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[Product Review] F&P Evora nasal mask
F&P Evora nasal mask
I received the F&P Evora nasal mask yesterday and wore it last night.  I ordered the fit pack so I could try different sizes.  It was strange that the package that the mask came in did not have the sizing guide,so I had to look for it online.  I fell into the medium size and put this cushion on the mask.  
I slept very well and found the mask quite comfortable to wear.  I did not have any mask leakage problems and have to post back additional information once I wear it a little longer.  It is also a quiet mask.  
Couple of issues :
1.  I wish it had a similar diffuser to the Breveida, it’s not that bad but I was expecting it to be similar to that mask.  
2.  I wish the short tube was just a little longer.  
Other than those issues even though it was only one night I am pleased with this mask.
Again I will post more after a weeks use.  I would recommend this to anyone who might be having problems with using a pillow mask.  I used the setting on my air curve for pillows since the cushion is similar to the N30.  
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
If someone can please edit the name of the subject to Evora .

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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
Thank you for reviewing this mask, as it is fairly new, not many have used it yet.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
Not a problem, interesting to hear what other people feel about this mask.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
(08-11-2020, 03:12 PM)yankees123 Wrote: I used the setting on my air curve for pillows since the cushion is similar to the N30.

How do the two masks compare?
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
I have used both the n30 and the Evora mask.  They are very similar and I alternate between the two.  The Evora mask inflates around the nose to make a good seal.  I like the Velcro on the Evora mask a little better than the split headgear of the n30.  They are both excellent masks and leaks are very minimal on both.  If you tried the n30 and had any issues with getting a good seal I would recommend trying the Evora mask.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
I was just issued this mask Monday.

First off, when I started on a CPAP over a decade ago, they issued me a full face mask....which did not work out well for me. I ended up moving to nasal pillow masks over the years to provide more comfort (Mirage Swift II --> Swift FX --> P10). Last month, after a new titration study, it was determined that I needed to move up to a Bi-Level (ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto) and increase my pressures significantly (went from 13 to a 25/11).

I was struggling for the first few weeks of the BiPAP because my P10 kept leaking and the high pressures were hurting my nasal cavities. I tried different nasal masks, like the Nuance Pro and the Pillairo Q hoping that maybe I could find some better comfort. Unfortunately, I still struggled with both leaks and irritation in my nose from the pressure.

I contacted my DME company and scheduled a new fitting to try some other masks (really wanted to stay away from full face masks if at all possible). I had some basic qualities that I wanted met:

1) Needed to be as quiet as possible since my wife is a light sleeper
2) a good diffuser (see #1 above)
3) provide a good seal in high pressures (with my beard too, cause I ain't shaving)

While I went in thinking that I would want either the N30 or try out the P30i or N30i, the technician immediately told me to try a new mask they just got in a week ago. She brought out the F&P Evora. At first glance, I was not confident at all that this mask was going to fit any of my requirements but she insisted that the F&P rep specifically mentioned it performed well with high pressures. She took out the fit guide and of course, I fell in between a medium and large. She opted to fit me with the medium. During the fitting, I had a good seal and the mask was pretty quiet even at full blast. While it does not have a good diffuser like the Pillairo Q, I figured 2/3 of my requirements ain't bad. I liked how this mask is put on and taken off as easy as a hat and it was extremely light weight. I told her I would take it.

The first night, I had significant improvement in both leaks, events and overall restfulness. However, I did feel that the seal was not very good as I rolled to my side and back through the night. The second night I decided to try the large size pillows instead to see if there was any difference. For the past two nights, my seal has had barely any leakage at all.

Overall, I have to say that this mask is out performing my initial expectations by a long shot and I am so glad the timing worked out with its release and my need to try other options. It is darn near silent, even on the high pressures as I breath in and there is no irritation the next morning. I am extremely happy with this mask thus far and would recommend trying it out.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
That’s so great wstahlm80; it is a great mask.  So glad you are doing well with your new mask.  Keep us up to date with your progress.  
Surprised that so few people have commented on this mask so far.
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
I may purchase this next time my insurance allows a mask purchase.   I am curious about the height of the cushion.  The Resmed N20 goes just a tad too high on my nose so the top sits on a spot where I have some sun damage.   I guess I am hoping it would fall slightly lower and avoid touching the spot.  

Anybody know how high it is?
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RE: F&P Evora nasal mask
It sits under my nose and on my upper lip... Doesn't touch the tip of my nose at all. And, the part that does touch my nose is a very soft and supple silicone... So I don't even feel it.
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