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Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
I think my CPAP therapy is going well, but I have some questions about my data. I’m still having a little trouble with daytime sleepiness, but it’s about 1/10 of what it was before I started CPAP. I have attached a 7-day ResScan report. Last night’s graphs were typical, except sometimes the pressure increases to 15 or 16 for part of the night if I’m congested.

My mask leakage generally sits at a low level below 10 for 30-60 minutes at a time with very few apneas or hypopneas, followed by 30-60 minutes of wild fluctuations, with spikes as high as 40 along with the vast majority of my apneas and hypopneas, repeating throughout the night. Are the spikes of any concern, or can I ignore them since the leakage is over 24 for only a minute or two at a time? I suspect that my mask is bouncing around on my face during a certain stage of my sleep while I’m tossing and turning.

I’ve also noticed that my leakage has increased gradually over the past month since I replaced my mask cushion. I’m thinking about boiling it with baking soda if it continues to increase. I haven’t decided how long I’ll wait.

The detailed graph shows two pressures: average and therapy. What’s the difference?

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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
I think you have to deal with two issues first. Leak and congestion, If you get awaken or aroused by mask leak from sleep to adjust the mask then it definitely affect the quality of sleep and might explain the daytime sleepiness as you,re not getting into deep sleep. Chinstrap would help if you,re having mouth leaks. For congestion try sinus washes just saline solution helps to relief congestion symptoms and change the humidity setting either up or down some can get congested on higher setting or vice versa.
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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
I don’t think the leak is affecting my sleep, and I haven’t adjusted my mask in the middle of the night in about a month. I think I’m using a headgear that’s too small, and I have a bigger one on order.

I believe I’m experiencing the ongoing daytime sleepiness because I need to stay in bed a little longer. I haven’t exactly figured out how to recognize when I’ve had enough sleep. From the very beginning, I felt better first thing in the morning than I ever had before starting CPAP, and I was getting up after four hours at the start.

I haven’t felt sleepy at all today. I’m going to bed around 11:00 or 11:30 and getting up around 5:30 or 6:00. I’ll try that for another week, and if I’m still having trouble with daytime sleepiness, I’ll start going to bed half an hour earlier.

I have had trouble with congestion for years, and it actually has been greatly reduced since starting CPAP since I’m breathing through a filter. I’m wary of sticking fluids up my nose and I’ll try the sinus washes only as a last resort. I’ll discuss that with my sleep doctor when I go to my follow-up on August 1. I never have mouth leaks.

I feel fortunate that I’m going through this when the days are at their longest since I think 6:00 is a desirable wakeup time, and I don’t like being rushed in the morning. I’m using the sun as my alarm clock for the moment, but obviously I won’t be able to continue this long-term. I was sleeping from midnight until 8:00 before CPAP. I worked at a job starting at 9:30 but I am no longer working there. I was unable to go to bed before midnight because my neighbors in my apartment building would bang on the walls when I snored, and because I lived 4 blocks from a college campus (party noise).
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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
I had problems with congestion, and my Doctor prescribed "Nasonex" aqeuous nasal spray (in Australia). It comes in a little bottle, just pop it up each nostril and press the plunger, and a fine mist comes out.
It is supposed to "relax" the mucous membranes or something, and open the airways a little.
Its prescribed on an "as and when" needed basis, and I use it about 3 times a week.
I dont know if it helps me - but it helps SOMEONE as its $45 a bottle - for 140 sprays (so 70 applications or so).
I will see if I need it when I run out. I guess if the problem returns, I need to get another.

Apologies if this is taken as an advert - it isnt intended so, and I make no money out of this or any other pharmaceutical product or service, unless you want one building.
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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
Some get relief from Nasonex, but for me, it burned my nasal passages and my throat. It did not help my allergies either. It is a popular medication.
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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
When tried Nasonex it emptied my wallet and causes me headaches
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RE: Questions about ResScan data (particularly leaks)
What a difference 7 weeks makes. I got halfway through reading the first post in this thread before I realized I was reading my own post. I’ve more or less settled into a routine with the CPAP machine.

In mid-June I got hit with the worst sinus problems I’ve ever had. I eventually figured out that it was because of pollen (I thought it was a really bad cold). Eugene has been called the pollen capital of the world since grass seed is grown throughout the Willamette Valley.

After three weeks of constant sneezing and congestion, I switched to my backup machine so I could use the humidifier. My sinuses mostly cleared up almost instantly, so I ordered a humidifier for my S8. Then I could focus on the leak problem, which got worse when I started using the humidifier. Boiling my mask cushion wasn’t helpful. I started using a chinstrap (actually a spandex headband) which cut my leaks in half.

I’m now consistently sleeping about 6 hours a night, and I only feel sleepy during the day if I have a bad night.

I’m afraid Nasonex isn’t in my budget, but I think the worst of the pollen season is over. Once the rain starts next months, I won’t have to be concerned about pollen again until next summer.
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