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Question: sound level on Resmed S9 WITHOUT humidifier, compared to Remstar 560
Quick background. Have Respironics, PRS1-560. About to take a Christmas trip, so will be traveling with my CPAP machine for the first time. Don't need the humidifier and want to save space anyway with packing. I've found, however, that the Respironics is quite a bit noisier without the humidifier than with. The increased noise is obviously coming through the hose, so the humidifier makes the noise I hear much more subdued. The machine itself is a bit bulky too, IMHO.

I need to get a backup machine anyway, so I was thinking of buying a used Resmed S9 through Supplier #2. I've been reading a lot and it seems that the consensus is the S9 is quieter, in general, than the PRS1-560.

My question is: is the Resmed S9 WITHOUT humidifier louder (to the user, not spouse) than the S9 with humidifier attached? If so, how much? Is it about the same as the Remstar? Significantly quieter?

If anyone wants to chime in on the S8 too, that's cool. Not interested in Airsense 10. For home use, I'm actually quite satisfied with my Respironics ... as long as I keep the humidifier attached.

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As a S9 user I'd say it is a little quieter. I've noticed that as the water level drops in the humidifier the airflow sound increases. . . ever so slightly.
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I have always traveled with the humidifier. The medical devices do not count against your luggage allowances, and it's safer to carry-on rather than risk a lost CPAP in luggage. The S9 is a very good machine, however, the noise difference is probably negligible. As I recall, both units are rated somewhere between 24 and 26 dB.
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I second your statement that the PR 560 is noisy without the humidifier. The first time I used it that way (on a battery pack for 2 night camping) the noise through the hose was bad. I don't think the machine itself is any louder. I then switched to back-up humidification--water in the tank and no heat--but I didn't have to worry about weight and carrying it on the airplane. My husband has a Resmed S9 and he is fine without the tank, but he's also deaf as a post without his hearing aids and it would take a lot of noise to bother him. I don't notice any more noise from his when going without the humidified, but I know most of the noise is through the hose. The ResMed carrying case is more user friendly for air travel.
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Thanks for the comments!

Okay, so basically the S9 isn't really noisier (from the users point of view) without the humidifier attached, right?

As for being a "medical device" and being allowed as extra carry-on, that's not really the main issue at the moment. I just don't want to be carrying extra stuff, so if I can put a smallish CPAP (minus the humidifier) in with my regular carry on, that's one less thing to keep track of / misplace / drop and break.

My wife thinks the Remstar 560 might be slightly louder without the humidifier, but she's like, compared to the snoring before it's pretty inconsequential. Just can't figure out why the Remstar minus humidifier would send more noise down the hose than an equally humidifierless Resmed S9.

One other thing. I absolutely do not need the humidifier. We're in a very high humidity locale, and on this trip we're going somewhere even more humid. I'd probably end up drowning if I actually used a humidifier for humidifying rather than just for keeping the perceived noise level down. So, traveling with that extra kit just for noise abatement is not ideal. The key reasons I'm considering this are: 1) the S9 looks a bit more compact, 2) from what I understand it's a bit quieter, and 2) I should probably get a backup anyway.

Thanks again!
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(11-27-2016, 11:12 AM)kowlooner Wrote: As for being a "medical device" and being allowed as extra carry-on, that's not really the main issue at the moment. I just don't want to be carrying extra stuff, so if I can put a smallish CPAP (minus the humidifier) in with my regular carry on, that's one less thing to keep track of / misplace / drop and break.

But if you end up in a situation where they force you to check your carry on luggage at the gate, and you're worried that they might lose it, you can claim that you need to carry it on because it's medical equipment.
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I appreciate your help and all, but I think we're getting slightly off topic. Just interested in noise comparisons.

Has anybody actually used both the Resmed S9 and the Remstar 560, both with and without humidifiers, who can add a little bit? Or even the Resmed S8 (minus humidifier)?

In any case, it looks like there's no harm in giving it a shot.

Thanks again!
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I am currently using my S9 without the Humidifier and I believe there is very little noise difference with or without it attached.
Hope that helps

ps - sorry i only have 1 machine, cant afford 2
Happy sleeping
From Worthog in Brightwater (Mountain Creek)Oh-jeez
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Thanks Worthog. Appreciate the input. And yes, it helps! I can't really afford a second machine either, so I figure if I actually do get one, it'll be a secondhand unit (probably through supplier#2).
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