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[Product Review] Bleep Sleep Mask
Bleep Sleep Mask
So I have received my Bleep Dreamport’s and Dreamway shipped from the US

From Supplier #14
First impressions 

There is loads of bits to the Dreamway that all come apart :- 

The Tube/Swivel
Clear Plastic Vent
Silicone body
Clear plastic QR clips to connect to the Dreamports

I am not sure how resilient the Dreamway clips will be think I need to plan on getting a spare Dreamway and one for my working away machine I wonder how long i can keep using it until it needs replacing I wont be replacing it regularly as I am paying out of pocket

The dreamports have a lot of packaging

1xBox per 16 ports.

A years supply becomes a large box compared to the size of 24 nasal cushions (If you get a new one every two weeks) 

I was excited to try it out anyway so I made use of a couple of Dreamports for a dry run the first thing I did was take the whole thing apart then put it back together so I can see how it all works. It’s a bit fiddly and I find the attaching of the QR clips to the Dreamports very tricky even in front of the mirror (as everything is reversed) I had better success working blind, a couple of times I had leaking between the QR and the Dreamports when I moved the tube about.

On the whole I like it but it is a fiddly setup It’s weird as others have said with the whole contraption hanging off the end of your nose with everything plugged together its quiet I will do the filter over the vents thing to cut out the blast of vented air as its disconcerting when compared to the Resmed P10

First night report...

I love the Bleep...

I did use a Clone Resmed filter as a defuser of the blast of air from the vents.

Was really weird lying down the short tube is stiffer could do with being made a bit more flexible than the one on the P10, I had to work out the best way of dealing with the hose. I decided to push my existing CPAP hose between the pillow and the headboard with the Bleep hose running along the pillow to my nose that felt comfortable. It was not bad but definitely different having the hose stuck to my nose and felt a little strange when I have been used to the P10 for the last year.

Within 10 minutes I was asleep, I remember turning over in the night and closing my mouth as I mouth breath occasionally nothing new there as I don't like wearing a chin strap it disturbs my sleep more than the mouth breathing and a soft cervical collar gives me aerophagia. 

I awoke at around my normal time.

I can confirm the mask works with the high variable pressures associated with ASV Last night for a short period my max pressure was 21cm of H2O the leaks were much less than my P10 apart from when I opened my mouth all in all a great night, here is a graph showing the pressures and leaks

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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
At first, I was thinking this was a spam post, based on the name of the mask. What possessed them to name it the Bleep???

Thank you for the review!

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
I have to say I love the idea of it but the piece with the vents could have been designed better, looks very clunky.
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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
When I read the thread title.. 

Bleep Sleep Mask.. 

I thought it was going to be a thread about "f***ing Sleep Mask"  Blink
Rolling laugh Rolling laugh
Especially considering mask issues are a common problem for most people when first trying to get their CPAP/APAP set up working in a comfortable and effective manner.  Thumbs-down-1
Then when we get it sorted it is a case of..  I-love-CPAP

As Paula said... why on earth did the "branding department" think it was a good name for one of their products?   Hammer Oops

Thank you for the review, I just "had to read it" given the title, and for the entertainment.  Bigwink
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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
Bleep is the company’s name and DreamPort is the name of the mask “solution” they make. I have been using the DreamPort too for the better part of a month. It’s every bit as good as Jas Williams has shared. It’s ridiculously small and light, way more than the ResMed p10 I was using and it doesn’t burn up the inside of my nose like a nasal pillow mask was prone to do. It doesn’t leak at all!!!!! Not a frigin ounce of leak. So no stupid arousals during the night or having to readjust straps or having permanent ripples in my hairline around my head (lines in my hair are problem and I hate them). My pressures have come down using it because it just doesn’t leak. That’s cut down on mouth breathing too. It’s like not having anything on after wearing it a minute or two. Period. Maybe a dumb company name, but it delivered the best damn cpap mask I’ve ever worn and I’ve tried close to ten of them.
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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
Wish they were cheaper! $2 a night is a lot unless you have insurance to cover it.

How did you guys make it quiet? It's so loud for me!
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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
(05-09-2019, 03:55 AM)vroomvroom Wrote: Wish they were cheaper! $2 a night is a lot unless you have insurance to cover it.

How did you guys make it quiet? It's so loud for me!

If there are no leaks its silent, if its all clipped together correctly its silent

I created diffused venting by  taking an new resmed filter folding in half cutting a slit folding in half the other way cutting another slit, open it back up so it has a cut cross in the middle, then pull the bleep hose off of the vent swivel push the vent swivel through the cut cross then clip the hose back on this stops any air out of the vent hitting things such as the pillow, quilt etc... and making a noise.

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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
I've been using the Bleep since mid-March. Since starting on CPAP Jan 2018, I've been through upwards of 15 masks, some of them a couple of times trying to find one that works well. I've had many problems, ranging from the backstrap not staying in place, sliding up the back of my head multiple times each night and displacing the mask, waking me and needing adjustment. Leaking from around the mask or just the exhaust, into my eyes, exacerbating my minimal dry eye to the point that I was unable to drive/read/watch TV and actually needed to get punctal plugs inserted into my tear ducts.  Sad Strap acne. Tooth pain from mask pressure. Strap marks on my face that lasted hours. 

I am able to attach the QR clips in bed. I find it easier than doing in front of the mirror (the backwards thing was hard). It's still a bit fiddly sometimes) but not that bad. I LOVE the no-leaks! And I find that I have less mouth breathing. I do use the filter trick to diffuse the exhaust and it does make a big difference. Overall, it's really quiet. Basically, if you hear noise, check that you've got clips connected to the DreamPorts correctly--chances are that you haven't.

The Bleep has solved most of my issues! I am so glad I have something that works so well. That is not to say it's perfect. I am still trying to work out hose management. All the other masks I used, I ran UP my face to the wall over the bed. That doesn't work with the Bleep and I am still trying to work out the best way for me. Also, I get adhesive residue in the morning when I remove the ports. But those are minor compared to previous.

And now I've found out that my DME has gotten approval from my insurance for the Bleep for me! I am a happy camper! like
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RE: Bleep Sleep Mask
Thanks for all your posts.
I shall see if my DME is carrying this mask.
Compliant for 30+ years

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. I hope to learn from you, and share my experiences with you. 
Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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