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[Product Review] F&P Pilairo Review
I love mine as well. The only improvement I think it needs is to somehow keep it on when you sleep on your side. When I sleep on my side it comes loose and the seal breaks. Very annoying.
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Only had it 6 weeks. I use a ladies hairband to a) act as a chinstrap and b) hold it in place. Seems to work. Only problem is sore inside the nostrils, which is alleviated by using pawpaw cream. I get a few leaks but it's not too bad.
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I think I'm going to try this mask since my Breeze nasal pillow mask has been discontinued.

One thing I don't like about the Breeze is that the vent blasts straight forward. If you turn your head into the pillow at all the air blasting off of it makes a ton of noise and vibration. Does the Pilairo have this problem?

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(03-08-2013, 11:17 AM)MrBill Wrote: I have been using the Pilario for about 6-8 months now and found that it is the best mask of any kind I have used in the 15 years I have been using a CPAP. I actually leave it on all night and after a minute don't even feel it on my face. I occasionally have to adjust it as it gets moved as I move in my sleep but is a minor inconvenience. It does have a couple of problems with long term use. The headband attachment clips are very flimsy, I managed to break one. Some electrical tape made a good temporary fix till I get it replaced. The headband loses its stretch after awhile also. The removable pillow over time gets a little loose and comes off easily, have to put it back on after each use and frequently it falls off at night and even blows off under pressure sometimes. It should come with some spare parts for what it costs.

I have had the exact problem. It comes off in the middle of the night without reason. It comes off from the bottom. After talking to F&P, they told me to 'take it back to the retailer as I'm not fitting it properly' . I am woken countless times per night because of this darn thing so you can imagine how happy I am with that reply. I've also been told that it happens when its dirty. I clean it every time, both cushion and holder without success. The cushion I have now is three days old and same problem. I guess I'll keep looking as this one is driving me nuts, Ode for a full nights sleep!
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I bought this online (without a supposedly needed prescription) based on some of the positive reviews here. It's a lot better than the mask the DME gave me in the beginning. After 2 weeks it's a keeper. I must be one of those lucky ones with the size of head and nostrils it was designed for.
I sleep on my side and toss and turn a lot and it has stayed in place all night.
Now to convince the DME to change me to this so insurance pays for replacements on schedule. $24 to replace the silicone is a bit much.
Honolulu, HI
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(06-29-2013, 09:26 PM)tokyo43 Wrote: One thing I don't like about the Breeze is that the vent blasts straight forward. If you turn your head into the pillow at all the air blasting off of it makes a ton of noise and vibration. Does the Pilairo have this problem?

Not much that I notice but my pressure is only 8. Nose is fine now but looks a bit red most days on the subnasale.
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(07-19-2013, 11:18 PM)courtney123 Wrote: $24 to replace the silicone is a bit much.

Try $70 - $90 in Australia!
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(09-10-2013, 02:47 AM)johenmo Wrote: Try $70 - $90 in Australia!

Um, I'd rather not.
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I've been using it with good results for over a month now, but hose management is a problem. The exhaust is not bad.

So the one thing I haven't figured out is how to keep the mask from pulling away from my face when I roll over? I hate having the hose just laying on the pillow so I use a hose holder. The problem is that the swivel binds and the straps are weak so any movement pulls it away from the face.

By comparison my old mask (Breeze nasal) had a chassis with the hose terminated at the top of the forehead. Which was perfect for keeping the hose just above my head and out of the way. You could roll over a million times and it was always in the perfect spot.
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I have been using the Pilairo mask for three months and it has worked out perfectly for me. I like it because it is lightweight, ultra comfortable pillows, and quiet. It has never fallen off my face as others have reported. The headband works fine for me though others have reported some problems. My treatment using this mask and the ResMed AutoSet S9 has been very effective bringing my AHI score down from 63 to about 2.5 on average.

But I do have a question to ask of users. Has anyone noticed any change in the design of the mask during the summer of 2013 ? I received my first mask in May, 2013 and just received a new one in Aug, 2013. The new mask seems to have been redesigned. More specifically, the piece of horizontal plastic which fits as kind of a frame...below the pillow and resting on the area under my nose and above my upper lip...feels more rigid with the new mask from Aug, 2013 I just received. It doesn't seem to have as much flexibility as my old mask received in May, 2013. I don't think I am imagining it but I guess I could be. I think there may be a redesign of that piece of plastic. I sent Fisher & Paykel an email but they did not reply back. So, I was just curious if any other users are reporting any perceived difference in the design of this mask ? My DME provider said that others have been reporting the same to him. He has been hearing this. Any comments would be appreciated.
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