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Quattro (full face) mask - gasket leak
Hi friends!

1) I'm getting some intermittent mild leakage that my wife hears (hissing), and it always goes away when I wiggle the elbow fitting where it connects to my mask. The "gasket" (made of the same material as the cushions, it would appear) looks ok, but perhaps it's time to replace it. Does anyone know if this is a replaceable part? I don't see them anywhere online. 

2) The elbow joint connecting the mask to hose has fairly large vent on the top side. That seems it would be a case for pressure reduction. My nasal pillow mask (which I can't use) has no such venting. Can anyone explain why that might be?

Thanks for everyone's help!!
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I'll tackle #2. That vent has a flapper valve in it that closes under pressure. It's called an entrainment or anti-asphyxia valve. You'll find a version of it in all full face masks.
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The vent in the elbow is, as Mongo says, an anti-asphyxiation valve that allows you to breathe when there is no air flow or pressure from the machine. When there is air flow and pressure the silicone piece, which I believe is what you called a gasket, seals the vent so that the pressure can be maintained. I do not believe that the silicone piece is available as a replacement but I think that whole elbow sub-assembly might be.

If the hissing leak is due to this valve not sealing you should be able to feel some air flow from the anti-asphyxiation vent. If you are getting leakage from this vent, I would try 2 things.

I would dis-assemble the silicone flapper valve from the elbow. There is a plastic slide-on on the front of the elbow just below the vent. Pull that straight out and the silicone flapper will come right with it. Check where the silicone piece fits into and against the hard plastic piece that you slid out. It should fit flat against the hard plastic piece and not be bunched up or wrinkled anywhere. Dis-assemble the silicone flapper from the hard plastic piece very carefully. Clean the flapper and the hard plastic piece with warm soap and water. Plain soap. I use Dawn or you can use baby shampoo. Once clean, dry them, and re-assemble. Be careful to get the silicone tab accurately lined up with the hole in the hard plastic and that the flapper valve is seated flat against the hard plastic piece for the whole length. Re-assemble the flapper assembly into the elbow. Recheck the function.

Let us know how and what you do.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for all of the replies. 

I was actually referring to the round thin strip of silicone or plastic that sits against the fitting where it attaches to the mask, attached to the hole right in the front of the face mask. I'm pretty sure that's the culprit - there's some looseness there. Add that to the possibility that the elbow might need some repair, ar at least attention, I'm gonna go with a "sure thing" and buy a new mask, which includes the elbow. I need a new cushion anyway, so I'm within spittin distance from the full new anyway. Then I'll have parts as well!!

Appreciate all of the advice. I'll be posting chart data soon (oh yay!!!!) but focusing on getting all leaks under control and eliminating their effect on data first.
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Sorry, For some reason I thought you had a full face mask. Which Resmed nasal mask do you have?

Best Regards,

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That's OK - I DID have a nasal mask, but air was leaking through my mouth, so the last few nights have been full face mask that came with the (ewww) used airsense auto. Just got a new one, which feels better on many levels. Quattro i think is the name of the mask.

The guy that sold it to me says that some air sound escaping from the front of the mask is normal overflow. I'm not sure if that's what I was getting, so just to be sure, I thought I'd get a new one.
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Does your full face mask have a stabilizer that goes up to your forehead? If it has the stabilizer, that would make it the Quattro Air. If it does not have the stabilizer, that would make it the Quattro FX.

There is an intentional vent on the front of the mask that is a series of holes. This vents all of the time that the machine is providing pressure. This is normally quiet but if there is any structure like a hand, a sheet, a pillow, etc. that gets in the way of the air flow fairly close (lets say within 6 inches) you may hear a hissing sound or it could be the area you have identified.

If your mask is a Quattro FX, there is another potential leakage area near where the elbow goes in through the shell. There is an oxygen port on the shell down under the elbow and it has a silicone plug in it. The Mirage Quattro has that too and I have had leaks there on occasion and even had the plug come out. Look in your users guide under dis-assembly figure 4 to see what this plug looks like. If you do not have the users guide go online to: http://www.resmed.com/us/dam/documents/p...er_eng.pdf

Let us know how the new mask works out.

Best Regards,

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