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[Product Review] Airfit F20
(12-14-2016, 10:30 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: I think with the F10, I most frequently heard about problems with the fit at the bridge of the nose.  It will be interesting to hear your review as you gain some experience.  Thanks for playing Guinea pig.

Mine (F20) arrived today and is going back to the supplier on Monday.  I really wanted to like it but it pinched the bridge of my nose and the edges of the silicone cushion felt too sharp on the lower part of the mask.  The magnetic clips seemed awesome. Am trying the Simplus next.  I'm using suplier 1's return insurance.
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Just thought I'd add my experience . . . .  When I started using my ResMed S9 I was using (trying to use) an Airfit F10 mask.  I simply didn't get on well with it and that alone stopped me using the machine for long periods. 

But just recently I decided to get myself a F20 mask.  The new mask is a much better and comfortable fit.  Gone are the irritating mask leaks around the nose area which used to blow into my eyes.  Gone are the leaks (and mask flapping sensation) around the mouth area.  The mask seals effectively with me having to tighten up the straps so much as before and hence is more comfortable and leaves less face marks in the morning.

And yes my usage stats have improved and AHI has dropped significantly.

Hope this is useful feedback . . . Roger
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Airfit F20


So far I like just about everything about this mask. I like the design. I am able to get it to fit well with very low leaks. It took me a few nights to get it dialed in. Once I did, I just put it on at night without having to fiddle with it and I sleep well with it.

I have been using a Mirage Quattro and sometimes a Simplus. I like the F20 a little better than the Mirage Quattro and better than the Simplus which I have to fiddle with quite a bit to keep it from leaking.

Changeable cushion sizes with the same frame (same as Simplus)
Latched elbow and very workable swivel
Magnetic clips on headgear
Quiet vent
Lighter than my Mirage Quattro

Can not get to the anti-asphyxiation flapper valve to clean it well. I suppose Resmed likes the fact that people can not mess up the re-installation. It should not need cleaning all that often anyway.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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I'll agree with PaytonA...the elbow is nice, as are the two flappers, but cleaning them is a bit of a pain.

I've recently tried it with the F10 headgear as well (which is a little more stretchy than the F20 headgear). Strap marks are a hair less in the morning and the stretch seems to make the mask disappear that much more when wearing it.

Overall, if it works for you, it's a great mask (IMNSHO). If it doesn't work for you, then maybe the F10 or Simplus will.
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a quick weigh in on the F-20. WOW! - this is one incredible mask. I have gone from Quatro to F10 to F20. Where the F10 had a tendency to slip and slide unless tightened down this mask just sorta of marries your facie. Love the magnet clips and that the cushion just snaps on and off. My only quibble is that the Aussies must have bigger faces than us Yanks. With both the F10 and the F20 I end up using a medium mask, and have tried them both with large and medium cushions. My perfect would be a medium-large that isn't made. Regardless, the F20 mask seals so well that I can use either cushion and still get a seal. need to tighten a tad more with the medium. Leaks are way down with either. Easy to clean. We will see how the headgear holds up over 6 months, but it is also designed differently, and I suspect it won't stretch out as much. Now, if I could just get Apria to take this off the special order list (with a 6-8 week order lag) I would be a truly happy hose head. Thank You ResMed.
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I got a F20 two months ago and I'm loving it.

The F10 was the first and only mask I had used up until now and it used to leak around the nose and making squealing noises from leaks. I thought that was just the way masks were and I would have to live with it. The F20 doesn't leak at all for me - thanks mostly to a big improvement to the "cushion" part that seals against your face.

The only con is that the regular F20 sized mask is smaller than the regular F10 mask so that sometimes I wake up with the mask sitting on my lower lip. But I can easily live with that if the mask doesn't leak.

Other small improvements like the magnetic clips and the better hose clip are nice but that cushion improvement made a huge difference for me. I'm sleeping about an hour more a night thanks to the F20.
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(04-09-2017, 10:19 AM)Beans Wrote: The only con is that the regular F20 sized mask is smaller than the regular F10 mask so that sometimes I wake up with the mask sitting on my lower lip. But I can easily live with that if the mask doesn't leak.

Are you aware that there are three cushion sizes that fit your F20 frame, SM, MED, and LG? I don't know what you mean by regular. Mine is a medium and has an M in a black circle at the bottom. You may just need to order at the next larger size.
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I think I will give this model a try.  Currentlly I have a quattro fx.  It is a little finicky at times, but works good alot of the times.  When it is finicky, I want to throw it out the window!
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I love it! Was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to design a mask for those of us with narrow noses! That new design that hits at the bridge of the nose is perfect. No leaks into my eyes. The 'lip' of the mask that lays on you face is wider and very soft...giving me a better seal. I didn't have to do my usual wedge insertions under the bottom straps...sadly, as I age...my face sinks in at night Huh. This requires a little push inward on the sides of most FF masks. 

So, a new machine, an AutoSV, and a new mask, the AirFit F20...hopefully this means a new, positive journey forward to better sleep.  Shy
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Freakin awesome!  Twice as comfortable as my quatrro pro.  I added a pad a cheek because I have a long beard.  It works perfect for me?
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