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[Product Review] DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic
DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic
When I started using my ResMed PAP devise about a year ago, I wanted to make it an immediate priority to keep my equipment clean. So I read the instructions provided by ResMed on cleaning equipment periodically as well as sanitizing equipment between patients. I talked to a fellow hose-head who had frequent sinus ailments due to inadequate cleaning and didn’t want to follow that path. I wanted to make it a habit early on to keep things clean.

I checked into the ever popular SoClean machine. Some of my friends on PAP use them and love them. But they don’t do anything to remove skin oils or particulate matter from the equipment. That kind of grossed me out. Plus I wasn’t too interested in the idea of pumping ozone through something I’m going to breathe through later. I’m sure unfounded as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

So I looked into an ultrasonic cleaners specifically designed for cleaning CPAP equipment. But they seemed to be quite overpriced and had a common and plentiful complaint of being way too small - 2.5 liter +/-. But I was familiar with ultrasonic cleaners and liked the idea.

I wound up buying a DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic. They have a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaners to choose from. The DK-600S has a 6 liter capacity which seemed to be about right for comfortably accommodating all the parts in need of cleaning.

I use squirt of baby shampoo and fill it with hot tap water (usually 37 to 42 Deg C according to the tank temp gauge) via the CPAP hose. All the CPAP bits fit comfortably inside - hose, mask, frame, and all the elbows and connectors. I can even put the humidifier tank in, but it gets a bit tight. So that gets taken apart and goes in as round 2. I use the nice stainless steel basket provided to put on top of everything to keep all the “floating” parts submerged. Then I run it for 15 minutes or so. Everything gets rinsed in tap water and air-dried.

I do this about once a month unless something happens to warrant a more frequent cleaning. (It’s a good timing system to replace the air filter too.) Overall I am very happy with the product and process and highly recommend it. It won’t garner any beauty awards for being a fashionable bathroom countertop accessory, but it is simple and does a great job in keeping everything clean. It has a stainless steel ball valve to empty the tank easily. Also, the piezo ultrasonic transducers in this model are much larger, and there are three instead of one small one as in the CPAP-specific cleaners. Its counter-top footprint is comparable to the CPAP specific ultrasonic cleaners too.

There are many commercial or professional grade ultrasonic cleaners available for more and/or less than what I paid for the DK-600S. But I think they are all designed and built much more robust than the smaller ones marketed specifically for CPAP use. These have internal components that are much beefier to take on more challenging users and uses. It just isn’t “pretty”.

On a side note and a tip here… I like to use the lightly citrus scented CPAP wipes each morning to clean my mask, frame and hose connector / elbow. After I wipe my PAP equipment down, it seemed to be a shame to toss the wipe since it still has plenty of sanitizing-juice and life in it. So before it gets tossed, I use it to wipe down my cell phone, tablet, door knobs, light switches, keys, TV remote, refrigerator handles - basically anything my grubby little hands touch that can transfer germs.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=14848]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=14847]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=14849]

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RE: DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic
After the months you have had it... you still liking this Ultrasonic Cleaner?
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RE: DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic
That kinda has the look of a french fryer.

I think this tends to make more sense than psudo-cleaners purpose built for CPAP that tend to be scaled smaller and less effective IMO. If I were using an apnea fighting machine currently, I'd still be using my cleaner, DawnOmatic. No bashing RayBee, I'd choose this over lesser devices FWIW.

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Dealing With A DME
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RE: DK-600S Ultrasonic Cleaner by DK Sonic
I have used ultrasonic cleaners on small parts like drafting pen nibs and they work wonderfully. A few questions...
(1) How are the noise and vibration?
(2) Does the soap create intense foam?
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