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[Product Review] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear
To reduce leaks at the nose, it helps to push the hose attachment toward the back of your head slightly. This pivots the entire mask, as if it were pivoting around a shaft extending between your two ears, so as to push the cushion upward against your nose. Because the frame is elastic, you can push the hose attachment a bit harder to stretch the frame a bit and increase the pressure against the underside of your nose. (These suggestions came from a friend who also uses the Dreamwear, and they work for me too.)

I find it most stable with the strap somewhat lower than the back of the head. If I position the strap straight back instead of downward, it tends to slide up, which loosens the mask.

The first night it made a lot of noise at the hose attachment. I removed the plastic pivot from the elastic frame and reinserted it, and that spot has been quiet ever since. I think the initial seal may not be good from the factory. The vent holes through the pivot seem well designed to be quiet.

Regarding the noise through the cushion, I think most of it is caused by an imperfect seal against your nose rather than the vent hole in the cushion because it drops dramatically if you get the cushion adjusted just right. I have to fiddle with the frame, rotating it tiny amounts left, right, fore and aft, and then wiggle the cushion a tiny amount, but I usually can get it very quiet.

If I can’t get it adjusted quite right, I agree that the noise from the cushion leak is more distracting than the P10, which makes a reliable seal with no fiddling, but the P10 irritates my nostrils a bit, while the Dreamwear does not.

Even when I can’t get the cushion leak completely quiet, the Sleepyhead software usually shows a surprisingly small leak.

Ordering a Small frame helped it remain more leak-free during the night. I am mainly a side-sleeper. When I roll from one side to the other, I usually have to shift the position of the frame a bit as described above.
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While I'm very happy with the general design of the mask, I find it very comfortable and often wake up thinking initially it has come off as I don't feel it when waking i'm very concerned at the quality of the headgear as it is failing rapidly nearly reaching the worn out stage after six months of use.
As replacement cost is in the region of $50+ here in Oz just for the headgear where the whole mask costs nearly $300 initially the quality is found severely wanting.
I rang Phillips here in Australia and they basically said "tough" and they only provide 3 months warranty.
When I stated that clearly wasn't good enough the replay was still "tough" and that I was free to buy whatever I wished including their replacement parts at whatever they cost.
Very tempted to bin the whole thing except it works so well, Very frustrated!!!
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@Shorty: How is the headgear failing? Is it no longer making an airtight seal to the cushion or the swivel? (I've used mine only a short time, so don’t know what to expect.)
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I have been using the Dreamwear for a year now.

It has been a life saver.

I have tried over 20 masks in that period. I have tried pillows masks (P10, Pilairo Q, Brevida, just to name a few), I have tried nasal masks (n10, Eson 2, n20), I have tried several facial masks, the DW is in a category of its own.

Let's make things simple: If you sleep on your back, it's a shame, not a shame - a scandal - not to try the Dreamwear. I can't believe any mask can come even close to it. Maybe the P10 and Swift FX can compete IF you can tolerate the prongs inside of your nostrils. Even then, the Dreamwear will always come first for me, by a mile...

- Lowest AHI I ever had over a long period
- Only mask that feels like you are wearing nothing at all
- No prongs
- I use ear plugs, and using them, no mask is as silent as this one - period
- incredible, unmatched air flow
- Perfect stability, no leak, using any of the pillows provided

If you sleep on your side, then it's another reality. I can't say. When I do sleep on the side, I get no leaks. People seem to complain about seal when sleeping on the side. It's not my experience. What I can say is this: if you do - or can - sleep on your back, then you HAVE to try the Dreamwear. It's in a league of its own.
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Those who have the Dreamwear should really get the nasal pillows. World of difference in terms of leaks. My AHI went from 11.55 to 2.18 from using both once. I figure the AHI should drop lower once I am use to it. My Nuance pro is still the best now giving me AHI of 0.73. However, I still don't like to fiddle with the front tube every time I turn. Still have high hopes for the Dreamwear with nasal pillows in the coming days.
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A little while back I got the Dreamwear Cushion mask and thought I'd pop back with a quick review after using it for a bit. A lot of people seem to like this mask, but if I had to describe it in one word, it would be "inconsistent." 

