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[Product Review] ResMed AirFit N30i
RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
(11-21-2018, 02:49 PM)snorybob Wrote: Does anyone have comments on the Air Fit N30i regarding leaks if you're a permanent side sleeper?  Thinking-about

I'd hate to spend $120.can.& then put it on a shelve!

                                                          Bag-head   snorybob.
I frequently sleep on my side; leaks reported by SleepyHead are under 24 l. But, I think most of that is from opening my mouth.
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RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
For general questions regarding a mask, please use the Main Forum. This is the Reviews Forum where users of a product give their opinion on how the mask did or did not work for them.

Not everyone reads this section and a question asked here (instead of the Main Forum) will not benefit as many people as it should.
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RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
I decided to try this new ResMed nasal device when I ordered by DreamStation Go.

I've been using (successfully) the P10 system without any major issues.  I had switched to the P10 after a previous nasal system had too much air exhaust from the front.  

I spent quite a time experimenting with the new N30i to get the fit correct, along with using the correct nose pads.  I did find the N30i more secure.  I occasionally have issues with the P10 back strap sliding into an incorrect location.

I don't think I have the adjustable strap correct yet - I'll continue to experiment with it.

I never have any leak problems with the P10, and had none with this either.  I didn't notice any noise issues.

I'm not sure I like the hose connection on top of my head, and I'll have to live with it a while.  And the standard hose now isn't quite as long without the added length that comes with the P10 (and other mask systems).
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RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
Coffee Man, Holden4th, all - thank you for your candid and complete comments on the N30i.  I've been a Dreamwear user for over a year, and I have been mostly happy with it, IF I use a long shoelace under my chin to keep the backstrap from riding up during the night thus sending my leak-rate through the roof.  

I'm interested in the N30i, but one question is:  does the hard-plastic on the nose piece tend to push the cushion off of your nose when you turn on your side?  I'm mostly a side sleeper and the Dreamwear works very well for me, partially because the soft nose cushion reshapes a bit when the side of my face is on the pillow.  Have you any observations on this?  

BTW, thank you greatly for the side-by-side photos.  Very helpful.
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RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
I mainly sleep on my back, but sometimes will reposition and end up on my side. I have not noticed any repositioning of the cushion when I am on my side. I find the N30i much more stable in terms of staying in position. The DreamWear , for me, seemed much more likely to shift and leak. I almost always have a zero leak rate with the N30i.
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RE: ResMed AirFit N30i
I have been using the N30i for a week, and have had mixed results.  A little background:  I started with the dreamwear and moved to the p10s.  I am a side sleeper and use a ruby-style chin strap.  

I find the frame sturdier and more comfortable than the dreamwear, however, it’s noticeably bulkier.  The bulkiness is made worse by the chinstrap and I felt incredibly claustrophobic when I lay down to go to bed on the first few nights.  That said - I have not had any issues falling asleep, and it has gotten less intrusive to wear.

The N30i is loud.  Coming from the p10, it’s like having a miniature fan in my face (sound wise).  It’s not patently louder than the dreamwear, but if you are coming from the p10, it’s a bit of a shock (particularly to your partner!). 

The nasal cushion is eons better than the dreamwear for me.  It seals better and holds tight regardless of whether I am on my side or my back.  In every other mask, I have started with a M cushion or nasal prong, and migrated to the L.  With the N30i I actually went to the S and found it fit better without loss of airflow.  The fit guide that comes with the N30i seemed to be more of a suggestion, and I found I needed to try them all to get the best fit.  

In the end, my sleep quality and results have been mixed:  

Sleep duration has largely been unchanged, but I find the noise and airflow to be distracting, and I wake up 1-2x more often per night with the N30i.  AHI is approximately double @ 0.9-1.4 (up from 0.2-0.8) and was comparable to the dreamwear for me.   That said, it’s a very comfortable mask and cushion and it seals very well.

I will probably go back to the p10 because the N30i is just too bulky and doesn’t seem to provide me with any additional benefit over the p10s.   To be fair, I will give them one more week, and if anything changes I’ll update accordingly.  

My 2c - as always: ymmv.
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