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Question about low heart rate
(06-19-2016, 10:26 AM)JudgeMental Wrote: ME50.. Hope all goes well with the heart tests. Glad you have a concerned and caring physician that keeps on top of things BEFORE something needs to be done.
My constant (avg) BP is 109/54 and a pulse of 50-55. The slow heart rate used to concern me a lot, but the MD keeps telling me that at least its not being overworked . Was on BP meds but he took me off of those several years ago. I am a avid bike rider and 79yrs old. Keep up the exercise: it the answer!!

Those are awesome numbers. You certainly don't need BP meds. What does the MD think about your BP?

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Holden4th... My Doc thinks that my BP and heart rate is great "for me." Bradycardia & Tachycardia are just descriptions of heart rates and not necessarily a disorder, unless of course, it is causing symptoms. Many years ago I had heard of people being able to control their heart rate. I had a friend that could manipulate his rate. I read a lot about it at the time, but had no success with it.
Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift; Thats why its called "The Present".
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Mine drops to 42 when I sleep which is why I'm on cpap in the first place. Only my feet are cold and that is due to either age or diabetes. I wear socks then. I have bradycardia - my oxygen level only gets to 91% even with the cpap, but not low enough yet for a pacemaker.
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Those are great numbers. Keep it up.
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I was all wired up for a myocardial perfusion stress test and was then told I'd have to wait for about 45 minutes. I suspect that this was because the folks doing it needed their lunch break. Here I am, lying down, nothing to do, with this display showing BP, HR, O2 levels, etc. My HR is about 62 - can I lower it I just by thinking about it I thought to myself? To my amazement I watched as it cycled down to 53 bpm. To check I did the reverse and watched it climb rapidly. I then brought it back down again.

The BP monitor went off about every 5 minutes so this was my next challenge. Can I do the same with BP? Yes! I got it down to 100/55. It took a different approach than the one I used for my heart rate. I was quite disappointed when they came back in to do the stress test as I was having fun.

The one major positive is that I no longer suffer from 'white coat fever' when having my BP taken. I simply go into the correct thinking mode and I always get a relevant result.
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Anxiety is what changes your bp rate, although I don't think most people can cycle it more than a couple of points below their normal range. I know people can lower their BP with biofeedback, but I'm impressed you could do that without training. yay!
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In the earlier days, as soon as the collar was put on my upper arm I could feel the anxiety and some of the BP results were bizzare. A very high systolic with a low diastolic. When I do a BP now I just sit there, calm my mind, slow my breathing and think of a low BP. It works every time and I think everybody is capable of achieving these results. I can also do the same with my HR.

All that said, APAP has really helped to lower my BP to the point where I'm going to ask my GP if I can halve the meds I take.
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