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[Product Review] Quattro Air full face mask
Looking for info on the  Quattro Air  full face    anyone tryed it out

im using the  Quattro Fx right now but am getting a bit sick of the Air blowing in my Eyes    even one or two times a night is too much  

I Called Medi Gas    got the normal oh no it will cost you speech to switch to the   Quattro Air full face

Then i dropped the name of the Head of the Sleep study program here    I had issues before with Medigas  and contacted her   she sorted my problems out very fast and told me to call her if I have any more problems

well big change of heart  from Medigas when i did  mention her name

Quattro Air full face mask will be ready for me to pick up and size in the morning  

And there’s no need to contact her

I have mixed sleep Apnea so get 2 masks a year  
My last battle was over replacement cushions
But don’t get me started on that one we Canadians’ breath different to The Americans so therefore our replacement schedule is almost double the USA

We are lucky in Manitoba everything’s covered 100%   you just have to learn your stuff
Do not be hoodwinked    Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

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I'll be interested in hearing how you like the Air. I'm just starting out on this and I've tried the Quattro FX this week (as a backup for when my allergies are in full swing - will likely use a Wisp most of the time). But I found the FX leaked more than any nasal mask or pillow I've tried. As well, my wife hated it as it has been the loudest mask I've tried.

I'm in Canada too, but here in Nova Scotia, it isn't covered. However, my medical plan through work does cover it, so I'll be good. But my father in law who has been on CPAP for a year is not covered.
The Quattro FX is a good Mask when new but after a mth or so of use the cushions Start to break down so the seal lets go a bit even with the correct maintenance and adjustments the blowing into the eyes is getting a bit old for me

The key to making cpap treatment a success is finding the Right Mask I went for the Quattro FX to start due to getting that claustrophobic feeling with the ones in the sleep study after a year of successful treatment its time to try something new Quattro Air full face I will keep the Quattro FX for a back up since I have plenty spare parts at hand and new cushions for it

I will report back on the new mask in a week or so
Try the following link....it hasn't been added to in a while but has a lot of info. You can also see the "Possibly related threads..." at the bottom of the page or do a search to try to find more info. Smile

Thanks for the link

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I have all three. The Full Face Mirage Quattro, the FX, and the new Air. I tried the new Air for two weeks. I like the air-escape vent location as it does not blow in my wife's face I turn and face her at night. However, the bracket that touches the forehead is flexible and does not offer the very rigid-support that I have with the original Quattro. Granted, I really tighten the straps to the mask cannot move. I toss and turn all night, but rarely wake because of a leak or moving mask.

My results were mixed. I also bought the return insurance for the mask so I might send it back at the end of the week. I continue to use my original full-face quattro. Best wishes.
I've been a long-time Quattro FX user and have all of the kinks worked out - no leaks and very comfortable, but I do find the headgear needs to be adjusted just right and I have to replace the silicone cushion about every three months.

I've had a Quattro Air for a couple of weeks now and here's my take on it:


- I really like the vent design. It is much quieter than the vent on the FX and I love that it doesn't blast a jet stream across the room.

- It feels more secure, which might be an important consideration for someone who tosses and turns.


- This is a big one - I can only wear it for a night or two at a time because it injures the bridge of my nose horribly. Even adjusted so it fits looser on my nose than the FX (so loose that I get leakage into my eyes) my nose is still red and sore after 1 night and very sore and raw after the second night. I can't figure out why this happens even when I leave it loose unless I'm having a reaction to the cushion material ( which feels and looks different than the clear silicone cushion of the FX). I have never had this happen with the FX - even if I over-tighten...

- I can't stand that the cushion is permanently attached to the hard plastic shell of the mask. This makes daily cleaning and drying more difficult than with the FX (with the FX I can just pop the cushion out, wash it, shake it dry and pop it back in).

- I really don't like that you can't take the anti-asphyxia valve "flapper" out. I don't want to run a brush through the valve (afraid I might damage the "flapper") so I just don't feel like I can do as good a job of cleaning it as I would like to.

Well, that's my two cents...

I'll be sticking with the FX.
I tried the Amara Gel and the Mirage Quattro, both of which I cannot use for various reasons. I remember they have an adjustment where I could adjust the tension around my nose/nose bridge. If you haven't, maybe you can find a you tube video of this mask. I just watched one for the mask (for her but that shouldn't matter) and I wonder if your top head gear is too tight. Just a thought.

Complete newb here, so my opinion might not be worth as much as an experienced user.

I tried the Quattro air in both medium and large. Both times I was able to get a seal as long as my face wasn't touching anything, but as soon as I tried to actually sleep with the mask on, I would get leaks into my eyes. I could really tighten it down, but by the time the leaks were fixed, it was uncomfortable.

I'm currently trying a Mirage Quattro instead, and so far it is much more comfortable and stays put better, despite being heavier and stiffer.

(02-04-2014, 11:10 AM)britincanada Wrote: therefore our replacement schedule is almost double the USA

Don't feel too bad, my replacement is every 6 months here.

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Update on the Quattro Air

After a week of use i like it

Had one issue with bruising on my nose I fixed that by cutting up a remzz liner and trapping it between the frame and the nose section

I did follow the correct fitting procedure but found the cut up liner worked period

Now no mask marks at all Its light weight and not claustrophobic it does not obstruct your vision .Also gone is the air blowing in your eyes with the Fx full face mask. My readings dropped from a average of 3.0 with the Fx full face mask down to 0.7 yep 0.7 with the Quattro Air i am useing a ASV Machine

The Silicon seal looks like it will last a long time too comparing it side by side with the Fx

All in all a Great mask

I will follow up in a month or so

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