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[Product Review] F&P Brevida
I am a staunch P10 user but like a lot of others I take issue with the headgear. I use a M pillow in the P10. I was afforded an opportunity to trial a Brevida the last few days and I thought I would post my thoughts on it. Unfortunately the only pillow available was the XS-S one and I am pretty certain i would be better served with the M-L one. Regardless I took it based on the fact I can use the P10 with all 3 pillow sizes with similar results. Here are my first impressions:

- the overall weight is only slightly heavier then the P10. I really don't notice it.
- the actual mask is made of silicon rather then the hard plastic in the P10 and is extremely soft. It actually wraps around and over the tip of your nose making for a great seal.
- the pillows themselves are constructed a bit different from the P10 but are much thinner and way softer then the P10. When positioned properly in your nose they are hardly noticeable. Very comfortable. I sleep on my side and may turn from side to side occasionally but the pillows stay firmly in place.
- the headgear is adjustable and will take most people a bit of time to properly adjust but once you get it right it will be very comfortable. I have to say I prefer it to the P10 although you may find yourself fiddling with it constantly because you can. I don't hate the P10 headgear but one size very seldom fits all and I just find the Brevida much more comfortable. You would be amazed at how loose you can keep this mask and still provide leak free therapy. For the very vane I will say that the headgear leaves no strap marks on my face ( touch wood on that). It was a pleasant surprise but I had similar results with the Simplus from F&P.
- One thing you keep reading about here is the problems people perceive to have with the P10 diffuser. Personally I don't have that problem but for those that do you will love the Brevida in that regard. I am sure many will say that it is not exhausting your breathed air but that is hogwash. The Brevida has a removable/washable filter that covers the diffuser holes on the mask. All you have to do is take the cover off and you will feel the air movement. With the filter on you can hardly notice anything at all, just like the P10. Deadly quiet. The mask can be used with the filter either on or off if you choose and prefer the feel of the moving air. This technology is the same used on F&P Eson2.
- The short hose is a bit shorter on the Brevida then the P10 and I prefer the P10 in that regard. The Brevida swivels 360 degrees but I actually prefer the fixed. I have only used it a few nights so still playing with that when it comes to turning from one side to the other.

I don't know if I missed anything but if you have questions send me a PM and I will edit my thoughts here. I will say I think this mask is every bit as quiet or quieter then the P10 which says a lot. I am a big fan of F&P products and until I tried the P10 I had used nothing else. Both would be considered 5 star with me. Hopefully I can get my hands on the M-L pillows to see if that improves on an already great fit and comfort.
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Thanks for the review. I have been using a F&P Eson for the last 12 months, since I started on CPAP. I have trialed a couple of nasal pillow masks and have had no success at all. Far too uncomfortable and feel like I am suffocating and not getting enough air. I am thinking about the Brevida as a replacement later on.

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I am brand new to xPAP but have worn the Brevida for 6 days.

Like TonyJ, I like the fact that it is light and it wraps and seals around the nose easily.

I have found that the underside of my nose, and upper lip are tender from wearing it. Not sure if I have it adjusted properly, or if it is all just too new.

I have had no leaks.

I have had only minor marks on my cheeks from the straps.

The connection twist/swivel is nice, but it did twist around once and blow on my chin/neck. A quick twist and it was fine again.

I can't compare the length of hose, as it is the first mask I am trying out. (At least it has a small connection hose. I tried the Eson 2 last night and it did not have a connection hose, just a direct connect to the supply hose. Perhaps that is just the trial unit I got from my supplier.)
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The Eson2 (and any other nasal mask that I am aware of for that matter ) doesn't have a connection hose so you weren't short changed. Strap pads (available at [commerical link URL removed-- instead search Google for "cpapclinic"]) for about $15 come with velcro closure and although not made specifically for this mask might help to eliminate the marks on your face. I use them with the P10 and no marks. Speaking of the P10 since you are new to the game this is a mask I would also recommend trying if you are looking at pillow masks. All in all the Brevida wasn't able to convince me to switch from the P10 . My biggest complaint with the P10 was the headgear but after using both the Brevida and P10 I came to the conclusion I actually preferred the P10 .  I find for me at least there is virtually no movement with the P10 and I couldn't say the same for the Brevida. I found myself constantly fiddling with the headgear. I guess you never realise how good something is until you try something else.

