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[Product Review] Mirage Quattro Full-Face Mask
RE: Mirage Quattro Full-Face Mask
I have been using both Mirage that was given to me during my sleep study and the Amara gel.

For me, both of them leak and leak a lot. Even though my insurance covers the liners, Apria doesn't have them and doesn't have a supplier for them.

I like the headgear with the Amara gel and I like that it is easy to take off the clips but the leaks wake me up a lot. I also like that you can change cushion sizes without having to get a new head gear and frame.

I don't like the headgear with the Quattro fx or the Mirage. I also don't like the clips on the Mirage. For me, where the clips are placed, they are hard to unclip, hard to get the headgear strap in them without a mirror. The headgear wears out faster than the Amara gel headgear.

This is just how it works for ME. I am sure others like both of these.

The place where I am having my sleep study titration in early December has a lot of masks and I am hoping they will be able to help me find one that works for my face! I am thinking positively on this one!
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RE: Mirage Quattro Full-Face Mask
Leaks: 1
Pain: 3
Comfort: 4
size tried: xsm

I tried this FFM due to the adjustable forehead piece in hopes it would help prevent leakage at the top of my nose. I knew going into this that leakage at the top of my nose would be an issue. It's why nasal masks didn't work for me.

I got this mask to not leak at the bottom. Mostly. But could not get anything above the upper lip to stop with the noise. I tried Mack's silicone ear plug stuff. I tried sleeping on my side with the mask wedged against a pillow. I just could not get the leaks down.

And it didn't fart like tttthhhhhhh fart. But it was a high pitched train whistle kind of fart. Funny as heck the first two times. Not so funny the next dozen or so.

I used it two full nights and was going to do a 3rd but gave up after 2hrs of waking up every few minutes. Just wasn't worth it.

Unlike my experience with the Quattro Air, this mask didn't cause pain, even when I tightened it down to the max. There were two spots, lower cheeks beside the nostrils, just above the lip area that were painful for a short while the one hour or so I tried the over-tightening method but other than that, nothing. It was a comfortable mask.

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RE: Mirage Quattro Full-Face Mask
Leaks 5
Pain 5
Comfort 4

The Mirage Quattro improved my CPAP therapy dramatically. I had used two masks prior to the Mirage Quattro. One was a Fisher and Paykell nasal mask and one was the Quattro FX full face mask. The nasal mask sealed well but my mouth did not and chin straps did not help. The Quattro FX leaked into my eyes, I could get it to stop leaking but every 1-3 hours of sleep it would wake me up leaking air into my eyes. This cycle continued all night long. I tried everything that I could think of but could not get a reliable seal.

When I got the Mirage Quattro, it took me a while to get it dialed in but once I did it became very reliable. I could just strap it on, hook it up and go to bed and sleep all night long. After a long while the straps would stretch a little and start to leak a little. I would just adjust the forehead stabilizer adjustment a little and that was sufficient to get a nights sleep but it told me that I needed to refit the mask.

Full face masks are difficult for me due to my 20 cm/H2O pressure and the geometry of the bridge of my nose and my forehead and cheeks. The Mirage Quattro works well for me but I do need to wear it fairly tight. I have not had any problems with nose soreness and it is fairly comfortable.

I tried a Simplus mask and it worked fairly well but it needed to be tightened down about as tight as the Mirage Quattro and I still got some small leaks requiring that I fuss with the adjustment most nights and would still wake up with very small leaks in the morning when I awakened.

Went back to the Mirage Quattro and back to a reliable seal. My median leaks are generally zero and my 95% leaks are generally less than 10.

I really like this mask but apparently it is not for everyone.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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RE: Mirage Quattro Full-Face Mask
I love my current nasal mask. But I have been searching for a FFM to use if I am congested. The Mirage Quattro along with a pad a cheek anti leak strap and a Remzzzs mask liner. I have achieved minimal leaks.

I'm still searching for a full face mask I can use that I don't have to use all the extra's.

See graph below. Each day specifies the mask used.

[Image: sztVpew.jpg]
Sleeping better since 01/13/2016 Smile

Masks I have tried to date
AirFit F10-FFM, AirFit N10-Nasal, Mirage Liberty-Hybrid FFM, Mirage Quattro-FFM, Swift FX Nano-Pillow, Mirage Activa LT-Nasal, ComfortGel Blue-FFM, Amara View -FFM, Pilairo Q -Pillow
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