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[Product Review] Sleep Number Bed; Perfect CPAP companion! [copied from old forum]
jeffy1958 Wrote:I am not a salesman nor do I receive any compensation for this endorsement


Susan and I were in need of a different bed.  The one we were sleeping on, I got from my mother.  (We both went through some ugly divorces - 'nough said.)  Springs started to poke through and that isn't very comfortable.  Upon further review the tag said MONTGOMERY WARDS - 1954 - Yikes.

Susan and I are very conservative shoppers. We looked around before landing at the Sleep Number store in the local mall.  Bottom line:  best $2000 we ever spent.  Susan always said she needed to sleep on a "board" for her back.  I need something a litter softer.  After trying this out in the store, walking away and discussing it over an Orange Julius, we made the purchase, knowing we had 30 Days Money Back.  Once she found her "number" there was no doubt this bed was staying.

I must state -  em·phat·i·cal·ly - you need to have patience when trying to find your optimum number.  She found hers in about a week, I found mine in about 3 weeks.  Sounds like trying to adjust your own CPAP to me!!!  Once you find that number - you will ask why you waited so long.  Being on CPAP and feeling better, wait till you try something like this to go with.  WOW!!!  Now here is the funny part.  Remember how I said Susan needs to sleep on a board and I a little softer.  Her number is 45 and I'm a 55.  Imagine that you don't need to sleep on a concrete slab!!!

I no longer switch from side to side.  I pick a side, fall asleep, and wake up on that same side.  I have issues with my shoulders and laying on them for any length of time causes pain.  I no longer have that pain.  Susan no longer wakes up with pains in her hips.  How do I know for sure.  I set up a camera and filmed (get you minds out of the gutter) myself.  Start to end same side.

When you are getting the "Quality" of sleep needed from your CPAP treatment, think of how much better it will be if you throw ultimate comfort in the mix as well.  I got the quality of sleep needed when I started CPAP, or should I say once I gave in.  I would still wake up with those aches and pains that come as we advance in years.  But now - wow - those have all but disappeared.  
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I like my Sleep Number Bed too. I had been hearing from relatives and co-workers who were thinking of trying out this bed or Tempurpedic (they had stores for both in mall near where I was living). So, I started doing my own research, because I was thinking that it was probably time for a new bed...which was the bed I got when I started high school.

I decided the Sleep Number was more what I wanted, and it was a good thing too. Because when I tried it in the store...the came to 45 as my number.

But, after I bought one (a Queen size Sleep Number 5000) and they had come and set it up in my bedroom and hauled off my old bed. I would wake up sore on it....so after much trial and error....I eventually found that my real sleep number is 35.

Suddenly I had the most amazing nights sleep....though only for a few months, 'cause then life got crazy and despite a more active lifestyle, I was starting to put on weight really fast.

I got the bed in Fall 2005. Got laid off Xmas Eve 2006.... Moved to Kansas... and, I got my OSA dx in Dec 2008. But, it still continues to be a great sleep....and I can tweak the pressure up or down when necessary (like if I'm over done it and hurt my back...) But, I don't wake up anymore with horrible back or neck pain (though I did for a while after CPAP, until I found the right pillow to go with that.)

And, I'm scoring it 5 stars, even though it has one pretty serious annoyance. I got the wired controller, about every 1-2 years...it starts losing segments, until its no longer usable. I then email customer support, and they send me a refurbished unit to exchange....and so far all for no charge. They pay shipping both ways.

I then recently stayed at a hotel that featured sleep number beds...so nice to know that I just needed to dial up 35 and sleep.... (I got bumped from a flight that was oversold by 1.)

The Dreamer.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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i had my craftmatic beds for 25 years before i retired them a few months ago. we had replaced mattresses twice. sleep number bed was just a little out of range at the time so we got a regular king size bed. i still want one and we'll get one after we get some miles out of the one we bought.
First Diagnosed July 1990

MSgt (E-7) USAF
Retired 1968-1990
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I've never had much back pain, then night one on CPAP I woke up barely able to stand up, bending over was out of the question. Some research on the net showed this was a common side effect. There wasn't much on how to fix it. It did get better, but three months later I was still waking up when my back hurt too much to sleep.

While I may not agree with the forum post that CPAP was "releasing years of stored toxins," my wife did tell me that I barely moved on CPAP, where I had been like a flopping fish before I started therapy. Staying in one position for a long time may be what's causing this.

A week ago I got a Sleep Number (P5) and it was incredible from night one. Night two I actually slept nine hours! I've had it for ten days now and each night my back is feeling better. The soreness during the day is showing up later and later each day. I hope to see full resolution in the next couple weeks and get back to normal.

So, five stars for Sleep Number!

By the way, I always thought I liked firm mattesses. My sleep number setting is only 35. If you've got a store in your town it's work a 15 minute demo.
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Yeah I was surprised too....since the quick mall trial said 45.....at first I kept increasing the pressure to try to solve my morning backache. Plus all the advice on backache had been that I needed a firmer mattress....

Sleep Number posted somewhere that 35 is the most common sleep number.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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My number is 55 and my wife is 40. We have had our bed for more than 10 years and it is the best.
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I've had my Sleep Number for 15 years...still awesome!  I was able to buy mine at a discount through Sleep Number's factory outlet site.  I've been a nurse for 36 years, and my back finally felt relief once I got my sleep number.  My number is 30 and my husband's is 65.  Because mine is a very old model, I do have a 4" memory foam topper on it, that makes it about perfect.

So if anyone is interested in the Sleep Number, but finds the cost prohibitive: [link to commercial site removed, instead, simply search Google for "sleepnumber factory outlet beds"]
The stock constantly changes, as these are open box, discontinued models, and returns.

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To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.
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