I actually used the Eson before I switched to the P10 and it was a very good mask if Nasal masks are the way you want to go but unless somebody screws up the P10 by trying to improve on what for me is a near perfect mask I can not see myself ever going back.

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I obtained one of these to give it a try, since it looked like it might rival my P10 in comfort with better straps. I was a bit surprised by how tall the nostril things were after having the P10 basically rest against the bottom of the nose with only a sliver up inside, but they didn't intrude nearly as much as I feared, and the wrap around soft rubber made for a good seal with comfort.

Leak stats were unchanged from the P10, most of my leaks are my mouth popping open, and they're not bad enough to bother with. I'm a side sleeper and don't thrash around, might change sides once during the night. A thrasher that can't keep the P10 on the nose will likely have better luck with the Brevida. AHI was unchanged, as well. One thing that surprised me, there were drips of water in the mask, couple drops awakened me on the first night, and I'd never experienced that with the P10's smaller overall chamber. Not a flood, just a drip or two. I turned the humidity down a notch to cure that (was on Auto, now on 3).

Comfort wise, I was a bit tender, too, under the nose from the first night, and I improved that with some strap adjustment. I could still feel it under there, though, and have to rank the P10 as the more comfortable pillows. I'm with TonyJ, after using this with the adjustable straps, washing the P10 headgear in hot water every now and then to retighten (or using those clips) really isn't that big a deal.

The Brevida would be a good mask for those who have trouble keeping the P10 or similar on the nose. Those with nasal masks that maybe move around or are hard on the bridge might give this a shot, as well.
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Been using my Brevida for a week now. Gave the P10 to a friend because i couldn't get the leaks under control. Leaks were mainly from moving at night. Have had almost zero leaks with the Brevida nasal. The nasal part is as you said is soft and it doesn't irritate my nose. This mask doesn't require it to be extremely tight either.
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I also purchased the F & P Brevida as I was also having leakage problems with my Resmed P10.  I have solved my leakage problems using the Brevida over the P10.  I have been taping my lips with both masks.  I do like the fit and feel of the P10 over the Brevida though: 

1.     Head Gear slips much easier than the P10
2.     I use a bi-level machine and it I think that I have to wear the mask a little tighter than a normal cpap, if not the pressure change causes the nasal pillow to expand and contract and that can be quite aggravating.
3.     The Brevida at first was more confining than the P10 due to the difference in pillows, however with more use I am getting accustomed to the feel and fit.
4.     The Nasal pillow as mentioned cradles the end of the nose, unlike the P10, the end of your nose is surrounded and using the humidifier the end of my nose is much warmer, perhaps my biggest gripe.

I think that the Brevida will become my mask of choice, the advantage being the leak rate.  I can toss and turn and can still achieve a good mask seal.  While not quite as comfortable as the P10, the Brevida wins due the better seal.   I may try some velcro dots on the headgear to see if that improves the stability of the headgear. 
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I'm giving the Brevida a go right now too. Fortuitous timing at that....picked it up on Monday and by Monday night I had a rip-roaring dental infection going on and my full face masks were not helping matters in terms of comfort. So far, do good.

I'll report back and do a proper review in about a week.
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Ok....more experience in hand, so I'll give the Brevida a more proper review.

Overall impression: 4

I had tried the PillaroQ previously and it wasn't a great success. I had found that the "prongs" part of the pillow weren't wide enough and put pressure on my nares and the depth of the pillow wasn't deep enough for my big schnozz....ended up getting tender around the nares and along the dividing tissue between the nostrils. Sure, it was quiet and the inflating pillow seemed to hold it well, but it was not a success for me.

With the Brevida, F&P has revisited the design of the PillaroQ and updated it in a good way. I find that the diameter of the "prongs" is better and the shape means that I am not as "deep" into the air pillow. After almost two solid weeks, my nose has not had any of the issue I had from the Pillaro line.

The mask is a little different than many pillows-type offerings in that it does not just contact the nostrils/nares on your nose. The Brevida has an inflatable pillow that wraps around the point and onto the sides of your nose. It gives the mask some "float" to try to keep its seal when you move around or the hose tugs on the mask a bit.

There are three really big pluses going for this little mask. 1) No strap marks in the morning. Seriously. Even as a side sleeper and pillow hugger, I have not had any obvious strap marks on my face when getting ready for work about 45 min after getting up (sorry....I'm not really looking when I first get up...morning constitutional then breakfast are on the top of the list). My Fitlife and F20 leave some evidence of use either on the forehead or cheekbones and my previous P10, though also very good, left some minor evidence as well...so far, that's not the case for the Brevida.

