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[Product Review] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear
Just picked up a Dreamwear with cushions and used it last night. I also use a Brux dental appliance and a spft cervical collar. In the past i have had
seal issues and soreness issues with my full face mask inventory. So last night I got a near perfect seal report but my AHI's were over 23. I am a mouth breather but thought i'd try the nasal unit....loved the way it fit and the comfort but apparently i can't control my mouth breathing?

So i guess it back to rotating FF masks and managing some damage issues? If you are a nose breather the dreamwear would be a great choice IMO!
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I love mine had it for a year? I think, I actually just had surgery Sinuplasty and turbos done to make things a bit easier for me (ENT Surgeon idea as I was restricted and been using nasal sprays) I wear a chin strap as I am a mouth breather and it works a treat even better after it had worn in a bit.
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(12-04-2017, 04:11 PM)BigWillyAus Wrote: I love mine had it for a year? I think, I actually just had surgery Sinuplasty and turbos done to make things a bit easier for me (ENT Surgeon idea as I was restricted and been using nasal sprays) I wear a chin strap as I am a mouth breather and it works a treat even better after it had worn in a bit.

Thanks and good to know....
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Background:  I had to get a new CPAP machine and the DME coach mocked the mask that has worked perfectly for nine years.  She said that she'd order my favorite mask (grudgingly) if I could not make peace with the Dream Mask she wanted to sell me.

For the last 10 days, I've been trying to decide whether I'm comfortable with the "Philips Respironics Dreamwear Under the Nose Nasal Mask."  I have 20 more days to either like it or return it.

Pros: Open field of vision if I want to watch bedtime TV and the hose at the top of my head can be bungee suspended to the headboard.

Cons:  Using it by itself, the rubbery hose channels across my cheeks, stick to my skin, making it sweaty.  When I use the fabric wraps on the appropriate areas, the mask slips, no matter how tight I adjust the velcro on the back of the headgear.

I've already tried the alternate component with the gel pillows that the DME coach also sent along.  Those gel pillows feel like they're stretching out my nostrils, no matter how tight or loose I set the velcro on the back of the headgear.  They are out of the question, because they're so much larger than the brand/model I've used for years.

So, my decision is to either learn to like the Under the Nose Nasal Mask (with the slit).  If anyone likes this one, please let me know how you got used to it?
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I liked my first one so much I ordered another one. 
I bought a fit pack which consists of a size medium mask setup, with four different nasal cushions in different sizes.  Cost $125 AUD from ebay Australia.  According to the listing's given measurements to select a size, I used the measurement I took to choose the medium. 
The second one I ordered was the small size at $120 AUD from the same ebay store, for the reason stated below under Cons..  

Lovely easy swivel away from the face for comfy rolling manoeuvres. 
The little size guide that comes with the mask is handy for selecting the cushion.  Not that I've tried any of the other sizes than the small. 
Leaves way fewer marks on my face.
The cushion is very comfortable. 
Lots of leeway for adjustability. 
No noisier than my pillow masks. 
The little cheek covers are a lot more effective than the thin ones that come with the Swift FX. They're nice and fluffy and wash up nicely. 
Stays put for tummy and side sleeping comfort. 
If adjustment is required in the night, it's easier than the pillows to get back on track when half-asleep.
I didn't find any part of the setup intrusive or uncomfortable. 
No harder to clean than my pillow masks with their hoses. 
The price was great for buying in Australia.  I figured if it was a dodgy knock-off, I'd just send it back, but the goods seem very much legit. 

This isn't really a con for me, but others might not like the faint sound of air in tubes. It's not loud, but it is distinctive. I don't mind it at all. Some might even find it mildly reassuring. 

Again, not really a con. Rather a thing I learned: I found that after a couple of nights, the whole mask relaxed in size a little bit. Not much, but enough to have to slightly adjust the straps.  I don't know whether it will continue to 'stretch' over time, but I still have some room for adjustment on the medium mask.  My second mask, in the small size also fits well (being a between-sizes in reality versus on the measurements in an online listing for once has proven advantageous for once in my life), although I haven't slept in that one yet (it arrived this morning), but according to the mask fit function on the machine; and the comfort, it bodes well. 

The other 'con', but only a mild one, is that in the absence of that extra bit of hose, it's very easy to forget you're attached and find yourself yoiked back if you try to sit up or reach the cat for a pat in the night.  If I could get used to having a hose on my face, I'm pretty certain I can get used to that.  I haven't found the presence of mind in my usual morning torpor to engage the quick-release attachment as yet, so I'll not specifically comment on that at the moment. 

All the above aside, it's also been a source of amusement. 
When I first tried on the medium mask, I got a bit of a fright when it simply fell down around my neck. The straps in their loosest setting. The relief when I realised that I hadn't grossly overestimated the measurements of my bonce. 

And today, fitting the new mask before attaching the hose, the easy swivel mentioned in the Pros above was swinging wildly with each movement of my head as I was fiddling with the machine display to test with air.  The thought of being a teletubby made me smile. 

And finally, being used to pillows, I was going to order some pillows to go with the masks.  But I'm so happy with the cushion that I don't think I'll bother.
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I have had the Dreamwear nasal cushion mask for two months and love it. It's super comfortable vs. the FFM, in my opinion, and has delivered excellent therapy. However I can only use it infrequently due to nasal congestion, so on the advice of others on the Board I decided to try the Gel Pillows, as pillows over-all have been recommended as a good way to push through chronic congestion.

Got my Gel Pillows yesterday and tried them out last night. The fit was fine but noise from the air vent (slot at front of mask) was very distracting. I don't mind the frame tube noise, but this ... How to describe it... a Burble? Bubble? Crackle? Sputter? I thought since I had just washed it that maybe water droplets were causing noise. Still, I drifted off and slept soundly for 2 hours at 0 AHI until my wife clubbed me awake and said "Roll over, that bubbling is keeping me awake!" I got up, fully awakened, to use hair dryer and Q tips to make sure the mask was in fact bone dry and that fit was good. When I put my finger over the vent, silence. I tried stretching open the vent slot slightly, and got whoosing air. Then tried compressing the slot over so slightly (by "pinching" the mask a bit, top to bottom at the center) to reduce volume; silence!

I actually used a twist tie to maintain this "pinch" a bit while wearing the mask. Ended up with AHI of 2.5 for the night but think it might be because I shifted to side sleeping for quite a while, and I haven't gotten great numbers from side sleeping even though I enjoy it. Hopefully I can use a bit of tape to do the "pinch" job longer-term.

I am wondering if my particular mask has a defect; the mask certainly "looks perfect" in the molding. Others on the Board have noted frustration with the vent design because of the airflow disturbing in a partner. In my case the problem is all about the crackling sound. Hope to resolve this on my own but I certainly hope Philips is working on this.

[I am posting these comments elsewhere in a Main Board thread about my mask trials to see if others have comments. FYI and thanks.]
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Just a quick note. You should never cover the vent holes! If it's too loud for you change masks.
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(06-11-2018, 04:29 PM)IWalla Walla Wrote: Just a quick note. You should never cover the vent holes! If it's too loud for you change masks.

No worries here, I have no intention of that. Just to "tune" the vent by manipulating the shape a bit. 

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Honestly, I wouldn't mess with the vent hole at all. It was engineered to work a certain way and if you change things you will have no idea if you have compromised the design overly or not to remove your CO2 exhalation. Just my opinion.
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