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[Product Review] Fisher Paykel Zest Nasal Mask
This mask has been around for years. I have been using it for 6 years. It is a reasonably comfortable nasal mask with air dispersion so it is not noisy and a non bulky profile. I wash mine gently with Baby shampoo and they last a very long time without getting leaky.  For me the major claim to fame with this mask is the method it uses to attach the head strap. There is no hard plastic attaching device connecting up right at the delicate skin next to your nose. Instead there is a long plastic thread that slides through the bottom of the mask structure parallel to one's mouth and has a loop at each end to catch the fabric loop of the head strap. So the attachment is a distance away from one's nose and can be easily made in the middle of the night.  One can remove and replace the headgear gently.
if you can't decide then you don't have enough data.
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"If you can't decide what to do, you don't have enough data."

Or you have too much data
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I decided to try a new mask in the hopes that maybe it would improve my sleep on the machine. When the sleep doc's day time tech fitted me with this mask, it seemed very comfortable.

But as we all know what seems comfortable in one setting for a few minutes can turn out to be a totally different situation at home. Anyway, I noticed as I was trying out various settings that would work best with this mask, after 45 minutes of it sitting on my nose, I wanted to take it off yesterday.

Interestingly, this experience felt similar to my days of what I call full face mask h-ll. I always blamed the full face mask but maybe I just can't stand any plastic on my face.

Still not wanting to give up, I decided to try this mask when I had one of my usual "sleep attacks" which I have discussed in previous posts. Unfortunately, I unintentionally ditched it after 30 minutes and fell back asleep for two more hours without the mask. Not good, I know.

I think the reason it doesn't work for me is it barely fits my nose and as a result, the pressure it seems to put on it, makes it intolerable. Perhaps I am tightening the lower straps too much but even when I slightly loosen them, I start getting leaks.

Maybe the larger size would be better as this was the regular size? Interestingly, this tech seemed to favor the smaller size if at all possible. Not saying he is wrong but I wonder if that was the right strategy in my case.

Anyway, I don't want my review to discourage other people from trying the mask. But I wanted to write it for the folks who are hypersensitive like me who might be considering it.

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I am currently using the Zest ( I am the OP). I tried a mask similar to the Zest (Wisp) in the smaller size and did not like it. It felt too "close". There is a certain amount of open space around my nose that is necessary in order to help me feel like I am not breathing with a mask. So IMHO size matters.
if you can't decide then you don't have enough data.
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There are 2 versions of the Zest nasal mask. The Zest and the Zest Q. The Zest has the vents in the frame and they can get noisy and also may bother your bed partner. The Zest Q has a diffused vent on the elbow and is designed so that you can use it with or without the diffuser. I have used both versions of the mask.

The mask worked well for me and was very comfortable. I did not stay with it, because I could not keep my mouth shut (people on this board may have noticed this characteristic of mine). The vents on the regular version would get noisy at times and would whistle. It was rather bothersome. A quick wipe of the outside of the vents with my finger would silence it for a while and after repeating this enough times the whistle seemed to go away permanently until the next sleep session.

The Q version of this mask fixed the noisy vents and diffused the vented air enough that one could not feel it unless one was very close to the vents. I used the Q version for a while but went back to the regular version because I did not feel that the Q version was vented well enough to give me the amount of fresh air that I felt comfortable with.

I eventually had to give up on the Zest masks and go to a FFM due to mouth leaks that I could not solve.

One note! You do need to make sure that you get a large enough Zest mask. I was originally fitted with a large and the DME inadvertently sent me a medium once. I tried it on and it squeezed my nose enough to make it difficult to breathe. I called and asked why they had sent me a medium size and they said, "That is what 90% of people use". I guess that makes me a 10%er.

Best Regards,

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Interesting Payton and MB. [/b]I did seem to find a more comfortable setting with the sleep weaver last night so I will probably stay with that and revisit the Nasal Zest mask when I can get other one in 90 days.
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