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[Product Review] Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Respironics FitLife Total face mask (not the one size fits all)
3, currently $169 at one online store.

I have used this mask for about two years.  I chose it because it does not touch the bridge of my nose.  The small is almost child size, however I used it with good success leakwise, however it left deep grooves on my face which took all day to fade.  The large fit better, but the headgear was too big.  I dealt with this by wearing a small knit cap on the crown of my head to take up the slack in the straps. I also bought small headgear, but prefered to use the cap with the large headgear. The problem came when after continued use my bottom teeth started to crowd together because of the pressure of the bottom strap.  I have now switched masks, but the damage is done.  It's a great mask, I think it's worth the price, but I would use it only occasionally then you need a break from your main mask.  It does fit over the face from above eyebrows to the crease in your chin below your bottom lip, is not TV friendly, stayed in place while turning over in bed.  It has much more area to leak because of the size.  At times I have resorted to using  silicone on the edges of the mask which touch my face for a better fit.
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
I also use the FitLife mask and it is GREAT! It is the first mask (large size) that does not leak, at least for me. I do wear it fairly tight and it does leave marks on both sides of my face. After wearing it for several years and my age (a youthful 75) I really don't care about what my face looks like. Depending on the angle you look at me, those marks either make me look distinguished or like I have two scars. Actually most people don't even notice them. I can sleep on my sides, move around and have no problems with the mask. It certainly does not leak around the eyes which used to drive me crazy. If you are having problems with masks, give this one a try, you may really like it.
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
What I didn't remember with this mask was that the mask seemed to ride up on my chin during the night. I'm sure that's how my teeth got messed up. I'm glad it's working out for you, Alex24.
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Thanks......I forgot to mention that I also have a full beard that I keep trimed. Even with the beard this mask has very small leakage. The data from my ResScan reports shows minor leakage. It does work for me!
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
I just wanted to add I also have a FitLife and that I think it is a good mask. Certainly it is comfortable and keeps you from getting a sore on the bridge of your nose. It is rather noisy though. While the air noise doesn't bother me, my spouse finds it annoying. I wish all masks were as quiet as a Quattro. Jeff.
To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Can you please tell from where did you brought that mask as i needed it.
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Just go to Apnea Board's Supplier List


and pick a supplier, such as Supplier #1. In their search engine type in FitLife and you'll see it there for sale.

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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
Mine works great but if you dont wipe the sealing surfaces clean before every use it has a lot of blowouts.
No fun trying to sleep with this thing doing Zerberts on your face!

Handy Wipes lemon scented to wipe off just the sealing surface then you wipe the same area on your own face.
Everything gets clean, dry and best of all, tacky.

I get zero leaks all night with this..

Only other thing is that it fogs up and collects moisture a lot in my climate so I take a bounty (select-a-size) and
fold it up long and skinny and stuff it under the seal in between the mask shell and silicone seal. It sops up all the moisture and prevents dripping all over the pillows & sheets.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
The hole in the bridge of my nose is still there and I have not used the Quattro for 2.5 years. The fitlife solved that but I am not sure I sleep as well. I downloaded the software and will be able to read the SD card from my S9 Autoset, something I could not do with the S8 Elite.

I lost my four bottom from teeth from the tight strap of the Quattro but the fitlife would have done the same since my straps are also very tight. I hope it does not damage this 6 tooth crown I have now.

The mask works well but tends to leak out from the corners of my mouth and blow air up across my forehead, both of which seem to wake me up, or maybe I just think so.

I will be sticking with this fitlife mask and may try an XL but still with a small headgear.

It is necessary, with my pressure, to cram the mask on very tight.
Jim Quarles
Illegitimus non Carborundum
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RE: Respironics FitLife Total Face Mask
I discovered the FitLife total face mask after using a nasal mask and then a couple full face masks. The main reason I wanted to try the FitLife was pain and damage to the bridge of my nose that was caused by the others plus being a mouth breather that wasn't stopped by a chinstrap. Also, my pressure needs are at the high end.
I began using the FitLife a little over six years ago, and I'm still using one and still quite happy with it.
Until recently, I had been adding a thin roll of silicone (made from silicone ear plug material) across the mask's forehead area to eliminate leaks there, an idea from Mary, (zimlich). For some unknown reason, I have recently found that I no longer need the added silicone and can still avoid leaks.
The mask is comfortable and with correct tension on the headgear (neither too tight nor too lose), it's absolutely quiet. The mask is nearly indestructible. The only part that wears out is the velcro headgear. It's quite easy to wash, since the faceplate and silicone seal are made as one unit.
When I first tried it, I felt this mask was much less claustrophobic than a FFM which has visible side frames running just under my eyes. The FitLife provides a wide, totally unobstructed view. The idea of a total face mask scares many people, but in my view it's a lot more friendly than a FFM.
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