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[Product Review] ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
This is a Review Forum, not a discussion forum. There are plenty of threads in the Main Forum on specific products. Please discuss it there and review it here.

Unless you have a review for a product, use the Main Forum for every thing else. Thank you.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
My review: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet (black: for Him) (with humidifier, heated tubing) + ResMed AirFit F20 mask

5 5/5. After 23 days usage.

A. The overall value of the product (what you get for how much it costs)

I was so tired all the time. Daily activities were very difficult. AHI has gone down from 39 to 2,1 (average) and the benefits are fantastic. I used to lay down all my free time, now I never lay in bed daytime. 

B. Whether the product worked as advertised.

ResMed sends you emails about studies "80% of people have less daytime sleepiness after 3 months". To me it works better than advertised.

C. What you liked about the product - be specific - with details.

1. It is silent enough, we can say my PC fans (at minimum speed) are 2-3 times louder 
2. The sound it makes, I don't find it unpleasant, it's like a whisper perhaps
3. Clear, legible display with easy to access Clinician Menu
4. myAir website shows sleep reports for the last 2 weeks with simple graphs and calculates overall score like this https://imgur.com/rVlWpRI  
5. Just wear the mask to make it start, remove it and after flushing the tubing it switches off
6. With EPR on 3 (expiratory pressure relief) I feel no discomfort, no resistance breathing out
7. Very responsive, it follows my breathing not the other way around. I tried to "trick it" by breathing quickly-irregularly, it just keeps following me
8. Temperature and humidity I just left on Auto and it was adequate. No dry throat.
9. Comes in a bag that does not look like medical equipment, is padded, has compartments
10. Components can quickly be detached/reattached
11. Adequate size of humidifier container as there's always a bit of water left but not much
11. Zero water droplets in tube or mask thanks to (I assume) the heating
12. Easy to preheat humidifier 
13. Has zero-setup internet connection for software updates and seeing stats online
14. Immediate clear feedback in the morning on device's screen, also distinguishes between central and obstructive events
15. Mask has magnets! Takes milliseconds to latch it on and off, very stable never had it open
16. I have a beard, yet the seal is perfect and doesn't need (for me) uncomfortable headstrap pressure
17. Device and mask do not strictly look like medical devices
18. Great algorithm: just set minimum pressure at what's comfortable and maximum at 15, the first days lower or raise the maximum to get desired AHI.
19. I can lie on side using regular pillows.
20. I almost don't snore anymore
21. No medical certificate needed to purchase from manufacturer (here), you certify yourself
22. Tubing attachment to mask rotates nicely enough
23. Distilled water consumption is < 1.5 L/week 
24. I don't need this function but, if you need a high minimum pressure, you can have it detect when you fall asleep and start with that minimum pressure only then
25. Clinician software and manual readily available online plus, on here, supportive community.
26. Everything is modular - just replace what you need
27. In Sleep Report on the device's display, where you can see info on your breathing, leak, average pressure and so on, you can choose time interval day / week / month etc to quickly compare against previous results. 

D. What you disliked about the product - again, be specific.

1. I wish it had Bluetooth for sending detailed data to my PC, but yes FlashAir WiFi SD cards can be used and myAir web is mostly sufficient for me anyway
2. The "for her" version reports also when an apnea wakes you up (RERA), I'd like to have this function just for curiosity
3. Of course smaller is better for portability, hoping I win an AirMini!
4. I have minimal red marks on my nose laterally, trying the AirTouch F20 next, still happy tho
5. A true ball-and-socket joint would be better than the present pivot joint (tubing to mask)
6. Wow, expensive to replace even just the silicone part of the mask. The tube too 
7. The external battery pack is really expensive. They're developing a pack for the AirMini tho too.
8. I wish myAir web would store data indefinitely instead of 2 weeks only
9. First time I registered the device online they removed me because it was "in use by someone else" - quickly fixed by support and my items were in fact new.

E. Any suggestions you can offer to readers if they use this product themselves.

1. I absolutely recommend a purchase! Having again energy daytime is worth the device's price many times over to me. 
2. Cheaper on Amazon than on ResMed website 
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
Well I must admit I didn't read through all 11 pages of this thread, and the last message was almost 2 years ago!

I'll just say that I got mine yesterday. It's replacing a well used S9. After one night - so far so good. Nothing to complain about. Works as advertised.

All 27 things the previous user said about it that was good - ditto. Agree completely.
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you get there.
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
I wish the unit had a longer than 45-minute ramp cycle. Coming from a Respironics Pro, I miss the feature which had a ramp cycle of 2 hours and longer.
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
(10-26-2019, 05:34 PM)Hmm888 Wrote: I wish the unit had a longer than 45-minute ramp cycle. Coming from a Respironics Pro, I miss the feature which had a ramp cycle of 2 hours and longer.

A long ramp just delays adequate treatment.i see no benefit of a long ramp I am normally asleep within 15 min then I need my treatment
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
It's been a few weeks now and no problems with the new machine. It is noticeably quieter. I sprung for the heated hose. Well worth it. It seems to use more water than the S9, or maybe the tank is smaller. My only minor complaint is that it takes a long time to get your data up on the MyAir site. Others have noted that too. I guess the machine has to figure out that you are really not coming back to sleep.
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you get there.
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ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
I started with a CPAP, see dates below. Pressures were 8, then 10, then 12 and I still had 10 to 14 AHI numbers.

Switching to APAP in September 2019 changed my life. As you may know, CPAP is a constant pressure and APAP ranges between a low and high setting. My low setting is 10 and my high is 17 cmH2O. I am consistently getting under 5 AHI with this APAP.

