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[Product Review] Mirage Quattro Air
got mine yesterday.... After a nights sleep with it, I like it a lot

it is really light on your face!!  you know it's there, but barely

At my bipap pressure of 19 over 14.4, my 95% leak level was below 10..... I had zero issues with mask leaks or farts.

The mask barely budged on my face during the night... The Quattro FX used to shift all over the place.

New style cushion applied zero pressure on the upper bridge part of my nose.... it did apply some pressure to the sides, but not enough to cause red marks or pain.

the new circular venting is quiet and does not affect bed partners....  it did cause me a issue because I sleep with one or both hands near my face... I woke up to frozen fingers in the middle of the night.

straps are much more cushioned than the old style....

The adjustments are nice, but kind of weird.... it seems like if you pull tight on the upper straps, it flexes the new forehead piece. Which somehow results in more pressure on the lower straps.

Overall, I like it...... it's a mask that will need a few days to break in the cushion and fine tune the strap adjustments...

its a keeper!!
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So you have multiple bed partners? have you ever used an air pillow style? How did it do when you rolled over and slept on your side?
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Overall, I like it...... it's a mask that will need a few days to break in the cushion and fine tune the strap adjustments...

its a keeper!!
Our you a side sleeper my tech was telling me its a great mask I now use a resmed Mirage Quattro I am debating about it A different site had about a 75% didnt like on the Quattro air espesily guys that had high pressures they claimrd high leak problems hope to hear for comments

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Any more feedback on the Resmed Quattro Air? I've actually had very good results with the Quattro FX, zero leaks most nights...but always looking for a better mouse trap...or CPAP mask. I've met my health insurance deductible for the year so my cost will be minimal. Called my DME and plan to go down to try one out in the near future. Not sure if I like the fact that the mask and silicone cushion are one piece as that probably means more expense to replace. Also, kind of curious to hear comments on the lack of quick connectors from the headgear to the mask.
We're all family here...you can call me B36 if you'd like!Cool
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Hmmmmmmm, no comments, eh? Just got a call from my DME today and they're putting a new Quattro Air in the mail for me to try out. Since I met my deductible for the year, it's only costing me $39 co-insurance and I have a 30-day trial to see if I want to keep it or not. If not, I'll just return it and get another Quattro FX which has been my mask of choice for almost 2 years now. I'll report back on my experience with the mask after I've had a chance to demo it.
We're all family here...you can call me B36 if you'd like!Cool
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Hi, I've never posted here before; haven't been here much but I thought I'd check it out. Gorky Quattro Air for Her a week ago and I love it. Been using Quattro Mirage since it was almost the only mask that had an xsmall. Tried the Quattro FX and gated it. This Air is amazing for me.

Did you like it, B36?

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(08-10-2013, 10:30 PM)Frapilu Wrote: Hi, I've never posted here before; haven't been here much but I thought I'd check it out. Gorky Quattro Air for Her a week ago and I love it. Been using Quattro Mirage since it was almost the only mask that had an xsmall. Tried the Quattro FX and gated it. This Air is amazing for me.

Did you like it, B36?


Hi France and welcome to the forum!

I've been using the Quattro Air since 7/26 and my overall impression is that I like it. I'm just about at the end of my 30 day trial period and I think I'm going to keep it. I guess your comments exemplify the fact that different masks produce different results for different people. I've used the Mirage Quattro before and hated it as it caused sores on the bridge of my nose. On the other hand, my mask of choice for almost 2 years now has been the Quattro FX.

For me, the Quattro Air and the Quattro FX have both produced very good results and are both very comfortable to wear. If I'm to believe my software results, I have reached the point with the Quattro FX where I can go an entire night with zero leaks. With the Quattro Air, my software is showing leaks throughout the night, although at low and acceptable levels, usually no higher than a maximum of 4.8 to 6.0 l/min with 95% leaks usually falling between 1.2 and 3.6 l/min. Funny thing is I don't feel or hear any air leaks at all though. Perhaps if I continue playing with the headgear adjustments, I can eliminate all leaks with the Quattro Air over time. It could be possible too I suppose that with the new venting design of the Quattro Air, maybe the intentional leak rate is a bit higher than with the Quattro FX.

I think the Quattro Air is a vast improvement over the Mirage Quattro. It's much lighter weight and doesn't leave any sores or pressure/strap marks on my face at all.

