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[Product Review] Wellue O2Ring initial review
Wellue O2Ring initial review
Background: I have been on CPAP two years after being diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and struggled a bit getting my average AHI down to a manageable 3 or less most nights. 

Wanting to know the bigger picture I bought the Conte CMS50F a year ago to track my oxygen saturation during the night (along with a Fitbit to track sleep and heart rate) but struggled with both comfort of finger probe, reliability of readings, as well as being a bulky wrist device.  I quit using the CMS50F sometime ago and been looking for a good method to track my nightly SpO2 that was affordable.

I think I found the solution:  As posted on this forum last week I was asking about the Wellue O2Ring and based on responses (thank you) I bought the Wellue O2Ring during Cyber Monday from the rain forest and have used it for four nights.

Pros:  I am able to wear it on my index finger all night without discomfort and it tracks my SpO , my heart rate, and movement and provides the following data displayed on my iPhone, iPad, and PC (not Mac yet) with free software/apps):
Recoding time, drops over a %, drops per hour, average SpO2, lowest SpO2, a nightly score (between 0-10), and the average heart rate.

You can easily set up thresholds of the O2Ring the setting of the app/software with O2Ring on.

I compared the readings of the heart rate with my Fitbit and they both tracked exactly the same.  I have not yet compared the SpO2 with another source but based on other times I’ve been checked at doctors office - it appears to be accurate.  

I intend to track my SpO2 data nightly and with my APAP (Oscar) data, Fitbit data, and how I feel.  Will also track SpO2 a night or two without APAP to see the difference if any.

O2Ring came with two USB cables, one to charge it (about 2-3 hours initially) and another to download data to PC.  I am easily able to sync and download my nightly data to my iPhone and iPad each morning using Bluetooth - very convenient.

Loading the app is easy and the use is a bit tricky at first but becomes easy after using first time. 

Cons: It will take a while to see how long the internal battery lasts and the reliability of the unit itself.  I did have an issue with my O2Ring in that the display on the O2Ring quit working after one night.  It still works, still stores data, still syncs to my iPhone, etc, but can not see the data or status of the battery on the O2Ring BUT can on my iPhone, etc.  the rain forest is sending me a replacement at no additional cost.  I will receive new one before I’m required to return original so will continue to use it nightly.

Summary: It is comfortable to wear at night, it syncs/downloads my data via Bluetooth (convenient), and provides me with a track of my SpO2 in easily read graph along with average, max, minimum, and number of drops with % of drops below a set threshold.

Will update my review after a longer period of usage but other than the minor display issue I’m quite pleased with this product and buying it at a reduced cyber Monday sale price (thank you John/70sSano) was a bonus.  I recommend this product based on the above pros & cons and on my personal criteria.

Thanks  To WillSurf/WillSleep, JTeck1, and John/70SanO
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RE: Wellue O2Ring initial review
Thanks for the review. Have you tried to see if Oscar will import and display the data?
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RE: Wellue O2Ring initial review
Thanks for the review. I’ve been thinking about getting that or a similar one to see how what my oxygen levels drop to during my longer events and after a night of a lot of centrals
Download OSCAR <——— Click
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RE: Wellue O2Ring initial review
I received my Wellue O2-ring oximeter a couple of days ago.  I have been using a Contec CMS50i since January 2017 but its display is growing so faint that it is becoming unusable.  This is my 2nd Contec that has grown too faint to use.  I have a CMS50er (bluetooth equipped) that grew too faint to use back in 2016-2017 so that is why I purchased the CMS50i.  The CMS50i wasn't supposed to fade away -- but it did.

The 1st two sleep sessions with the Wellue went well and the computer software (Win7 p.c. here) works well.  My android 'burner' smartphone allows me to adjust settings on the Wellue but its data displays suck.  I'm concerned that the Wellue may be reporting %SpO2 levels much higher than they should be.  The 1st session reported an average of 97%, the 2nd session and average of 98%.  I have never had an average %SpO2 level higher than 94.5% reported on the Contec CMS50i or 50er.  I have seen no indication of the Contec's reported %SpO2 levels gradually declining over the 3 years I have been using it.  I've used the Contec at least 4 nights per week, along with CPAP + SleepyHead and I have saved all its reports in pdf format.

Tonight I plan to use both oximeters, Wellue & Contec, simultaneously on my left hand and try to compare their %SpO2 reports.  If the Wellue differs from the Contec by +4% I shall contact Wellue.  Wellue advertises +/- 2% accuracy.  I don't know what the Contec advertises (been too long ago).  I think +4% discrepancy between the devices may indicate a problem with the Wellue.  This disparity is too great to accept.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but using the device is pretty simple and I cannot think of any error I am making.

If anybody has any suggestions I would be happy to hear from you.
Thank you!
"We run as fast as we can.  To get as far as we can.  So that when we finally get there we have that much further to run to get back to where we should have been."
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RE: Wellue O2Ring initial review
I am doing a little comparsion "shopping" myself at the moment.
The four devices I have are
  • Stress Alert oximeter (aka Berry Medical BM2000)
  • Wellue O2Ring
  • Wellue SleepU
  • Autsmile Rechargeable 3-in-1 Pulse 0ximeter

Steady-state they all report within 1% of each other.  The device I am having the most problem with is the O2Ring, followed by the SleepU in misreporting my O2 spike destating.  It reports the destat correctly but the value it reports can be drastically different.

I had a O2 destat this morning at 8:56AM
Wellue SleepU reported Sp02 at 93%
BM2000 reported SP02 at 72%

When I went to verify the O2 destat with the fingertip reader I was at 75% at 8:57AM.  When I reviewed the logs for the SleepU from last night, it doesn't show any value lower than 91%.

I have a support case open with Wellue where I have sent them evidence of the discrepancies on for both the O2Ring and SleepU devices of more than 20% on multiple days, still waiting for the next response from them.  If it was just one device, I might say I have a defective device.. but given it is both devices showing the same symptoms.. lets just say I am suspicious.
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