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Question re pressure on mask leak test
When you test the mask for leaks (holding down the button for a few seconds) is the pressure supposed to build up way over what the maximum pressure is set to? According to the disk (and dr. orders) the max pressure is set for 12 but when we did the mask leak test the pressure went way over 12 ... I saw it at 16.6 and it was coming down. Did we do something wrong? or What was happening? Since he has had a problem with his lungs being over inflated and is now back to normal he wanted to try the machine again tonight and now we are leary again. Thoughts please!

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Hi MastiffMom,
Sounds to me like you had it in the mask-fit mode. It will go way high in pressure so you can adjust your mask to fit at maximum pressure.
Hang in there for a better explanation and best of luck to your husband as he tries the machine again tonight.
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My understanding is that it goes to the max pressure that is set, so if the max pressure is set to 17and the min is set to 10 it will go to 17 for the mask fit. I have my CPAP mode set to my IPAP pressure so that I can use the CPAP mode to do my mask fitting and take all of the time that I need.

Best Regards,

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hmmm, max pressure is *supposed* to be 12 according to disk but I saw the pressure at 16.6 and it was dropping so I'm guessing it went to max of machine which is 20 but when I put disk into ResScan the pressure on the graph stayed steady at 5 which it should have been since he was awake and doing a test run so I could check to see what the limits were set to. Wonder if the machine registers the pressures during the mask fit mode? Guess he'd better call DME tomorrow for a definitive answer after all the problems he just got over with his lungs and breathing. Thanks!
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Either that or you could just get the provider's manual for your machine, push a couple buttons, and see the settings for yourself. It's really easy to do, and if nothing else it'll give you peace of mind knowing that the DME has it set correctly.

The fact that the pressure went above 12 during the mask test indicates that the DME didn't set it correctly. Unfortunately, that happens a lot. If you call them they'll likely just have you come in so they can set it again.

On some machines the settings are placed on the SD card. Then if the settings are changed using the buttons on the machine, as soon as you turn it on it reads the info on the card and returns the settings to what they were before.

The sad and sorry fact is that many DME's are incompetent. We see it here in this country, and everywhere else around the world. It's a fact of life.

Apnea Board Moderator

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(06-23-2014, 07:47 PM)MastiffMom Wrote: When you test the mask for leaks (holding down the button for a few seconds) is the pressure supposed to build up way over what the maximum pressure is set to?
Not exactly and depend on the firmware

Mask-fit .... older firmware
The mask-fit feature delivers 10 cm H2O or set CPAP pressure (whichever is greater) for a three-minute period, prior to starting treatment.
During this time, the mask can be adjusted to minimize leaks.

Mask-fit .... updated firmware
In the S9 AutoSet, the mask-fit pressure is based on the 95th percentile of the previous session or 10 cm H2O whichever is greater

In the S9 Elite, the mask-fit feature delivers 10 cm H2O or set CPAP pressure (whichever is greater) for a three-minute period, prior to starting treatment.
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The Resmed AutoSets (AFAIK) go to 20cm H20 for mask fitting (max pressure of the machine)....for most people that is a lot higher than their therapy pressure. The idea is that if the mask holds at 20, then it should hold at any pressure lower.

In reality, I find that if your therapy pressure is less than the 20 cm H20, you'll likely end up having the mask too tight and could (depending on your face and mask) end up having worse leaks as a result. I personally use it to get an initial fit for a new mask and then back off the strap tension a bit so it is comfortable...it usually does the trick. Once I have an initial set-up, I will keep an eye on my data using SleepyHead to confirm I'm not getting big leaks.
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What I do is set the CPAP mode on my machine to the max pressure that I use which is my IPAP at 20 and use the CPAP mode with ramp turned off for mask fitting. i like to have plenty of time to make adjustments (futz with my mask).

Best Regards,

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I notice you are using the F&P's "Simplus" mask. I use it too and found it has a disconcerting tendency during the night to creep upwards on my face. This causes therapy air to escape from below my bottom lip. I have made a modification to my mask which I have submitted to F&P. If approved I will post details.
[Image: signature.png]Keep on breathin'
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