The Quattro Air uses a different type of silicone face cushion that I think I like better than the past Resmed ffm's. It's opaque rather than clear and has a slight texture to it and a softer feel. It doesn't stick to the skin like the clear type silicone cushions do (especially when brand new). It seems quite durable and it doesn't yellow at all like the older type does. Also, the silicone cushion on the Quattro Air and the face mask are fused together as one. I think I like that as it's one less thing to have to deal with when disassembling and reassembling your mask for cleaning. Because of this, the Quattro Air is an extremely easy mask to clean.

The Quattro Air also uses a different venting system which I like as it's very quiet. The vent holes encircle the spot where the elbow attachment goes into the mask and doesn't seem to blow out as forcefully on your bed partner as past designs tend to. It also uses a different strap material that has more cushion to it and the flex wing forehead support design works great without applying hardly any pressure or leaving any red marks at all on my forehead. It's actually a pretty clever design because the plastic flex piece doesn't actually come into contact with your forehead. Rather it's the padded strap ends that are supplying the forehead support.

The one thing I'm not as wild about with the Quattro Air is that the bottom strap attachments don't use quick connect tabs. Instead there is just a plastic hook on the bottom of the mask. I'm guessing they did that to reduce weight. It's not that big of a deal though because I leave the velcro attachment in the same position and just pull the strap over the hook when putting the mask on at night and when removing it in the morning.

Anyway, this is probably more information than you wanted, but since you asked...thought I would give you my full impressions. I'll probably alternate between the Quattro Air and the Quattro FX for awhile. I think they're both great masks if you are a ffm user. However, as experience has shown, results may differ from one user to another.

Glad you found an "amazing" mask for you! That's a big key for experiencing successful CPAP therapy.

We're all family here...you can call me B36 if you'd like!Cool
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Hi B36, good info, probably good also for anyone else considering the Quattro Air. I also would prefer the quick release clips at the bottom but someone told me it was possibly due to people with arthritis finding the clips hard to disconnect. Like you, I leave all the Velcro attached and just pull it over the hook.

For the Quattro Mirage, it used to hurt my nose bridge a lot but I've using Karen's PadACheek pads for years so I was ok with it. BTW I also like that this cushion doesn't stick to my skin.

I'm waiting to see if my insurance accepts to pay for it and my new Respironics apap machine (I live in Canada but had it delivered to UPS in Ogdensburg NY since Respironics and ResMed don't allow Supplier #1 to sliver to Canada so no idea if my insurance will accept that). If my insurance accepts it, I'll probably order another Quattro Air as a backup since I'm allowed 2 masks a year and it's the 1st one I got this year. If the insurance doesn't pay then I'm out of pocket for a lot of money so I won't be able to afford anything for a while Smile.

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Thought I would add another positive review for the Quattro Air. I am using it with the PadACheek liner and love the combination. Seems like all the other masks I have will dry rot now that I have this.
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Hello everyone,

I’d like to take the opportunity and share my experiences with the Quattro Air full-face mask from ResMed. I needed a better solution after my therapy was changed from nCPAP to ASV therapy. I had a Mirage FX (one size fits all) with nCPAP therapy which led to leaks under ASV therapy so I used a chin restraint because I didn’t want a full-face mask. The chin restraint would work rather well if it would only stay on my head during the night. In addition I tried the Swift FX Nano (size wide) but that was just terrible. Therefore I needed something else. Luckily the Quattro Air full-face mask just became available in my country and it looked very similar to the Mirage FX so I thought I’d give a full-face mask a try.

Unfortunately, the Quattro Air (size M) that ResMed gave me didn’t fit accurately enough and it would leak. One would expect that as an average sized person would need an average sized mask, well no! I found a fitting template for the Quattro Air full-face mask and sure enough I actually needed size S and not size M. According to the template the mask size is determined by the distance between the chin crease and the sealing area on the nasal bridge. If one would happen to be in-between sizes you should use the smaller size. ResMed replaced my Quattro Air full-face mask and now everything is working perfectly.

I come to the conclusion that the Quattro Air full-face mask from ResMed is a very good mask as long you make sure you have the right size. I would encourage everybody with ASV therapy in need of a full-face mask to use this one.


@SuperSleeper: I'm not allowed to post links to this forum? Why not? I wanted to post the fitting template right here! Why should I want to post anything else?
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