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Question about sleepyhead / Issues with diagnosis
(08-09-2013, 08:58 AM)Ayealp1 Wrote: His office staff told me "he will be happy to talk to your primary Dr" .... why not me? Why wont he explain it to me so that I understand? It's silly.

What did they say when you asked them that?

You may need to remind them about where the money is coming from and on whose behalf the services are being paid.

By the way, do you have an HMO? I don't know much about them except that under those types of plans your primary care doc is the central coordinator of your care and everything has to go through him or her (referrals, especially). Maybe this is something to do with that? Dont-know If that's the case I would dump that policy like a bad date. That's just me... I like PPOs.

In my experience some doctors (specialists especially) don't like to talk much. The worst example was my dad's cardiologist. My father needed a catheterization and his doctor performing the procedure was one of the best. When my dad had questions after the procedure and tried to follow up with him, however, the doc was short-tempered and would not take the time to explain things. He would just make changes to my dad's prescription and send him off without explaining why he did what he did. I tried calling him on my dad's behalf and he was very short with me on the phone; he didn't like questions. Someone else who knows that doctor told me that although he's great at what he does, he prefers to be doing procedures and doesn't like patient consultations. Needless to say my dad is now being seen by a different cardiologist. It doesn't matter how good you are in your practice if you don't make your patients feel comfortable with your care.
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I have a PPO, I didn't even need auth. for my prosthetic disc surgery in my spine. And that was 100K. And they covered my surgery 100%. We can basically go anywhere without a referral, as long as the office takes our insurance, we're good. Usually, when they're worried about coverage, as soon as they see our ins. plan, they say "OK you have good insurance, we will be fine".

The specialist got good ratings for communication online, so it doesn't make any sense why he will only talk to our Primary Dr. His ratings weren't as good as the one we're going to Wed., though. I have a feeling that the study wasn't even read by the Dr, and if it was read by him, he made a mistake and is too arrogant to admit it. If that is the case, he has failed his Oath "First, do no harm" ......
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This is coming secondhand from my husband because I couldn't make the appointment.

OK, the Pulmonologist was great. Very thorough. Even took his ABG, chest X-ray and a spirometry test before he saw him. He looked over my husband's sleep study and said it was a "joke" and that he does have the wrong machine. He should have an auto unit, not a Cpap. There is no way to tell from the study wether he has CSA for sure. He did say that he does have periodic leg movement disorder so severe it's like he's running in bed. He gave him some Klonopin for that.

So the plan is to get him an auto unit that is data compatible, have him use it for a month, and return for a recheck and the Dr will be able to diagnose him properly based on the information that the new unit collected.

IM very happy with this new doctor. Thank you for all of your help, I'm sure I will be back to update or ask a question. I would have never known he had the wrong unit if it wasn't for you guys so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Arlene & Robert
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Glad to hear it's getting sorted out, Arlene. Good luck and keep us posted!
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[quote='Ayealp1' pid='42883' dateline='1376607043']
He did say that he does have periodic leg movement disorder so severe it's like he's running in bed. He gave him some Klonopin for that.

Congratulations. I love success stories!
I do wonder though as a side note, why the doctor prescribed Klonopin for the movement disorder as benzodiazepines do not so much relieve symptoms as help you sleep through the symptoms and aren't often considered the first choice for restless leg type syndromes. Dopamine agonists such as Mirapex (pramipexole) or Requip (ropinirole) are generally considered the best type of drugs when medication is indicated for this condition.
Having said that, I'm not a doctor. But it would be worth asking the doctor more questions in the future.
I really like my current PCP because he puts up with my constant questioning and he actually listens to me and will change his opinion if I can convince him I'm right. Of course, he's convinced me plenty of times that he was right also. Smile
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