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Quattro air FFM leaking
thanks, I will try at least 2 of these tips as I cannot get another mask for 6 months. So the chin strap goes on first and then the mask which covers the top of the chin cup, correct? I tried a pad-a-cheek too so then there would be 2 layers between the seal and my skin. Would this get a good seal?
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Re: (3) - half of the chin cup under chin and half under mask
The chin strap goes under the FFM cushion? You can get a good FFM seal with that configuration?

Re: (2) Go to the next size up
The opposite can be true too. Many leaks can be caused by having a mask that is slightly TOO BIG, and therefore riding too high up the nose or too low below the chin crease. Getting into a larger FFM will allow for a much greater mouth opening of course; however a smaller FFM can force the mouth to stay closed a little more too.

I suppose the mid-level anti-leak support band offered by Padacheek doesn't work on the Air's cushion because it would block the air outlet. It wouldn't be hard to make another version (or make a home-made one) with a little mesh in the front for the air outlet. Also, switching over to the F10's mid-support straps might reduce leaks too although there's the upgrade cost (repurchase).

Lastly, the Air (and F10) cushion is made out of that non-sticky silicone, compared to the Quattro Mirage. I'm still curious why they did that. The Quattro Mirage sticks like a dickens providing a great seal.

(05-19-2014, 11:02 AM)jaycee Wrote: It may be that you need a larger mask but most of my patients switching from Quattro FX to Air use the same size.

I have had some patients open their mouth fairly wide at night which exceeds what the mask can cover. If this happens, 3 possible solutions:

1) Tighten the bottom strap.
2) Go to the next size up.
3) Use a chinstrap with your FFM (half of the chin cup under chin and half under mask).
I've had all 3 work for different patients.

Sleep Apnea has given me a terrible memory. Please forgive me if I've repeated myself.
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(05-17-2014, 02:51 PM)WakeUpTime Wrote:
(05-17-2014, 02:34 PM)spc23 Wrote: If I am on my back, sleeping, then having apnea, which wakes me, why is the pressure low? Seems like with auto setting, the pressure should increase to open the airway???
I've found PR's "clinically proven algorithms" to be much less than perfect (for me anyway). Changes in AUTO mode occur at a snail's pace and in too small increments (except for the BiPAP SV of course). Also, my machine seemed to wait for several events to occur before reacting. I'm not that intelligent, but I would certainly be able to program that machine in a more supportive way. I wish there were a whole lot more competitors in the CPAP machine market and then a whole lot more in-depth comparisons (like something done by Consumer Reports) to really get into the real-life results of these machines.

(Opps, wish there was a delete posting option. Meant to combine this with my above thread. Dummy me. Sorry.)

I had the same problem with that machine. My AHI numbers improved once I switched to the A9 Autoset, the algorithm for which works much better for me (it might be different for other people, of course).

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The secret to stopping leaks with the Quattro Air is to use F & P Simplus headstraps. they fit the Quattro air and are much stronger and not as flimsy.
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The chinstrap would go under the chin and outside of the mask (about half under the chin and half around the bottom of the mask. The goal is to keep the chin and mask together and prevent the major jaw drop out of the bottom of the mask.
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