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[Product Review] Fisher & Paykel's Simplus FF Mask
Overall: 4

vent diffuses somewhat even at 20 cm pressure
leaks held in check well
Simple, well thought out design
Only have to change cushion size to change mask size
Few parts makes cleaning easier

A little picky at times getting adjusted to minimize leaks

I purchased the Simplus in the medium size. I tried it and felt like it was pushing my lower jaw down too much so I quit using it and ordered a small set of cushions. When I got the small cushion, I immediately tried the Simplus again. After a few nights I was unhappy with the fact that I had to fiddle with the mask too much to keep the leaks down . The leaks that I was experiencing were small high velocity leaks into my eyes which bother me a lot. Other tthan the excessive fiddling, I liked the mask.
I went back to my Mirage Quattro for less fiddling. Later I decided to give the Simplus another try after working with it for about a week I found that I had fewer leak events with the medium than the small. Remembering a comment by a forum member that they had a lot better luch with leakage with a replacement cushion, I ordered a brand new medium cushion. When I received the new cushion I immediately tried it out.
My normal process for donning the Simplus is to put the mask on and get all of the straps connected with the hose already connected. Then I wiggle the mask back and forth with the straps to ensure that it is centered. I turn the VPAP on and then pull the mask away from my face to ensure full inflation of the seals.
With the brand new medium cushion, I donned the mask using my normal process and laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up for my normal bathroom break at around 4:00 AM, I took my mask off and, when I returned, I used the same process aand went to sleep.
In the morning I layed around in bed awake for a while, changing position a number of times with no leakage occurring. I was blown away. I did not have to futz with the mask at all. I have used the mask for the last 4 nights. Minimal futzing the whole time. I am now very happy with the Simplus. It feels a little more comfortable than my Mirage Quattro and does not leak at 20 cm/H2O pressure.

Best Regards,

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This is an addendum to my review above. The first thing is to add one negative to the previous one. The attaching clip on the left side lower strap leaves a dent in my cheek that never completely goes away.

That said, I have had four very comfortable nights sleep with the Simplus mask and have not awakened at all during the night. My norm has been to awaken once per night between 4:00 and 6:00 AM.

The other interesting thing is that for 3 out of the last 4 nights, I have had AHI = 0. Zero AHI may not be terribly meaningful but it is good to know that one can get there. Since I received my S9 I have gotten one or two nights per year where I got AHI=0. To get 3 out of 4 nights is spectacular. On top of that my sleep seemed great and my flow rate graph was fairly smooooooooth in the un-enlarged condition All together it made me feel like I got some very good sleep.

I am going to do some more playing around with cushion size since I do not really like how close the seal comes to the corner of my eye. I can live with it if I must but would like to change it if I can.

Best Regards,

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(02-27-2016, 02:36 PM)PaytonA Wrote: I am going to do some more playing around with cushion size since I do not really like how close the seal comes to the corner of my eye. I can live with it if I must but would like to change it if I can.

This phenomenon is common to all FFM's because they all depend on the seal around the nose bridge, & in this, some masks are better than others. Here the F&P Simplus is more successful than most because it has a compound seal rather than a single membrane.
As with all FFM's the Simplus can be wrongly positioned with the nose seal close to the eyes, which is not ideal because this mask depends on the tapered shape of the human nose to tighten the seal against leaks. To obtain a good mask position, the mask must be drawn downward until the seal firmly grips the nose. & to do this I have developed a little device I call the woozLe.
To make a woozLe follow these instructions...
1. Cut 5 inches off one end of a strip of velcro 14 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide.
2. Take the longer piece and stitch a 2 inch loop on one end.
3. Stitch the two pieces back together making sure to reverse them so that one side is smooth & one is rough.
4. Slip the loop over one of the lower straps of your mask so that the smooth side is on top (This is for comfort).
As you put your mask on pull the other end of the woozLe across & under your chin.
5. Feed the this end of the WoozLe up through the loop in the remaining lower strap in back of the mask clip.
6. Grasping this end, draw the woozLe up fairly firmly (but not tightly), easing your mask downward with your free hand as you pull up on the end of the woozLe. Next, bend this end down around & under your chin fastening it to the Velcro beneath your chin. You will feel the seal tightening around the top of your nose as you ease your mask down. Be gentle. You'll soon get the hang of it & know how much tension to apply.
A sewing machine is great for this, but if you haven't one, then needle & thread or even an office stapler will do.
The WoozLe also takes the place of a chin strap &it does a better job keeping both mask & lower jaw together as one. Your mask needs to be the correct size so that the lower seal remains in its position in the groove of the chin.
The WoozLe is unfastened beneath your chin to remove your mask.

This device will keep your mask clips from pressing into your cheeks too. A lot of members have found this device helpful.
[Image: signature.png]Keep on breathin'
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The medium cushions, which seal better for me than the small, leave no room to move them down away from my eyes because they are already against my chin. I have tried the small cushions which give me some flexibility in that respect but they leak more.

I have Padacheek strap pads on the lower straps but I still get the dents. I will live with the dents if I have to.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for the tips Geoff. I tried pulling my mask down per your recommendation and there was enough slack that I felt the seal tightening as you describe. I will try it out tonight. Thanks again for the info.

Best Regards,

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