2) The diffuser works extremely well with the pad on it...the mask is virtually silent @ 13 cm H20. I think the machine is louder and I actually hear the blower adjusting to my breathing vs. anything from the mask itself, which is great for getting to sleep and not waking up your bed partner (if you have one).

3) Related to 2), is that there is no jet of air coming out the front of the mask...no jet, no waking up yourself or your bed partner as the jet blows air on them or the pillow, causing noise or a chill.

The headgear is minimalist, with a split headgear clipping into the solid frame for the inflating pillow. It's not bad, but I find the split is a little thin for bigger heads. It could also contribute to the one thing keeping me from giving this mask a 5-star rating...leaking. Don't get me wrong here, for a pillow it does fairly well, but like all pillows, I find it is susceptible to small forces pulling  it a little askew. The inflatable pillow does pretty well at conforming to the nose and trying to hold it in place, and the headgear / frame have a lot of swivels and rotating ball parts....but it is a small mask format and the leverage of the hose does make it easier to pull and break the seal.

Overall, the leak rate isn't that bad according to Sleepyhead, it's just those occasional "pulls" that blast you and are really noticeable because of how quiet the mask usually is. I expect typical F&P longevity out of the mask, in spite of the fairly thin "pillow" thickness and high pliability.

So, I think that F&P has done very well with the design of this mask. If you can use pillows and this one "fits" you, then I think it will serve you well.
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Synopsis: Quiet, lightweight, and comfortable. A real P10 contender.

Mask Description:
Headgear - A nasal pillow style mask with velcro tabbed adjustable headgear and quick release hooks. The headgear's design and material is reminiscent of the P10's but with reduced elasticity. The elasticity reduction provides a more firm and positive fit while the release clips allow for easy doffing and donning.  

Connections - The Brevida employs a fully articulating elbow to connect the mask to its 14" (35.5cm) umbilical hose. Compared to the P10's design, this swivel allows for greater hose movement when changing sleeping positions. The other end of the hose uses a quick disconnect hose bushing, very similar in design to the Simplus's(their FFM). This allows for a quick and easy separation of the mask assembly and the hose.  The exhaust port, again reminiscent of the Simplus, is located on the front of the swivel elbow and uses a series of small holes. The exhaust design is quiet and non-intrusive.  An additional snap-on diffuser is supplied to further reduce noise and aid in exhaust diffusion.  The diffuser seems like it would play a more critical role at higher mask pressures.  The diffuser only restricts exhaust flow by approximately 4L/min. (according to F&P documentation). 

Nasal pillow tray - The Brevida's design uses a single wall pillow, looking much like a P10's, surrounded by an external tray to provide the seal area with the nose. The combination of the pillows and tray seem to provide a larger sealing area that its competitors.  The design is much like an air bladder with nasal pillows. Applying pressure will inflate this membrane to encompass both the inside and outside of the lower nose with equal pressure, thus greatly reducing nasal ballooning. The pillow tray is supplied in two size ranges with the mask, a XS-S and M-L.  The M-L is installed from the factory.
Using the Mask:
Donning the mask is very simple, spread the pillow tray and place the pillows in your nostrils and release the side to side tension.  Then holding it place with one hand, slide the headgear over your head.  To adjust the tension, release the velcro head straps and position the straps to your liking, then reattach.  After the initial fitting you may wish to employ the use of the strap hooks for this step.  The hooks have a positive catch to prevent an unintentional release.

Final thoughts:
First, my comparisons are based against the P10 which has become a nasal pillow standard.  Based off the quality and comfort of F&P's FFM, the Simplus, I decided to try the Brevida.  I wasn't disappointed. This mask is a real keeper.  Its weight, much like a P10, and minimal footprint make adapting to a new mask a non-issue and is easily used for side sleeping.  The split style adjustable headgear addresses the stretch-out shortcomings of the P10. The pillows are so soft that it took me awhile to realize that they were properly inserted against the nose.  The sound is so quiet that all I can remember hearing is the sound of the CPAP itself and not the exhaust air.  With all the above accolades the items yet to be addressed are the pillow tray life life and its replacement cost.  These two issues will be points of interest in the future and the reason I held back one star in my rating.

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