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[Product Review] Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
PaulaO Wrote:4

Like most folks, I tried a bunch of masks when first diagnosed. I was determined to not use the nasal pillows because if I was going to look stupid, I was not going to look THAT stupid. After about 5 masks and an eye infection later, I came home with the Breeze. This was 7 years ago. After using only the Breeze for over 2 years, my DME stopped carrying it and I had to begin the search for a new one. I'd not been happy since. Then, at my last visit to the DME a few months ago, I mentioned my struggles as a reminder and was informed they are once again carrying it. If they discontinue again, I'll order from the 'net.

I've had the Breeze for a month now and....I'm still in love. But like most romances, there are problems.

- No straps across the face so no pressure sores on my cheeks (I have delicate skin)
- Many adjustments to the mask from the headgear to the pillows. I think there are 6 places to adjust if needed. Even where you attach the straps are adjustable
- Despite the many adjustments, once set, they rarely need to be adjusted again
- The 'cradle' is the part that rests on the head and is basically all that is holding the mask in place. It is very comfortable except when on my back (see con below). Despite the cons with the headgear, it takes a lot to move the mask enough at the nose connection before it leaks.
- Easy to put on. It literally sits on your head like a cap. I put it on, wiggle the nasal pillows slightly, and that's that.
- Easy to clean. The only cloth parts are the two straps on the head (called the halo straps). The nasal pillows come off the 'shell'. Even the vent hole plug is removable. The 'cradle' is plastic and metal which is easily wiped with a cloth.
- Cost. It is one of the lowest costing head gears available (going by US prices). One online place has it for less than $80.

- All the adjustments means it could be several nights before the user has a proper fit
- Noisy. OMG it is noisy. The quiet of the masks I have used since then were their biggest selling point and it is the Breeze's worst point. It has a single vent hole which means all that air exits out one small hole vs being dispersed through several like many other masks. Each night it takes me several minutes to position my head to where the outgoing cyclone is not hitting the pillow or sheets, making a ton of noise.
- The hard 'cradle' means it is not for back sleepers. The hard part in the back is the problem. With nothing holding it to your head except its own weight and tension, it is too easy for the mask to be shifted out of place when on your back. However, it does take a lot of shifting before it is leaking at the nose.
- The weight of the hose can also pull the mask out of place. The second night with it, I remembered why I used to have a hook on the wall on my side of the bed. It was to hold the hose. I'll need to put that back.
- If, for some silly reason, you read in bed or watch TV in bed before you go to sleep, you won't be able to wear this. The guide for the hose is too wide. I've not tried, but I doubt I could wear my glasses at the same time.

I wish I knew exactly why I love this mask so much and what exactly makes it so comfortable. It has problems, yes, but it is so dang comfortable! One of the most comfortable masks I've tried. Only twice has my bed partner woken me up to make me put the mask back into position and both times I was on my back. My previous mask, I was being woken up several times a night either by myself or by the bed partner.
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RE: Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
As a follow-up:

If you travel often, this mask may not be for you. The hard headgear is a big pain in the arse because it is wide and does not disassemble (at least not that I an tell). I can barely get it to fit in the compartment of the bag (resmed S9) along with the stupid brick and the hose. If I were flying, I would not put it in that bag but would either put it in the main suitcase or in another carry on. I am looking for a hard case to put it in so I can toss it into another bag.
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RE: Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
I have used this mask for a long time and don't really want to change. I have to agree with the review on all points. For me, I like the mask because it is really easy to get on and off. Like said above, just put it on like a hat and slide the pillows under nose. No straps to really mess with or anything pressing on my face (I start to sweat with anything near my face for some reason).

The one negative I have found (though it has been improving through the evolution of the headgear) is that it has a tendency to break just above the nasal pillow section. It is a flex point with very little support. I have had to superglue a number of these masks through the years to get through a break occurring.

Overall, I am sticking with this mask through thick or thin....

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RE: Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
i love the breeze nasal pillows headgear! i am a side and back sleeper...i do make it 'my own' by using pipe cleaners so there is forward movement...
don't think i will ever change...
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