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[Product Review] ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask

I'm relatively new to this CPAP life, but after four months of using a CPAP machine and trying out four or five different masks, the ResMed AirFit F30i has been working really well for me and I'm actually (hoping I don't jinx anything here), becoming somewhat fond of it.  I hesitate to write a review among other folks who have so much more experience, but I haven't seen too much about this particular mask, so thought I'd give it a go.

(Some background:  I'm a 100% side sleeper, tend towards claustrophobia and feel I need the option to mouth breathe, although my goal is to get over that last limitation.  Regardless, when it comes to full-face masks, the "hybrid" style suits me best and there are not too many options out there. ResMed calls the F30i a "full face" mask, but I believe it also fits into the "hybrid" category.) 

What I like about it:
* The top-of-the-head hose - don't just like it -- LOVE it
* The mask itself fitting UNDER my nose and leaving the top of my face clear for
       wearing glasses and reading in bed, etc.
* The mask is narrow enough that side-sleeping doesn't cause my pillow to push it off-kilter and
      allow more leakage
* The stretchy air-tube frame which I find comfortable against the side of my face for sleeping
* The shape of the nasal part of the mask fits higher up the outside of my nose and prevents
      almost all leaks there, with nasal holes that allow plenty of airflow
* The pillowy, very soft silicone under the bottom of my nose and in an area between my mouth
      and chin
* The sturdier/firmer silicone around the rest of the mask which keeps its shape and
       holds it in place for side-sleeping
* The fact that with such minimal facial covering, I can breath through my nose OR my mouth,
      and I feel like there is plenty of fresh air moving around
*  Simple headgear that is adjustable and stays in place
*  Features like the magnetic tabs on the bottom straps and quick-release swivel elbow to tube

What I don't like about it or could see being a negative to some people:
*  There is a good amount of air vented out of the mask from the clear plastic mouth area.
       I sleep hot so the cool air feels good to me, but it might bother some people 
*   Replacement parts are ridiculously expensive without insurance and not much available on

(Note:  I had previously used the Dreamwear Full Face mask which is very similar and I was and still am a fan.  However, I feel the Airfit f30i is sturdier overall so stays in place better for a side sleeper, the nasal area is shaped in a way to prevent more leaks, and the slightly narrower mask of the f30i also keeps it in place.)
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RE: ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
I have tried ResMed F30: I really like this, it was so quiet and the fit was great. The only gotcha I had was the front face connection. It would always wake me up. So I went to the above head models.

I have tried Dreamware full face. It was great for the first night; unfortunately later, I just could not get the thing to seal.

I have tried Dreamware nasal gel - after a few hours I had to get it off my face, my nose was so sore.

I have tried Dreamware nasal pillow  (straight head gear): this was hit or miss for me as far as seal. I would have a few good nights, followed by a few lousy. I found too that there was something about Dreamware's silicon that would irritate my nose on the bottom and it would get sore after a few days.

I have tried ResMed N30i: This worked really well for about a week or two. It would then go through fits for a few nights where I could just not get it to stay sealed. I would then cycle between sealed for a few days and no seal for a few days.

I have tried ResMed P30i: Okay, this ended up being my go to system. Two things bugged me every so often. One, I found sometimes it would slide around - like one night a week. Two, I have to tape; and that was a pain for me. I am tired, the last thing I want to do is tape. But, I slept well, numbers stayed low, so I considered it a win.

I have tried Dreamware nasal (new head gear with the plastic and new pillow design): I wanted to try this because of the different headgear. The pillow design did change also. Super comfortable too. LOVED the headgear. That curved plastic around the ears with the lower straps just worked for my head. Again though it ended up being a hit and miss with the seal. This had super potential to replace my P30i, but alas, due to sealing issues, I would wake up.

Went back to the P30i, but I used the Dreamware new head gear (with the curved plastic) on it: GREAT COMBO. Totally fixed the sliding around issue. But I still had to tape. Did I say this was a great combination? GREAT COMBO. This is a great COMBINATION. If you happen to have a P30i and can somehow get the newer Dreamware head gear - try it.

I was still using tape though.

I happened to be picking up CPAP supplies for my wife. I was looking at their demo models while I was waiting and I was like "Oh, what is this model? F30i???"

F30i: Okay, I might be in the honeymoon phase still, but I think I have a winner here. Seals great, super comfortable. My numbers are lower. NO TAPE. What more can I say.

Masks are soooo personal. What may work for 10 people may not work at all for one. The other way around too. What works for one but not work for the majority.

For me, I sleep better with the over the head. I learned that early on. I tried hard to get a version of the Dreamware system to work for me - just couldn't make it work.

My P30i will be my backup if my F30i gets damaged in someway. I would solidly recommend giving the N30i a shot; if you can keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you will have to tape.

Totally recommend the F30i.

If I had one complaint: Dreamware totally nailed the top swivel connector. That thing can spin with the smallest effort. ResMed is not near as smooth and sometimes when I roll over, it does not turn as much as would be needed.
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RE: ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
I just got an F30i and the first night went pretty well. I've only been using CPAP for a month with the AirTouch F20. That's worked great but I wanted that top hose so I could have it out of the way. Also like the smaller nose setup on the F30i. First night went mostly fine, need more time to really know if it's going to work for me. FWIW I have a 1/2" beard and the mouth seal seemed fine.

Posting to highlight one other advantage of the F30i; it's relatively simple construction and few pieces. And everything can be washed (unlike the foam-lined AirTouch F20). The flip side is you are advised to wash the insides of the headgear tubes weekly, so that's extra cleaning.

ResMed says to replace the F30i cushion every month, just like an F20. But it seems a little harder to find a cheap / non-prescription source for the F30i replacements, maybe they're too new or not common enough. Retail price is about the same but the F20 cushions are easily found for way, way cheaper.
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RE: ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
I like everything about it except two things: my skin reacted to the silicone and the air tubes by my ears made it loud.
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RE: ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
(08-02-2021, 05:42 PM)b.e.wilson Wrote: I like everything about it except two things: my skin reacted to the silicone and the air tubes by my ears made it loud.

Thanks for the insight. My wife starts her CPAP travels tonight with an F30i. I'm going to be sure to clean it well before uses it.

"I drank WHAT?" - Socrates
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RE: ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask
So the vote on the F30i is in at our house.

The mask fit is great, the air-halo setup is a loser. After about 3 weeks is stretched sufficiently that the mask fit became unstable.

Wife has now switched to the F30. The standard (and adjustable) headgear is working well.

I have also switched the F30 from the F&P Viteria. I'm hoping to be able to get rid of the bridged mask of the Viteria, but so far it doesn't look like the F30 will make the grade.

"I drank WHAT?" - Socrates
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