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[Product Review] CPAP Pro Nasal Pillows System [copied from old forum]
MyronW Wrote:4

The CPAP Pro "No Mask" System is a unique device that uses a heat-formed mouthpiece as the anchor for the support structure.  It is priced comparably with other high-end masks, and provides an alternative for XPAP users that don't like straps.

The CPAP Pro promises a nasal interface without straps or mask. In that regard, it is successful. The pillows are held securely against the nares, and did not shift position as I moved around through the night.

I liked the quality of the product. The moldings are thick and sturdy, there were no sharp edges or corners to cause scratches or abrasions, and the holes all lined up with plenty of adjustment room. The hoses have foam diffusers pre-installed on the vents, which saved a bit of hassle. It was nice having the choice of position; my hose is suspended, but it would have been easy to run it down the bedsheet instead, with no loss of comfort or function.

Fitting the mouthpiece properly took several tries. The first time I didn't get it hot enough. I followed the directions, but they are very cautious and the recommended temperature is about 5 degrees lower than I finally ended up at in order to get a good impression.

What I didn't like- I could not seal my lips. I am a terrible mouth venter, and I bought the system in the hopes that it would help. In my case, it made it worse, because I could no longer use tape to hold my lips together. It also held my jaws apart, not helping things.
I also didn't care for the strain it put on my teeth.

Getting the rig adjusted was a tedious exercise. It took quite a lot of fiddling around, trying this angle and that, moving the tubes in and out, twisting, turning, until everything finally came together. Once that happened, it locked down tight, and stayed there for the rest of the three days I was able to use it until I gave up and went back to my Breeze headgear because of the venting problem.

Suggestions- Be patient. This didn't work for me, but everyone is different.  It might be the solution for a problem you are dealing with- you just never know.

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This is a wonderful product and has turned using my CPAP into something I enjoy rather than something I dread. The freedom of movement and flexibility while wearing this is reliable and comfortable. No straps! Stays in place! After a few days, I tweaked a few of the easily adjustable clamp and bracket settings and VOILA! No more noisy exhaling, no distracting exhaust air blowing around. Easy to disconnect when making a potty stop. It's a well-engineered solution for CPAP users looking for comfort. Myron's mouthpiece fitting comments are useful suggestions, but I had no problem keeping my mouth closed (there is an adjustment for that, to slide the tubing nearer or further away from your mouth.) I would say the people who will like it the least are those who can't seem to live with a system that doesn't cover your mouth, but it works great for me.
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MyronW Wrote:4
The CPAP Pro "No Mask" System is a unique device that uses a heat-formed mouthpiece as the anchor for the support structure.

I was told about this mask by a co-worker when I was discussing my recent diagnosis of OSA with her. She said her husband switched to it after a couple years of using a different mask and really loved it.

Quote:What I didn't like- I could not seal my lips. I am a terrible mouth venter, and I bought the system in the hopes that it would help.

I already wear a night guard (to prevent grinding of the teeth) which is why I found this mask intriguing. I believe you can also get a custom-made (by a dentist) mouth piece.

I'm afraid, though, that since it protrudes from between the lips I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth closed while I sleep.

Some day I'd like to try this mask. Six months ago I started with the Swift FX nasal mask, then the Respironics TrueBlue nasal mask, and finally settled on the Opus nasal pillows. I've been using the Opus for a few months now, and like it except it leaves marks on my cheeks in the morning. I'm ordering the Comfortlite2 from my DME now. I hope I'll like it.

I had to use a chin strap at first, then went several months without it, then recently had to start using again for a few nights, and now I'm off it again. I guess I had to re-train myself to keep my mouth shut. It's weird.
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I find it totally to my liking. At first you tend to feel tense trying to "hold in" the mouthpiece but if you relax your mouth and teeth it stays just fine all by itself. I sleep with my mouth just a little bit open but it doesn't interfere with the airflow or my sleep. You could always use a headband if that's a problem for you. The absolute freedom of the system is what makes it so unique and all adjustments are hand-adjustable, no tools needed.I don't think you would need a night guard with this system and probably couldn't wear one anyway. The thin plastic strip attached to the mouthpiece doesn't keep you from closing your mouth around it.
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