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[Product Review] HDM - Z1 Small Package, Huge Disappointment
Traveled to California with my z1 for the first time this weekend.   Was excited to pack it in my small messenger bag without any issues.  Yes, it is super lightweight and portable.  Unfortunately upon arriving at the LAX Marriott it would not start.   I just got a flashing screen with flashing eights.  Quickly went to HDM's website which provided no helpful support.   I also checked the PDF support manual.  Nothing.  I then called HDM's support line and was told that they couldn't help and to contact Direct Home Medical.  Direct Home Medical was extremely helpful and tried to do basic troubleshooting, which didn't resolve the problem.  As soon as I return home I need to ship the unit back to Direct Home Medical, after paying 18 dollars for their shipping costs (?!?).   What upsets me the most is that I have used my Cpap religiously since being diagnosed, and the HDM Z1 was purchased to make traveling easier.   This weekend was the first time I had to go without treatment.

Oh, and still no Mac support for data tracking.
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Yes hearing some disappointing reports about this machine and especially the lack of efficient customer support.
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Wow thats really bad news for all of us that wanted to get one for travel.
Did u try it at home and then it didn't on the road?
"Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections." ~Unknown
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Extremely sorry to hear about your initial troubles with your new Z1. per my user name I am an HDM employee and would like to do what I can to help you resolve your issues before you choose to give up on our great product. can you tell me a little more about how you were trying to use the Z1..? were you plugged in? running off of the powershell? Feel free to post here or PM or even call in to the HDM line and if you speak to our CS rep, ask for Zach.

again sorry for your troubles and i hope to help you sort the issue you had.

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I received my Z1 on 3/20. It runs fine, although I haven't tried it with the PowerShell. But I have not (yet) been able to fall asleep using it.

Out of the box, it was set to use its "algorithm 2" and I felt I had to work too hard to exhale - inhaling was OK. HDM customer support suggested I switch to "algorithm 1". I did and found that exhaling and inhaling were OK - as long as I kept my breathing very regular. If I took a deep breath, for example, the machine adjusted itself and, once again, I was working too hard, out and in.

I switched back to "algorithm 2" and made sure the hose adapter was firmly seated. This was a little better, but not good enough.

I'm used to my DeVilbiss IntelliPAP, which does nothing, as far as I know, to "help" me. I sure would like to try the Z1 without its "algorithms".
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I am new to the cpap world. I travel a ton on early flights so I purchased a Z1. Yes I have had the same issue with the the breathing against the exhale breathing algorithm. I can deal with that.

What I cannot deal with is the really bad battery performance of the power pack. One key point with the unit plugged into the power pack you cannot turn it off. I contacted Z1(yes I purchased from them) was told to remove the battery when traveling otherwise it would discharge. Really take out the battery and use more space.

I love the concept of the machine and the battery pack. Why could they not have spent a little more time in the engineering world and got it right.

Instead we as the early adopters are forced to debug their products with no cure in sight.

Sorry about the rant. I just hate spending $1000 and being let down.
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"Not Ready for Prime Time"
This is a machine I really wanted to like.

- Reliability
The 1st machine I had operated for approximately 4 weeks then failed. It took 3 weeks to obtain a replacement. I tried to use the 2nd machine for a week. Too many problems... I returned it.
Based on some apparent minor damage to the display face, I suspect the replacement machine might have been a repaired/refurbished machine although HDM assured me I would be receiving a new replacement machine.
Initially, the 2nd machine had an intermittent battery charging and display issue. This cleared up. The 2nd machine was much noisier (mask noise and noise from the machine). It was just too loud to use as a sleep therapy device.

- ZBreathe - An injury waiting to happen (and you can't turn it off)
On the original machine, I was unable to exhale on the ZBreathe 1 setting. The ZBreathe 2, though not perfect, worked well enough and later in the night seemed to work well. On the ZBreathe 1 setting, I would periodically get pressure increases during exhalation and pressure drops during inhalation. This was much worse on the 2nd machine. There was one instance where the pressure rapidly increased (spiked) during exhaling, causing a rather painful popping of my ear drums - and an immediate ripping the mask off my face...

- Customer Service - Epic Failure
When the 1st machine failed, I contacted HDM Customer Support (via their website chat) and was informed by them that unless I purchased the machine directly from HDM or Vendor 14 (who provided HDM Customer Support), they would not provide support and directed me back to Vendor 1. I posted excerpts of that chat on the Apnea Board. Steve Moore (HDM VP of Marketing) contacted me and worked with me on getting a replacement for the 1st failed machine. When I had issues with the 2nd machine, I contacted him and provided detailed information on the issues I was experiencing. After exchanging a few emails, he informed me that he was "prohibited" from communicating with me and directed me back to Vendor 1.

- Misleading Advertising claims
"Quiet Operation" - the machine itself may be quiet sitting on a night stand but the noise the machine delivers to the mask makes it too loud to use as a sleep therapy device.
"ZBreathe Pressure Relief" - doesn't work....
"Free Data Viewing Software" - unless this has recently been addressed, the software provided gives compliance data ONLY. No efficacy data, which a lot of us count on.

The good people at Vendor 1 addressed the issue and refunded my money. Vendor 1 has kept me as a customer - I ended up getting a Devilbiss machine - which, so far, I am delighted with.
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Just got my new Z1 cpap machine and I have to report the similar issues.
The machine has too much airway resistance during exhalation and increase workload during inspiration when compared to phillips remstar. My guess is the intake and discharge ports are too small to permit adequate air flow . In addition the automatic pressure adjustments do little to improve the workload in breathing. When I switch back to my remststar my breathing is effortless.
Don't get me wrong the Z1 has a great design, is good for traveling and emergency situations but is not ready for every day use. Good sleep require effortless breathing and the Z1 needs a little more tweaking to compete with other models. My suggestion would be to eliminate the software, go straight cpap or bipap and open up the intake and discharge ports.
As for now my $800 machine goes back.

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Wow! an enticing advertisement for such a "waste of customer time & money" idle curiosity wonders if it ever improved.
I enjoy being with a group who like to share their "Hosehead" experiences, to remind me I am not alone.
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I just spent my first night with a Z1 whilst away with work and thought it was good.  Yes it makes more air noise than my normal machine, but it is a constant air sound through the hose and much quieter than being on an aeroplane or than having my wife’s Dyson fan on all night.  Size was great for taking away in my case.  I agree that the software is poor for self evaluation but since this is only for a few nights I’m not that concerned.  The one flaw was the humidifier sitting above my dreamware mask that tended to get stuck on the pillow. Other than that it was good for what it is, a travel machine. Haven’t got the battery so can’t comment on it.
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