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[Product Review] Eclipse Halo
Eclipse Halo
I feel I need to preface this review by saying I have used the Bleep DreamPort since it came out 3-1/2 years ago. It is the ONLY mask I have been able to use for more than a few weeks without switching to another one. I think I went through upwards of about 18 masks my first 14 months on CPAP until the Bleep came out. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I was a beta tester for the Eclipse.

As stated above, I was a beta tester for the Eclipse and loved it! For several reasons, I find it an improvement over the DreamPorts, which is the only mask I really was able to use. I have arthritis in my hands that affects my fine motor skills, particularly during cold weather (the brutal cold we are experiencing right now is miserable!), which makes it difficult to attach the Dreamway interface. The adhesives (both DreamPorts and Halos) go on just fine, but if there is the slightest issue with the Dreamway interface, it can take me several tries and several minutes, and leave me in pain. With the Eclipse, WOW! Just get it close and it's on. Sometimes maybe a little nudge to center, but that's it. The Eclipse is a pliable silicone that will adjust easily to the angle of your nose (let's face it, not only is everyone different, but some of us are also asymmetrical!). The hose is flexible and approximately 15" between connections. The Eclipse comes with the black "bikini" diffuser. 

Another advantage, is that the since the Halos sit flat on the nose, the entire mask/interface is shorter. If you tend to bury your face in the pillow/bed as side/stomach sleepers tend to do, you will probably appreciate that extra space, as I do. Total height is 1-1/4". When I started on CPAP, my husband (also a PAPer) told me I'd never be able to sleep on my side/stomach again. Well, too bad, so sad, the mask stays on through all my restless tossing and turning and burying my face, etc.  like

One huge plus for me, because we like to travel and have started again, is how easy it is to pack the Halos. In fact, one box can easily hold 4 weeks, and I think, possibly up to 6 weeks, worth of Halos. 

Pro/con is leaks. Eclipse, properly applied is leak-free. Amazing! Wonderful for my eyes, no leaking to aggravate dry eye. Any leak that shows up in my OSCAR is mouth leak. Yes, my mouth does occasionally drop open. Fortunately, it is not enough of an issue that it affects my therapy and rarely even bothers my throat. 

One disadvantage for some might be prep. You can't just slap it on and go to bed. Because of the adhesives, you have to be sure your skin is oil-free. It's just a very small additional step for me to take a witch hazel pad and wipe my nose after I've removed my makeup, washed my face, and toned (except around my nose!). Maybe 5 extra seconds? Not a big deal. And I trim the adhesives when I open the box, straight cut off the long ends and one short end. Easy peasy and I'm ready to go for 16 nights.

Oh, I guess another disadvantage for some might be if their DME won't get it for them. The cost. Once I tried it, I realized the cost/benefit ratio was skewed towards staying alive. I NEED my CPAP to stay alive and this is, for me, the only mask that works. My insurance is so bad I've been buying the original Bleep out-of-pocket (shopping sales + discount codes because it's actually cheaper than my insurance copay), so I do what I have to do. Totally worth it!
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RE: Eclipse Halo
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  like

Although my pre-order is en route from North Carolina, I had the opportunity to trial the Bleep Eclipse product during the summer. I wish to thank Stuart for sending them and Booksfan for referring this fellow Bleep user to Stuart. Below is my review of the product.

As much as enjoyed using the Dreamports they became a bit more difficult to use due to arthritis in my hands. I always managed to muddle though but it was a wee bit painful (getting old sucks!). Then along comes the Eclipse sample and I was totally blown away by this product. It takes Bleep to a whole new and truly remarkable level. I love this product and am chomping at the bit to get my order next week in order to use it full-time and to retire my N30i.

The Eclipse is very simple to use. Apply the Halos to a clean, dry nose (after washing a wiping with a witch hazel wipe), attach the Eclipse hose and off to bed you go. I found it took less than a couple of minutes to do. In the morning I pinch the Eclipse to release it from the Halos. I love not having to wash a nasal cushion every day. Every week I just wash up the Eclipse and I’m ready for the week. Yes, I also wash my hose and water chamber at the same time. LOL

Although this is a magnetic system, these magnets are not like those stronger magnets found on the full face masks. The documentation has all the magnet strength information in the event a health care provider needs to consulted.

I love there is no headgear and no mask marks. I sleep on my back and right side and can turn over without having to adjust my mask. I’ve even slept on my stomach a few times. Regardless of sleep position there were NO LEAKS at all. NONE! 

I can see that people with excessively oily or sweating skin may have a problem with this product as the adhesive needs a dry surface to stick to. Although there are individuals with adhesive allergies, I’ve read of several being able to tolerate this adhesive quite well. Stuart will send an adhesive sample upon request to those with an adhesive sensitivity who are interested in trying the Eclipse.

I typically pre-trim a sheet of Halos rather than doing it each time I apply. It saves time. From start to finish, it is less than 90 seconds. When trimming I trim a wee bit from the bottom and a bit more from the top for a perfect fit. 

The Eclipse is easy peasy to travel with as this system is pretty small in comparison to a clunky mask. I had room in CPAP backpack for other goodies.

The cost is about $36 USD/month for the Halos which is significantly less than a typical ResMed nasal cushion (i use the N30i). The Eclipse piece is about $60 USD or so and probably needs to replaced infrequently. Heck, I’m still using my original Dreamway from my initial starter pack.

Thanks for reading this really long post. I’m just excited to have found my perfect mask solution.

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