By the way, in the menu the APAP or Auto Positive Air Pressure can be set as a CPAP machine so the pressure is the same all night long. So an APAP will function as a CPAP should you ever need that setting.

Unit is very quiet. Looks exactly like my AutoSense 10 Elite CPAP. Only difference is the labeling looks different and different brains.

The ResMed AutoSense 10 Autoset, has a data card (like my CPAP AutoSense 10 Elite). I use ResScan to read the results. By the way, with ResScan you can create different user groups. I made my old CPAP data one group and the new APAP data another group (you can name them anything you want). Now that I have that information saved, and backed up, I can easily go back and forth to look at the old and new to see how much better I am doing.

Very noticeable difference going from the CPAP to the APAP. My sleep is so much better. The auto ranging is what does it. The right pressure for the right time.

This APAP machine has been a life changer for me. Moreover, my wife is as happy as I am since all of this affects her, too. We forget often to mention Sleep Apnea affects the whole family.

I am very thankful for my ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset with a ClimateLine heated air tube. We let the house go down to 62F or about 16.7C at night. The heated humidifier and heating ClimateLine tubing is a must. The heated ClimateLine tubing prevents "rainout". When I awake, the tubing is dry.

Both the humidity and tube temp are adjustable. They can be put in auto or given a setting of your choice. I like my tube temp at 72F or 22.2C.

Another thing. The ResMed AutoSense Autoset APAP has a warmup setting. It runs for about 20 minutes upon being initiated. That is nice. This means once you put on your mask, turn on the machine and go to bed, the humidifier is read to go since the water has been warmed. The air is gently and quietly put through the machine in this mode.
This machine does have SmartStart, but I have turned it off.

Smart Start turns the machine on at the first breath. I prefer to do that myself after I have everything adjusted for sleep --- just personal preference.

Getting up in the morning I turn off the machine and again the air quietly and very gently runs through the machine for about 20 minutes.

I am very happy.

I should mention this all didn't happen overnight. I was scheduled for a sleep test in April 2018. My sleep test was June 21st, 2018, my CPAP was given to me July 26, 2018. This all happened in Michigan. After a move, I saw a CPAP/APAP tech in Lexington, KY September 20th, 2019 and having been using an APAP since that September 20th, 2019 date.

By the way, I use following things:
ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset - part 37208 with Climate Line heated air tube - or 37207 with regular tube
HumidAir Heated Cleanable Tub - part 37300 - can take the heat of the dishwasher
AirSense 10 CPAP Side Cover for traveling and when not using the above humidifier tub - part 37303
Hypoallergenic Filters for the APAP - 12 pack - part 36857 - consistently the best
ResMed AirSense 10 Climate Line Air tubing - part 37296
Replacement power pack for APAP - part 37344
Replacement power cord for above power pack - part 33938

ResMed AirSense travel power converter (cigarette lighter and clips for battery- uses @ 12 or 24 volt source) - part 37297 Wonderful when the wife drives. I use the above side cover so I don't have to have water sloshing around. By the way, putting in the side cover automatically turns off the humidifier functions. You don't have to be fiddling with settings.

AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask - Medium - full headgear, cushion and elbow - part 63001
AirTouch F20 Medium Cushion - part 63029
RemZzzs Medium mask liner - K2-FM - lifesaver if you are having leak problems or have sensitive skin
UPG Battery UB12350 at 35 amp hours for emergencies and camping - Item D5722 from UPG Battery - using this battery means turning off the heated humidifier and the heated Climate Line air tube for four nights of use. I also have a small digital 6 amp charger for this - 6 amps takes longer, but the SLA or sealed lead acid battery lasts longer having a slower charge rate.
Pad A Cheek Neck and Cheek covering - part 110-NECKO--00 - keeps the lower straps from touching my cheeks and neck - wonderful.
ResMed AirSense 10 Air Filter Cover - part 19729 for charcoal color - You probably will need this sometime in the future. The filter hinge pins are easy to break. Open carefully!!! No sudden snaps. This is what broke mine.

I am using the ResScan program to track my results. I can clearly see how much better the ResMed APAP is over my ResMed CPAP.

My nightstand has two drawers. The top drawer is where I keep the APAP with the drawer open enough for the tubing and things at night and I close it all up during the day.
The second drawer has extra RemZzzs, Mask Cushions, extra hose and an extra headset.
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
Download the ResScan program if you want to save your data long term and see the graphs. Simple to use.

I have been using ResScan since July 2018. It works with my Windows 10 just fine.
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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
Guys, this is a gentle reminder to stay on-topic please. Remember this is the product review forum - it is not for general conversations which should happen in the main forum. Discussion of software does not belong in a review of the Airsense 10Autoset.
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How to install OSCAR
How to organise your OSCAR charts

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RE: ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
Just a quick addition to all the reviews...
I got my S10 to replace an S9 last year. All in all I agree with all the positive remarks, except as far as noise is concerned...
The S9 did make a noise, but it was a fairly continuous one and it didn't bother me or the Mrs. The S10 rumbles on the exhale which can be quite distracting while trying to drop off.
I mentioned this to the technician, who said that I was not the only one to complain about this and that it was often due to resonance in the bedside table. I put it on a folded sheet of anti-static foam (from computer mother board packaging) and it is now perfectly silent.

Another source of noise is a badly seated humidifier, if it goes "clack" when you breathe in (or out sometimes) just stop the machine and pull out and re-seat the humidifier.

Hope that this helps someone.
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