this really cute little button I could simply push when I want my computer to start, and push again when I want it to stop. It works great. I think it's a great invention. I wish they had a really cute little button like that on the cpap machines......... Wouldn't that be smart?
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Maybe we should suggest that to Resmed. Big Grin
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Agree. I used a medium pillow with the Swift FX but have had the best results with the large P10 pillow. I started with the medium but it didn't feel like I was getting enough air so I switched and my data improved greatly.

(02-07-2015, 11:47 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: The general rule of thumb with the P10 mask size is to use one up from the one that feels best in order to get the best seal.

I'm wondering if the diffuser of the P10 is confusing the machine which is why it is not until you remove it from the frame that it finally turns off. Regardless, I prefer to turn the machine off. It is quieter and immediate.

"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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I am also using Resmed S10 AutoSet, I had been using the full mask Quattro Air and I noticed fluctuation in my AHI from 4 to 0.8 while I used it for over a month. I decided to us the N10 Nasal Pillows and my AHI has dropped between 2.5 to 1 while I have been using it (One week now). However, since I changed from the Full Face mask to the Nasal pillows I also noticed that now the S10 does not shut-off automatically when I remove the Nasal Pillows. I did not have this problem while using the Full Face. Using the Full Face my pressure setting was 4 to 20 and EPR 3 and the ramp time 10. When I changed to the Nasal Pillows I had to change Start Pressure to 5 as using 4 did not get me enough air as I have a medium deviated septum. I use the N10 medium and it barely fits well, later I would like to try the large size. I lowered the ramp time to 5 and while using 5 to 20 pressure, I notice that pressure throughout the night goes between 6 to 9.5 but I feel better than while using full mask and lesser dry mouth problems, so far no major leak issues.

Nonetheless, I am also frustrated I have to manually shut off S10 when I remove the mask, even when I disconnect the N10 hose from the main hose, the unit stays on.

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If I remember correctly, somewhere in the documentation Resmed says that the auto on and off does not work with the nasal pillows. I also think that I remember that it works for some members and hopefully they will weigh in.

Best Regards,

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I have been using the N10 mask for over 18 months now. I normally score less than AHI 1.0 using this mask and sometimes AHI goes up to 2-3 depending on my daily activities, job pressure etc.  When I used other full size masks, I had a much higher AHI on a regular basis ranging from 1 to 7 on a normal basis so I opted to change to N10. Mostly I had avoided the Nasal masks for fear of mouth breathing but now when I use the N10 I do not breath with the month as much and if I do I believe my mouth dries up and I use that as warning signal.

I also have the same problem with the N10 mask and the auto shut-off on the S10 failing to stop if the mask is removed. Never had that issue with the other type masks that I have tried or used. I do not like the extra 18" in hose length for using the N10 mask. It makes the overall hose length too long and it tangles and wraps around you in the sleep, it feels awkard.

Lately, I notice that sometimes I yawn too much when I wake up and the back of my head tingles and itches> I sense that the yawning is a sign of not having had a good night sleep but the machine S10 gives me less than 1.0 AHI so I do not know, Iget confused.

I do clean the mask, hose and water tank almost everyday but sometimes if I am too busy I can get lazy and not clean everything but maybe just the N10 mask. And on weekends I give everything a good cleaning. I also have an ozonator and I use it everynow and then but if I do use it I disconnect power to the S10 because I do not want to damage to machine controls., etc,

Mode: S10 Autoset
Min Pressure: 5
Max Pressure: 20
Mask: Nasal
Response: Standard
Ramp time: Auto
Start pressure: 5
Smart Start: On
EPR: On, Full-time, level 3
Climate: Auto
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This is an old thread and someone else's to boot.  I would recommend you start a new thread Alpharomeo and post your data from Sleepyhead.  See my signature area on how to do that and how to set up your charts.  If you post your machine data from Sleepyhead the fine experienced folks here could give you the benefit of their wisdom and experience.

It's best not to get too hung up on the numbers.  It's how you feel that matters more, unless your scores were waaaaaaay off and you still said you felt fine.  But that's not the case here.

To me, your spread from minimum to maximum numbers are too large.  Especially with your EPR at 3 and your IPAP at 5 and EPAP at 20!  There is a lot that could be done to fine tune your settings.  Like I said though, start a new thread and post your data there.
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Yawning is not necessarily indicative of poor sleep.

Are you sure that your mask is not a P10? It sure sounds like it is.

Best Regards,

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