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[Product Review] New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto
RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto
I have the DS2 for about 2 month now.
I made a story about the watertank https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X9rJbey...sp=sharing
My DS2 came from the care-supplier (in NL there are suppliers that are payed by the health ensurance, they supply several brands).
Compared to the DS1, the DS2 seem to make a bit more noise but the airintake is on the other side.
In my case the DS1 intake was directed to the wall, the DS2 intake is directed to the middle of the room.

The biggest disadvantage of the DS2 is that it can't be used without the humidifier. It is an integrated part and you can't fit a hose to the ventilation unit.
Also the heatplate is fixed to the ventilation unit.
Not able to detach the humidifier means that the unit needs more space, a problem when traveling by motorbike.

I have a mail from Philips that there is no problem with submerging the lid of the watertank in water for cleaning.
An advantage of the new watertank is that you really can empty it, in the DS1 tank there was always water left.
Also the metal plate of the tank is better accessible with a toothbrush for cleaning, but you still can't reach all the places below the duct.
When carrying the tank filled with water (up until the mark) you need to tilt it so that the air inlet/outlet is a bit up otherwise water will exit through the duct.

There is a problem with cleaning the ventilation unit. Where Philips describes replacing the hose after 6 month and cleaning the watertank there is not a word about cleaning the duct through the ventilation unit. I also did not get an answer about this issue from Philips.
When using the Humidifier, ambiant air comes from the ventilation unit and goes into the humidifier.
Here the air picks up some watervapour. This damp water goes back through the duct in the ventilation unit to the hose.
So every night there is moist air going through this duct without instructions to clean it.
Plants like to be watered on a regular basis.

There is another point (I read about it and thought "I did use that function") you can't pre-heat the water in the tank. With the DS1 you could set it to pre-heat the water for half an hour in order to have warm, moist air when you went to sleep.

When using the DS2 off grid you can use the same 12V cable as for the DS1. Unfortunately the DS2 likes an angled connector.
You can try to find an angled version or try to accomodate for the straight connector.
In my case when I'm camping the air in the tent is humid enough and I don't want the humidifier to drain my battery so it will be turned off and there will be no water in the tank. In that situation it should not be a problem when the DS2 is placed at an angle or even upside down.
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RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto
I seem to be having the same problem with my DS2 humidifier as ttfespe - water never heats up and very little water used during a night's sleep.  Only 37g used last night.  Using setting 3 for the humidifier.

Did your problem ever get remedied?  If so, how?  I called my DME provider today but not particularly confident I'll see quick progress.

Also, any feeling how prevalent humidifier failures have been on the DS2.

Thanks in advance!
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RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto
My DS2 impressions..

This was a new DS2 as a recall replacement.
Only had it for about a week before I brought it back to the DME for investigation.  At moderate pressure, the thing made a horrible woooo/ whirrr each time I inhaled. It took me a long while to get to sleep with the noise it made. I inspected and reseated the tank and body seals, they looked fine but I have no I idea if they were fabricated correctly.  To me it seems like a blower motor issue ?

The DS and the AS-10 were both totally silent in comparison.  I made a head-to-head video of the DS vs the DS2 just to demonstrate that my mask and hose were not the issue.   This DS2 (mine, anyhow) was so noisy I would consider it a showstopper. 

Issues mentioned in previous posts:

Humidifier - Worked fine, but I only used it on "1"

Touchscreen - Worked fine, and I like the crisp text (would one of those rubber-tipped stylus pens help ?). I do agree that it sucks to have to view it from on top only.. and its not like we can tip the machine to see the display (water would run thru and down the hose)

Not being able to use it without the tank - I agree, the DS was better in this regard

Unable to clean the humidity tube - I hadn't thought of that, and its a good point. Perhaps some kind of plastic stick with a baby wipe to pull thru like cleaning a gun barrel ?
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RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto Humidifier
Since my last post, I took my DS2 to the respiratory therapist so she could look at the humidifier and see if it was working  Here are the findings:
  • The heating element is actually working but not very actively at the setting I'd been using (3).  Water and humidifier plate at room temp in the morning
  • Very little humidification takes place at lower settings.
  • Calibrated amount of water used at three highest settings - ~5.5g/hr. at 3, ~10g/hr. at 4, ~20g/hr. at 5.
  • A setting of 5 was too high for me - water in the tubing/gurgling the next morning.

I'm not sure whether any of this is normal response from the DS2.  I'm due for a new humidifier chamber at the end of the month.  I'll see whether anything changes as a result of that.
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RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto Humidifier
(04-13-2022, 11:03 AM)prince01 Wrote: [*]A setting of 5 was too high for me - water in the tubing/gurgling the next morning.

If the water is precipitating out of the air as it travels down the hose/mask, then a heated hose is likely needed to keep the water in the air.
The DS heated hoses seem to be fine for the DS2.  I plugged mine in for a test, and the machine recognized it.
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RE: New Dreamstation 2 Advanced Auto
I will contact my DME supplier about the prospect and cost of switching to heated tubing.
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