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Question for those who had MMA Surgery - Feeling Hopeless

Thank you so much for the update.   Very happy to hear about the positive outcome from the MMA surgery even though you obviously went through some rough spots.

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I can not tell you how much it means to me to get this reply.... Really,  glad to hear you are doing better.  I am inspired greatly by this post.
Yes, my ortho recommended a very good myofacial therapist.    I'm going to check into that next week.  Already doing some exorcises from youtube and that seems to help with tounge falling back already.

Way to go man,  Im very inspired and happy for you.
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Glad to help! Please contact me with any more questions you might have. 

What was your AHI before surgery? Follow up sleep studies normally aren't done until 6 months post surgery to allow for swelling to decrease. I've read several studies that AHI can even improve up to a year or more post surgery. Brain damage from sleep apnea can also completely reverse back to normal after cpap and surgical treatment. So, if your memory sucked for years from sleep apnea, be prepared for improved memory and cognitive abilities. :-)

You can also look forward to improved blood pressure and gut health. Sleep apnea damages every organ in the body, because every organ needs oxygen to function. 

Good luck with your healing!
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Well,  I had a great night sleep last night (much needed - two previous not so good) .. but I used CPAP on lower pressure.  I was  14.8 before mma .. used nicely last  night at  10.2  wi very little ahi.

Couple questions:  1)  you spoke of deviated septum.   Did you have it before surgery?   Was is worse after and during swelling.    Did the reduction in swelling normalize your nazal breathing.   Reason I ask this question is that right out of surgery,  my right side was completely blocked - felt like right sinus and ear also plugged.   This seems to be resolving slowly.. right side opening some and I don't have the ear issue any more...left side still more open than the right and that causes some sensory issues..When I asked surgeon about the blockage he said ."oh your left is more open than your right because of deviation."  just wait a while before you consider any septoplasty.   Wondering what your experience was with that.

2) ref cpap.. I am trying to ween off.. but it seems  I labor with some apneas and difficult breathing when I get into very deep stages of sleep... did you use cpap at all during recovery.

Thanks much.
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I've had two septoplasties throughout my life, but with the dogged memory of cartilage it returned to it's state of deviation, though not completely. My last septoplasty was when I was in my early 20s, so it was a while ago. Keep in mind that the MMA surgery usually involves severing through your sinuses, so a significant amount of healing is involved with your nasal cavity as well. I am actually getting another septoplasty next year, hopefully for the last time because it's an extremely painful surgery. At this point all you can really do is keep your sinuses as clear as possible with a nasal moisturizer, sudafed and use breath rite strips. Eventually the clots with come out. I used q-tips daily to clean my nasal cavities, being careful not to blow my nose and cause a hemorrhage. 

My surgeon told me not to use a cpap post surgery, as it may cause pressure on the jaw and compromise proper healing. I haven't used a cpap machine since before my surgery. If I were you I wouldn't use a cpap, especially at only 5 weeks post surgery. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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Ok still trying to hang in but sleep not great and waking up  a couple time.   I now think it is a nasal issue as the airway seems very good.   Seems like my right tubinate swells and blocks.. it is affecting my sleep for sure.   You mentioned you are going back for septoplasty.   Is/was this your experience as well.

Swells off an on during the day and quite a bit at night.   They did some septoplastic work during the mma and I am wondering if turbinate is just irritaed swollen still from the procedure?
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Nasal problems were definitely an issue post surgery for a while. They cut through your sinuses during the surgery, so that area will be swollen for about 6 months and you probably have some blood clots backed up in your sinuses making it difficult to breath as well. The best thing for you to do right now is use a nasal moisturizer as much as you want and keep your sinuses clean with qtips, also, breath right strips helped a lot as well, and I used sudafed daily.

As the swelling goes down over time, and you're able to blow your nose and rid it of the blood clots it will get significantly better for you.

Lastly, you can use a Buteyko technique to help unblock your nose (see below link), which works surprisingly well. Also make sure you are walking outside in fresh air daily.

[commercial link removed - instead, do a Google search for "A Blocked Nose is No Fun buteykoworks"]

All these daily routines will help you a lot with nasal breathing, but the best relief will come with time as your swelling subsides.

Good luck!
I forgot to mention make sure you are sleeping in a 30 degree angle at the least.

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Again,  thanx for the reply.. interesting that you mention Buteyko method.   I have used some of those breathing techniques and I think they are really good and relaxing especially before bed.  I was a mouth breather for most of my life.   Seems like the MMA open my nasal breathing especially on the left side.. I think it is taking some getting used to.. becoming a nasal breather that is..Sleep now gets very deep with extremely active and vivid dreams.. I am waking up  2-3 times during the night mid dream.. its a process for sure.   Your thoughts and encouragement very helpful.
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I used to wake up 4-6 times a night to urinate pre surgery, a classic sign of sleep apnea. Now I might wake up once, but usually I sleep through the night completely, and I dream now.

I currently use a polident strip to keep my mouth closed at night, but luckily there is a new product created in Australia that is used for the purpose of keeping the mouth closed while sleeping, and is not as messy as polident strips. It is currently going through FDA approval for release in the US, but it should be available soon. I was able to get a trial version by contacting the company directly, and I'm waiting for it in the mail now.

Here is the product: [commercial link removed - instead, search Google for "SleepQ+ lip balm"]

Keeping the mouth closed while sleeping is important to preventing sleep apnea. This is especially pertinent to people who use cpap machines, because if the mouth is open during cpap therapy (for those with nasal pillows and nose masks), then the therapy is not as effective because it is not opening up the airway like it should. Instead, with an open mouth, the pressure is escaping through the mouth and not opening up the airway as it is intended to.

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Just out of curiosity.. when did you really notice the benefit.   I am  8 weeks now and sleep not good.
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