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[Product Review] F&P Pilairo Q review
I have just received a Pilairo Q to test and review.

The pillows mask comes with quite a few extras over the standard model.  The items included in the package are : stretchwise headgear, a new adjustable headgear, a revised mask support that includes a diffuser, and diffuser filters.

The first night

The mask stays on securely with the new adjustable headgear which can be adjusted for a wide variety of head sizes.  It has Velcro straps at both sides of the mask for adjustment as well as a head top Velcro to adjust the angle of the mask. Very large heads like mine, may require some additional tweaking. but overall a very nice option.

My wife already loves the mask because of the diffuser, she was not woken up when I rolled over because she did not get a cold blast of air on her neck.  Also the whistle noise from the vent is much reduced.

I will continue the review later as I spend more time using the mask.
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I’ve been on CPAP for 16 years, last 6 with Swift FX.

The way the nose connectors push up and back is accelerating the unfortunate ‘‘growing nose’’ syndrome that we will all face with age.

So the pilairo concept is perfect to counteract this phenomenon.


• Feather lightweight although the few grams difference makes it a non-issue.
> Part of this weight loss comes from a very short front tube:
half the length (17,5 cm vs 34,5 cm) of the Swift FX
> this means that your main connecting tube, which is heavier,
has more leverage and tends to pull the pilairo down.

• Pillow is soft and prevents leaks
• Very quiet ++ I am asleep but my girlfriend is appreciative
• Stylish and sturdy frame

• One size fits all head strap is a fallacy. it was so tight It irritated my nose and upper lip.
I created an ‘‘in-house’’ solution by cutting the strap and sewing in an elastic extension
and a velcro tensor.

• One size fits all nose connectors is another atrocity. By the fourth incomfortable night,
my nose bled and I was left with bleeding then scabs on each side of my central septum
To think that I paid good money for this !

If it works for you... excellent, but my personal discussion with ORL and sleep specialists has clearly shown that most people who require a CPAP, are on the upper third in weight and height. Somebody in market research dropped the ball with this absence of adaptable hardware.

• I contacted F&P and even offered to beta test their next upgrade... not even an ackowledgment

F&P is sitting on a gold mine with the ‘‘pillow concept’’. I am having a thought or two about creating a new well adapted product based on that ‘‘yet unpatented’’ concept...

If you are a real user (i.e. not a writer paid to spruce up blogs and reviews)
here is the person you need to send your grievances to:

Mr. Lewis Gradon, Director - Product development
Lewis.Gradon (at) fphcare.co.nz

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
15 Maurice Paykel Place East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
PO Box 14 348 Panmure, Auckland 1741 New Zealand
TEL +64 9 574 0100

Customer service !
Miss on the second.. and you’ll lose the first

I’m back on Swift FX.

Francois, in Montreal
187 cm 109 kg (for the market research people...)
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This is a review of the Pilairo Q not the Pilairo. I am a Nuclear Operator in Ontario not a paid writer of anything, I am an inventor but in air and water purification systems but that does not have anything to do with this.

The Q has two sets of headgear, the original (which you are describing) and a fixed type adjustable (Velcro) which is new.

I agree with many of your comments on the Pilairo (but you can look at that review in the thread for the Pilairo) and will comment on the differences as the trial commences.

As for the Swift FX, It is a nice mask but unfortunately causes my nose significant pain due to it being broken in the past.

The support that is given by the expandable billows on the outside of the Pilairo spreads the force over the entire nose which helps. But the Pilairo had the unfortunate effect of causing a square indentation on the tip of my nose. I am hoping that the Q will not continue that problem but either way this is the second and third masks that I have used that work with my facial features.

It appears from your comments that you also have a very large head and I hope that all of the manufacturers will realize that not everyone is a medium.

Andrew, in Oshawa
189 cm and I could only wish
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I just got my Pilairo Q yesterday so only have one night with it but I think I might have to switch to something else. I just find it so loud when inhaling. I must have been spoiled with my PR TrueBlue which is almost completely silent. I will have to give it some time to adjust to wearing a nasal pillow mask again but even the first night was reasonably comfortable.

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I'm surprised to hear that it is loud upon inhaling. I have found the Q to be very quiet.

The times that I have had trouble with noise is due to leaks somewhere, and they have all been easily fixed/adjusted.

It should be noted though that there was one night were I just couldn't get it to fit without leaks. In the morning, I figured out why. I had not properly re-attached the pillow to the frame and it was leaking between the two parts. There is a notch at the top that helps to align it, but I hadn't made sure that it had attached all the way around the port. Thus, you may want to check that you have it properly attached all the way around.
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I bought the Pilairo a while back. I have heard people complain about cracks developing on the top and bottom of the mask, and the strap not fitting. Here's the solutions:
1. On the cracks/leaks top & bottom on the mask. Get some "Clear RTV adhesive sealant" from your auto parts store and dab it on the outside of the cracks. Let it cure for as long as you can, but at least an hour. Don't move it around or squeeze it or anything else stupid in the mean time. It will last a long time.
2. On the head strap. Get some sewing elastic and just tie it on to the handles. Make sure you cut it long enough, and if too long, tie knots in the back until it suits you. Alternatively you can use stretchable non-adhesive athletic tape, that worked for me.
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