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[Product Review] ResMed Air Fit N10
I see you are pretty new as well. I just finished a 3 night trial with the N10 and had pretty much the same issues, but if I were going to use a nasal mask, I think that would be the one. The minimal headgear is key for me. Have you considered the airfit P10--nose pillows? My sleep tech at the lab recommended I try pillows rather then some of the other contraptions as I really couldn't see having anything touch my face. I've varied between the small and medium and like others, the medium seems to fit/feel just a tiny bit more comfortable to me. Last night I finally started using bag balm, and immediately noticed a difference, but of course, it's been over a month now so my nose should be toughening up. Hope you find what works for you. Welcome to the world of hose-heads.
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Thanks Smile I'd already figured out if I can't find a nose piece to work with I'll start trying the pillows. I was concerned I'd have issues with the forcing of air straight up the nose. I actually don't feel the air at all in the nasal masks... until I lift it up, it leaks, or I open my mouth LOL! It's the weirdest thing Smile
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The same is true of the pillows mask Sandy. It is weird alright.
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(07-30-2014, 06:22 PM)Rosanne Wrote: Hello Everyone, Just want to say thank you for all the helpful information I've found on this site. You all are amazing! I'm over a month into this hose-head business and doing pretty well. Just got to try out the new? Res Med Air Fit N10 nasal mask and was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts/opinions about it. I've been using the nasal pillows and find the medium size feel most comfortable but my nose is so sore still, and I'm starting to feel like a junkie with the sore red nose/sniffles all the time. Tonight will be my third night trial of the nasal mask and I really want to like it. Very light weight and thin straps like the P10, but just a bit more complicated to put on--very minor issue. The nose piece fits pretty well and it is very soft like the pillows but this morning my upper lip was very sore and has been sort of red/raw feeling all day. The first night it was insanely noisy but I did not notice that so much last night. The air that blows out of it on my forehead was cold and aggravating the first night, still aware of it last night but not as annoying so I think there is just some getting used to it involved. The whole thing is very comfortable to wear, I just don't know if I should have them order one for me or stick with my pillows. I guess it's a toss up between sore nostrils or sore lip. Does it make any difference to trade off between nasal pillows and nasal mask or should you just stick with one type? Any suggestions? I've got to give it back tomorrow. ThanksSleep-well

I used my RM N10 for the first time last night. Very impressed. The exit ports on the several masks I've used over 8-9 years all poured cold air on me. Very uncomfortable. I found various ways to modify the port to redirect the air, but medical devices are best used as designed.

The N10 is very much better. No uncomfortable stream of air--it seems to dissipate more broadly and away from me. I also like the light weight of the slimline tubing. So far the only negative I would change is the magnetic attachments for the headgear. If possible, I would make them stronger. One magnet did come loose when I took the mask off during the night to go to the bathroom. But I was able to reattach it even in the dark--so not really a problem. So much better than the Respironics mask I was using. It would actually fall apart some nights, requiring me to turn on a light to put it back together.
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Hi Everyone,
I'm also new to this change of life style, I'm only 5 days into this myself, I also experience the issue as Rosanne and SandysSpot , My only issue is being a little tender under the nose, I went though the same trouble with leaks and such.
I really do like this N 10 mask and doing my best to make this work, I'm a little phobic with the other style of masks and not sure about the pillows, Now the last 2 nights this mask has been awesome, I think I've been wearing it a little on the loose side and that may have cause the tenderness, and leak issues .
So I've found that I work my nose into the mask a little more (further), then tighten the upper straps so that the mask is snug but not overly tight, then the lower strap so the mask doesn't move, I do have a full beard but I'm still getting a good seal under the nose (and that tenderness is improving). I guess my point is with this mask you really need to play around with the fit on it. (I hope I'm on the right track anyway). Again I am not a expert but I'm going to keep giving this mask a try because I really like it.
I was going to try the Wisp but my DME said those break a lot easier, and this was the best option. As far as those magnet I think that is a great idea because if I remove the mask for a potty break when I put it back on it seems to hold my adjustments well.
But take my opinion for what it's worth, this is the only mask I've worn, except on my sleep study and I kept my eyes shut so that phobia would bother me.
Sleep well !
Mr. Van Winkle
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