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[Product Review] Probiotics and their role with apnea
Probiotics and their role with apnea
I have absolutely NO idea why it has helped me, but I wanted to pass this on to you:
My AHI is always elevated when my GERD starts acting up.
Well, yesterday I took a VSL #3 Probiotic before bed, and much of my GERD was relieved, and my AHI was 4.8 last night!
NO CLUE on the connection, but I'll take it.
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RE: Probiotics and their role with apnea
Hi samurai,
The reason that helped you is that you increased your((what is referred to as friendly flora,) count in your intestines, pro-biotics are good for helping GERD, digestion and such.
Hang in there for other responses, as mine is not the only opinion.
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RE: Probiotics and their role with apnea
I doubt that one night after taking one pill was what made the difference. It takes longer for that for the probiotics to work. They have to build up in the system first, that is if I am understanding how they work.

Let us know how it works in the long term vs one night. No two nights are the same because no two days are. There's just too many variables that go into it.

Use them for at least ten days then tell us how it goes. I'm interested in the results and curious as heck how a gut bacteria treatment has anything to do with sleep apnea.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Probiotics and their role with apnea
I take a probiotic and it keeps my digestive tract where it should be. I never looked to see if there was any difference in my AHI but my AHI is so low that I can't attribute that to a probiotic.

I am not a medical person but I could see if someone is having issues with gerd during the night to where it makes you have shortness of breath then you will probably have a higher AHI. If a probiotic helps with the shortness of breath, then your AHI is likely to be lower. I am just guessing that this could be why you noticed a change but as Paula02 said, you will have to take the probiotic each night for a while and see what your results are over several days. One night isn't sufficient to say they help lower AHI. You can't go wrong taking a probiotic in my opinion, especially if you don't eat right which a great majority of people don't.

I know that I eat organic foods and try to get in fruit and veggies and plenty of protein daily, not eating junk food and sweets but I can say that I don't eat exactly as I am supposed to. The other day, I wanted some cheetos and I ate some but I don't do that often and definitely not weekly. So far, changing the way I have been eating has helped me drop 18 lbs with very little effort. I also started back on vitamins and other supplements that I quit taking last year when we were out of state and they all got left behind and I just never started back when we got back home. I paid the price because my D3 and B12 was within normal ranges and other B vitamins were good. Then this year when I had the blood work done, they weren't so good anymore. I am hoping that my energy level will get better since I started taking them again (with my doctor's approval) and I get a B12 shot. I have seen some improvement.
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RE: Probiotics and their role with apnea
To get a better sense of it these will be helpful, you might try an ABA trial design.
A, you track your GERD symptoms daily for 10 - 14 days.
B, you do the probiotics for a similar period, again while tracking your symptoms.
A, you go back to no probiotics, tracking your symptoms

Then, you review the data - you may find it useful to lay out a time line, have a row for each period, and mark when you had the symptom, how long it lasted, and how severe it was.
Please organize your SleepyHead screenshots like this.
Note: I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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