On one hand, the mask is extremely comfortable. The sleeves for the mask are nice and soft, the connector on top is just fantastic, you can sleep in a variety of positions with no hose dangling from your face, and all told it's got a nice fit and feel.

On the other hand... my AHI was all over the place, and despite my efforts I couldn't change this. I got AHI anywhere between 3 and 15+ in this mask. Also, there's a feeling that's hard to shake that the mask is leaking, even when it's not. Maybe a design thing, I dunno. The mask is an X1 type, but I'm not sure it fits well as a "full" mask. My Dreamstation has full/nasal masks as X1 and nasal pillows as X2, but there's no real in-between option. 

Maybe I'd have better luck with the pillows, but this cushion wasn't for me. After trying the Dreamwear for a few weeks I'm back on my Wisp. It's still the best mask I've used, despite my complaints with it (so far I've used the Wisp, Nuance Pro, and Dreamwear cushion now). I may try it again with the pillows at some point. It was decent enough that I decided to keep it and not return it. As noted it's really comfortable to wear; it just didn't seem really effective for my apnea, whereas my Wisp has me constantly between 2.5 and 5 AHI. 

I'd love to get a lower AHI, but I can't seem to eliminate every event, and higher pressures cause more CAs for me. 2.5-5 is a hell of a lot better than the 26 or so AHI I was diagnosed at, and the consistency with my Wisp is why I stick with it.

If you've got a Dreamwear, feel free to discuss it here. Who knows, maybe I'll learn something that makes it more consistent, or maybe we'll find out people had consistently inconsistent experiences with it.
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Thank you for the great review!
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Wanted to add my 2 cents.  I started out using the nasal cushion with this mask, but recently switched to the Gel pillows.  

The Gel pillows are similar to the Nuance Pro (which I used prior to switching to the Dreamwear).  The Gel pillows seal on the outside of your nostril (if they're going inside your nostril they're too small or, more likely, too tight.

I'm primarily a back sleeper and really liked the Dreamwear w/nasal cushions except when I rolled over on my side.  The cushions would get out of position and reduce the O2 flow or break the seal. This doesn't happen with the Gel pillows (at least for me), and I'm able to wear the mask looser.

The frame (with the O2 running through it) holds the pillows against the nostrils, and the back strap keeps the frame from moving toward the front of the head, pulling it down and back.  I've adjusted the back strap as loose as I can make it without causing leaks, and was amazed out how loose I can adjust without impacting the frame holding the Gel pillows in place. The air flowing through the frame causes it to move away from my face, and the mask is touching me at the top of my head where the hose is attached, lightly grazes my cheek bones, and the only other contact is the Gel pillows outside the nostrils. It's as close to not wearing a mask as I've come yet

I thought I'd get leaks with how loose the frame feels, but when I turn my head right or left the pillows don't move and continue to maintain the seal, even though the frame moves / lightly touches my face in whichever direction I turn my head.  Same thing when I roll over on my side.

If I need the mask tighter, I move the back strap down toward my neck; a little looser, I slide the strap up toward the hose attachment.

If you haven't tried the Dreamwear (or, if you've tried it with the nasal cushions), I would recommend trying it with the Gel pillows, starting as loose as you can and tightening it until you get a good seal.
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I wish they made a full face version of this mask. I would definitely try it.
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Here is my .02 cents on the Respironics Dreamwear in case it helps someone.  Firstly, I am an active sleeper (back, side, stomach, rolling) and have only been on CPAP for less than 2 months.  I titrated with the Dreamwear and sweet talked the therapist to let it walk out the door with me.

But I was getting massive mouth leaks so tried chin strap and then cervical brace but was still getting mouth leaks.

So I set it aside and have tried both the Respironics Amara View and ResMed F20 FFM’s.  I kept getting leaks with the FFM’s due to my active night movements shifting the FFM’s - so went back to the Dreamwear the past two nights.

The Dreamwear with cushion (not pillow) is by far the most comfortable CPAP Mask I’ve tried and my mouth leaks were minimal to non existent last night.

So much so that I ordered a new Respironics Dreamwear this morning that was on sale.  I will keep the FFM of course just in case the mouth leaks get uncontrollable of I get a cold.

Besides the comfort which to me is a major factor - having the hose connection on top is what makes this particular mask design work well for me - being an active sleeper.

Hope this helps and  Sleep-well
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